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Board of County Commissioners' Business Meeting Minutes

meeting packet (large file)

Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013 - 10 a.m.

Public Services Building
2051 Kaen Rd., Oregon City, OR 97045


Commissioner John Ludlow, Chair
Commissioner Jim Bernard
Commissioner Tootie Smith


Commissioner Martha Schrader
Commissioner Paul Savas



  1. Presentation Recognizing Bob and Charlee Moore of Bob’s Red Mill
  2. Tracy Moreland, Public and Government Affairs presented the staff report and introduce Bob Moore of Bob’s Red Mill. Mr. Moore thanked the Commissioners and Clackamas County for their support to Businesses over the years.

    The Board presented a certificate of recognition to Mr. Moore.

Chair Ludlow, invited Danielle Cowan, Director of Tourism and Cultural Affairs (TCA) to come up and speak regarding her staff, Annie Baily, Communications and PR Manager at TCA who received the US Travel Association Rising Star Award.


  1. Cindy Lewis-Wolfrum and Dan Blue, Milwaukie – submitted a letter regarding traffic and speed concerns on Johnson Road near the Shellenberg School.
  2. Bob Mahoney, Oregon City – encouraged the Commissioners to continue reaching out to local cities and communities throughout the County.
  3. Yvonne Lazarus, Milwaukie – asked about the ADDA website and its relationship with light rail.
  4. Les Poole, Gladstone – asked when light rail went through land use process.
  5. Maryanna Moore, Gladstone – acknowledged the Diamond Jubilee of Gladstone City Hall and concerns about light rail.
  6. Dick McQueen, Welches – asked if the Board intended to start limiting the content of citizen’s testimony.
  7. Mack Woods, Canby – misc. concerns.
  8. Laurel Rose, Mulino – Secretary for Mulino Hamlet – concern about road project from the TSP plan on Hwy. 213 in Mulino
  9. Renee Hoem, Mulino – also concern about this road project in Mulino.
  10. Board Discussion




Chair Ludlow asked the Clerk to read the consent agenda by title. He asked for Consent Agenda item D.1, (previous Business Meeting Minutes) be removed from the consent agenda. He then asked for a motion.

Board Discussion


Commissioner Smith: I move we approve the consent agenda as amended.
Commissioner Bernard: Second.
Board Discussion
Chair Ludlow – the Clerk will call the poll.
Commissioner Smith: Aye.
Commissioner Bernard: Aye.
Chair Ludlow: Aye.
Chair Ludlow - the motion is approved 3-0.

A. Health, Housing & Human Services

  1. Approval of Federal Lands Access Program Match Agreement with Federal Highway Administration for Mountain Express Bus Service in the Hoodland Area – Social Services

B. Department of Transportation & Development

  1. Approval of an Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of Molalla for Planning Services
  2. Approval of Requirement Contract with VSS International, Inc. for Liquid Asphalt - Purchasing
  3. Approval of a Contact with Harper Houf Peterson Righellis, Inc. for Construction Services for the Industrial Way Extension Project - Purchasing

C. Finance Department

  1. Approval of Amendment No. 2 to the Preconstruction Services and Construction Manager/General Contractor Agreement with Hoffman Construction Inc. for the Courthouse Renovation Project - Purchasing

D. Elected Officials

  1. REMOVED - Approval of Previous Business Meeting Minutes - BCC

E. Department of Emergency Management

  1. Approval of an Intergovernmental Agreement with Sunrise Water Authority for the Use of Clackamas County Emergency Notification System
  2. Approval of an Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of Portland for Purchase and Reimbursement Activities Related to the Use of the FY 2012 U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Urban Area Security Initiative Grant Program
  3. Approval of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Oregon Department of Forestry Incident Management Team Shadow Program
  4. Approval of the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Intergovernmental Agreement DR-1956-OR to Develop Flood Erosion Hazard Evaluation for the Upper Sandy River

F. Public and Government Affairs

  1. Approval of an Amendment to the Agreement between Clackamas County Cable Communications and Friends of Willamette Falls Media Center - Cable
  2. Approval of an Agreement between Clackamas County Cable Communications and Clackamas Community College for Educational Access Funds - Cable
  3. Approval of an Agreement between Clackamas County Cable Communications and Oregon City School District for Educational Access Funds - Cable
  4. Approval of an Agreement between Clackamas County Cable Communications and North Clackamas School District (Sabin Schellenberg Center) for Educational Access Funds - Cable

G. County Counsel

  1. Authorization of the Sale of Land to TriMet


  1. Approval of a Contract with Otak, Inc. for Consulting Engineering Services for the Capps Road Property, also known as the Clackamas Industrial Area Opportunity Site, Stormwater Mitigation and Road Construction Project - Purchasing

VII.SERVICE DISTRICT NO. 5 (Street Lighting)

  1. Board Order No. 2013-74 Certifying the 2013-2014 Assessment Roll for Clackamas County Service District No. 5




NOTE: Regularly scheduled Business Meetings are televised and broadcast on the Clackamas County Government Channel. These programs are also accessible through the County’s Internet site. DVD copies of regularly scheduled BCC Thursday Business Meetings are available for checkout at the Clackamas County Library in Oak Grove by the following Saturday. You may also order copies from any library in Clackamas County or the Clackamas County Government Channel.

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