Welcome to A Safe Place

In October of 2012, the Board of Commissioners agreed to start a Family Justice Center in Clackamas County.  A Family Justice Center is a place where survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and vulnerable adult abuse can access many of their services under one roof.  In addition to sharing a space, services are coordinated.  Community agencies will work together to provide a positive experience for survivors and their families.  Our Family Justice Center is named "A Safe Place" as it is a place for families to access services that are emotionally and physically safe for them.

The logo, in domestic violence colors, reflects a symbol used by the Family Justice Center Alliance, a coalition of Family Justice Centers across the country.  The open circle is derived from the ancient infinity circle and represents the "eternal importance of all of us working together to stop violence and abuse."  That circle is placed under a roof as the work will be happening under one roof.  A Safe Place commits to working together in Clackamas County to stop violence and abuse.  A Safe Place also recognizes its participation in a larger movement towards integrated and sensitive services for Survivors.

Our Future

A Safe Place plans to expand services available.  We are working with the courts to do protection orders from on site via video.  We are also seeking on-site drop-in childcare.  Eventually, we hope to expand the childcare area and to offer therapeutic childcare.

Learn more about the Family Justice Center model.

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More than 45% of abused children are under age 6.