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C4 - Clackamas County Coordinating Committee

Clackamas County Coordinating Committee, better known as C4,is an ad hoc group with representation from Clackamas County, cities, special districts, hamlets, villages, and community planning organizations (CPOs)within the borders of Clackamas County.

C4 provides an opportunity for discussion of mutual interest and concerns of Clackamas County and promotes partnership between the these entities.

C4 meets the first Thursday of each month starting at 6:45 pm at Clackamas County, unless otherwise noted.

September 4, 2014   cancelled
August 7, 2014 agenda  
July 3, 2014   cancelled due to the 4th of July holiday
June 5, 2014 agenda notes and presentation
May 1, 2014 agenda minutes
April 3, 2014 agenda minutes
March 6, 2014   cancelled
February 6, 2014 agenda cancelled due to inclement weather
December 5, 2013 agenda minutes
November 7, 2013 agenda minutes
October 3, 2013   cancelled
September 5, 2013 agenda minutes

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