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Board of County Commissioners' Business Meeting Agenda

Thursday June 5 2014 10:00 AM

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    Beginning Board Order No. 2014-45
      Roll Call
      Pledge of Allegiance
    II. CITIZEN COMMUNICATION (The Chair of the Board will call for statements from citizens regarding issues relating to County government.  It is the intention that this portion of the agenda shall be limited to items of County business which are properly the object of Board consideration and may not be of a personal nature.  Persons wishing to speak shall be allowed to do so after registering on the blue card provided on the table outside of the hearing room prior to the beginning of the meeting.  Testimony is limited to three (3) minutes.   Comments shall be respectful and courteous to all.)
    III.  DISCUSSION ITEMS (The following items will be individually presented by County staff or other appropriate individuals.   Citizens who want to comment on a discussion item may do so when called on by the Chair.)
    IV.  CONSENT AGENDA (The following Items are considered to be routine, and therefore will not be allotted individual discussion time on the agenda.  Many of these items have been discussed by the Board in Study Session.  The items on the Consent Agenda will be approved in one motion unless a Board member requests, before the vote on the motion, to have an item considered at its regular place on the agenda.)
    A.     Health, Housing & Human Services
    1. Approval of New Intra-Agency Agreement with Clackamas County Health Centers Division (CCHCD), for the School Based Health Centers (SBHC) Mental Health Expansion Project for Oregon City and Sandy High Schools – Public Health  
    2. Approval of a Renewal Revenue Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of Lake Oswego, for Medical Direction for the Fire Dept. & Communications Center - Public Health  
    3. Resolution No. _____ Approving an Inter-fund Loan Agreement from the General Fund to H3S to Support Health Center Operations – Health Centers  
    4. Approval of an Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of Estacada for the SW Laurel and SW Maple Street Improvements Project – Housing & Community Development   
    B.     Department of Transportation & Development
    1. Approval of Intergovernmental Agreement No. 29903 with Oregon Department of Transportation for Right-of-Way Services for the SE 122nd and SE 132nd Avenue Sidewalk Connections Project
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    2. Approval of Amendment No. 1 to Intergovernmental Agreement No. 27884 with Oregon Department of Transportation for 2011 Emergency Relief Program Project Funding
    C. Department of Emergency Management
    1. Approval of FY 2011 Urban Area Security Initiative Local Grant Agreement with the City of Lake Oswego
    2. Approval of FY 2013 Emergency Management Performance Grant Amendment No. 1 with the State of Oregon
    D. Elected Officials
    1. Approval of Previous Business Meeting Minutes – BCC
    E. Juvenile Department
    1. Approval of an Amendment to the Intergovernmental Agreement with Metro for Litter Removal by Juvenile Work Crews
    2. Approval to Apply for the Edward Bryne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant for the Juvenile Department


    NOTE:  Regularly scheduled Business Meetings are televised and broadcast on the Clackamas County Government Channel.  These programs are also accessible through the County’s Internet site.  DVD copies of regularly scheduled BCC Thursday Business Meetings are available for checkout at the Clackamas County Library in Oak Grove by the following Saturday.  You may also order copies from any library in Clackamas County or the Clackamas County Government Channel.

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