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Board of County Commissioners' Business Meeting Minutes

meeting packet (large file)

Thursday, Nov. 5, 2015 - 10 a.m.

Public Services Building
2051 Kaen Rd., Oregon City, OR 97045


Commissioner John Ludlow, Chair
Commissioner Jim Bernard
Commissioner Paul Savas
Commissioner Martha Schrader
Commissioner Tootie Smith



  1. Recognition of Veterans Day

    Erika Silver, Clackamas County Veterans Services presented the staff report and a short PowerPoint. She introduced Jeff Jorgenson, Facilities Maintenance Manager, who served in the United State Navy for 22 years. He spoke about his service and experiences. He also spoke about the services he received from Clackamas County Veterans Services. She also introduced Maureen Thompson, Community Solutions. Community Solutions assists veterans in need of training and employment with individualized workforce service.

    Board Discussion
  2. Recognition of Clackamas County Sheriff's Office Marine Unit Valuable Contribution Award

    Deputy Adam Tingey, Clackamas County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) presented information and showed a training video which the CCSO uses to promotion and improvement of the statewide personal watercraft program.

    Board Discussion


  1. Les Poole, Gladstone – spoke regarding Metro and Urban Rural Reserves.
  2. Mack Woods, Canby – spoke regarding Veterans and taxes.
  3. Jonathan Todd, Wilsonville – property rights issue.


Chair Ludlow asked the Clerk to read the consent agenda by title.


Commissioner Schrader: I move we approve the consent agenda.
Commissioner Smith: Second.
Clerk calls the poll.
Commissioner Bernard: Aye.
Commissioner Smith: Aye.
Commissioner Schrader: Aye.
Commissioner Savas: Aye.
Chair Ludlow: Aye – the motion passes 5-0.

A. Health, Housing & Human Services

  1. Approval of Contract 30732-CC with Ride Connection, Inc. to Provide Funding for Rides Provided by Members of the Clackamas County Transportation Consortium – Social Services

B. Department of Transportation & Development

  1. Approval of Intergovernmental Agreement with Metro to Implement the Fiscal Year 1015-2016 (Year 26) Annual Waste Reduction and Recycle at Work Program

C. Department of Emergency Management

  1. Approval of Fiscal Year 15 State Homeland Security Grant Program Agreements with the State of Oregon for Emergency Management Training, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program Development and Completion of a Clackamas County Medical Examiner's Regional Response Team Mass Fatality Exercise

D. Elected Officials

  1. Approval of Previous Business Meeting Minutes – BCC


  1. Approval of a Funding Agreement between Clackamas County and the Clackamas County Development Agency to Cover Additional Debt Service on the Brooks Building

V. WATER ENVIRONMENT SERVICES (Service District No. 1, Tri-City Service District & Surface Water Management Agency of Clackamas County)

  1. Approval of a construction Contract between Tri-City Service District and Boede Construction, Inc. for the Willamette Pump Station Rehabilitation Project



Every year on November 11, we as Americans take the time to recognize the heroes among us. They are the brave men and women who served in our armed forces. They are the veterans of the United States military.
Today, we will adjourn our meeting in honor of those hero's.


NOTE: Regularly scheduled Business Meetings are televised and broadcast on the Clackamas County Government Channel. These programs are also accessible through the County's Internet site. DVD copies of regularly scheduled BCC Thursday Business Meetings are available for checkout at the Clackamas County Library in Oak Grove. You may also order copies from any library in Clackamas County or the Clackamas County Government Channel.

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