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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Clackamas County Community Festival

The county’s demographics are changing and reflect the following:

Clackamas County, the employer, is committed to serving as a model for what it means to demonstrate how important Diversity and Inclusion are as County values. Employees are encouraged to respect individuals’ differences and the understanding it brings to the workplace. Community members are asked to give input on issues that impact them and are provided access to county services delivered in a culturally competent manner.

The Business Case for Diversity

African-American male filling out paperworkThe Board of County Commissioners endorses a diversity and inclusion approach that recognizes, respects and supports the creativity, talent and views of our employees and community.

The outcomes of diversity objectives include a productive workforce, innovative solutions to public programs, an improved quality of life, and improved economic development in the region.

The Diversity Journey

Hispanic woman drivingThe Board of County Commissioners recognizes that diversity is a journey composed of many steps. In 2001, the Board undertook the “Complete Communities” process, a citizen involvement effort to engage the greatest number of county citizens in defining common community values and diverse attributes as a tool for guiding future policy decisions. As a result of citizen input, many components were identified and 53 advisory groups were formed.

The Diversity Leadership Council was one such group formed as a result of this process. The Council is comprised of eight representative community members who address diversity issues within the county.

In addition to external issues, there were internal needs that were identified. It was determined that all employees should receive diversity training. “Building Connections,” is a six hour session that provides a base level of understanding and awareness, with classes facilitated by the Diversity and Inclusion Manager. Training has been ongoing since 2003.

Examples of other diversity efforts include:

Partners in Diversity
We are a charter sponsor along with other public and private organizations supporting regular diversity-related activities. This includes a bi-monthly gathering of diversity practitioners (Breakfast for Champions); the Civic Leaders Project assisting civic and corporate organizations to increase diversity on their boards and commissions, and a quarterly reception for new professionals of color (Say Hey, NW).

Diversity Reflected in Business Operations: Selected Examples

The following examples are not intended to be all inclusive but rather a representation of county efforts.


Culturally Competent Service Delivery

Language Access

Supplier Diversity


Workforce Diversity

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