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Active Duty Military Exemption

Oregon property tax exemptions for qualifying active duty military personnel.

Oregon Law provides a residential property tax exemption for qualified military service members that exempts up to $60,000 (increased by 3 percent annually, beginning July 1, 2006) of the assessed value of their home. To claim this exemption, qualified military service members should file an Oregon Active Duty Military Service Member’s Exemption Claim form along with the required documentation.  If the service member dies while performing the qualified service, the person occupying the deceased service member’s home may file for the exemption.

The service member must be serving under Title 10 or deployed under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact. They must serve at least 179 consecutive days, with at least one day falling within the tax year for which the exemption is claimed.

Download the Oregon Active Duty Military Service Member’s Exemption Claim form.

Email the Assessor’s office or call (503) 655-8671 for information.

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