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Paul saw first-hand the ability of local government to influence the daily lives of citizens.  As a resident of an unincorporated area of Clackamas County, he was concerned with the lack of effective public process for land use applications.  That led to his involvement in several local governing boards and committees, where he used his personal experiences to ensure effective public engagement and decision making for all citizens.  His community experience includes:

Paul’s service on these county, regional and transportation committees gives him the experience and perspective to serve the varied needs of Clackamas County.  He is currently the only Commissioner from an unincorporated area of Clackamas County.

As Clackamas County Commissioner, Paul will focus on:

Fiscal sustainability
The county already emphasizes social and environmental sustainability.  Fiscal sustainability is the next priority.  With cost components and market elements factored into financial decision making, the county will finally focus on realistic long-range planning.  Then the triple bottom line of fiscal, social, and environmental sustainability will be achieved.

Natural resources
Proper management of natural resources to assure balance, environmental stewardship, quality of life and market competitiveness is imperative.  Without responsible leadership and stewardship, overbearing constraints could impede market competitiveness and slow economic recovery.  The county should protect quality of life, manage natural resources responsibly, and maintain a vibrant business community.

Vibrant communities
The overall health of a community typically depends on family wage jobs, reasonably priced housing, quality schools, good transportation, responsive and responsible government, social opportunities and recreational opportunities.  To ensure community needs are met, a forum for dialogue and interaction is needed.  Social interaction on a community level can help influence positive results.  Genuine involvement helps decision makers shape the future of those communities.  The county should add value to the public process where both citizens and government achieve constructive and genuine understanding.

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