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Closed Clackamas County Bids

Request for Proposal - #2017-09 Fuel for Clackamas County Fleet Services
published 2/21/2017
Request for Quote- #2017-13 Mt. Scott-Scouter Mountain Trail Development
published 2/23/2017
Request for Quote - #2017-07 Floor Mat Rental & Cleaning Service
published 2/15/2017
Request for Proposal- #2017-05 Building Information and Asset Management System
published 2/9/2017
Invitation to Bid- #2017-03 CBX Fiber- Lake Oswego School District Expansion: Phase 1
published 2/13/2017
Invitation to Bid- #2017-04 CBX Fiber – Lake Oswego to Sellwood Bridge
published 1/26/2017
  Close Date
Invitation to Bid- #2017-02 CBX Fiber – City of West Linn City Hall
published 1/26/2017
Request for Quote- #2017-08- Secondary Internet Connection
published 2/8/2017
Notice of Sole Source - Northwest Housing Alternatives
published 2/7/2017
Request for Proposals - #2016-21 Transportation Asset Management Strategic Plan
published 1/23/2017
Request for Quotes- #2017-01 Chief Spokesperson for Bargaining
published 1/10/2017
Request for Quotes - #2016-18 Asphaltic Concrete
published 12/29/2016
Request for Quotes - #2016-19 Aggregate Rock
published 12/29/2016
Notice of Sole Source- Neighborhood Economic Development Commission
published 12/29/2016
Public Notice- Letter of Interest for Veteran Housing
published 10/31/2016
Invitation to Bid- #2016-14 Hebb Park Dock Replacement- Phase 2 Fabricate and Deliver Aluminum Docks
published 12/5/2016
Invitation to Bid- SE 122nd Avenue & 132nd Avenue: Sidewalk Connections
published 11/16/2016
Request for Qualifications- #2016-12 Juvenile 10-week Work Crew Program
published 11/7/2016
Notice of Sole Source – SirsiDynix/Bibliotheca LLC
published 11/21/2016
Notice of Intent to Purchase- John Deere grader
published 11/14/2016
Notice of Sole Source- Applied Concepts
published 11/2/2016
Notice of Sole Source- Analytik Jena
published 10/19/2016
Request for Proposals- #2016-10 Works' Compensation Claim Processing
published 9/26/2016
Request for Quotes- #2016-11 OptiRTC Site Instrument and Installation Project
published 9/27/2016
Request for Proposals - #2016-09 Medical Laboratory Testing Services
published 9/14/2016
Notice of Sole Source- Off the Wall Media
published 10/3/2016
Intent to Upgrade- 911 Telephone Systems  
Request for Proposal- Peer Delivered Support Services in the Areas of Mental Health and Addictions  
Request for Quotes- #2016-05 Vote-By-Mail Envelopes for Clackamas County Elections – 2016  
Request for Quotes- #2016-07 Detention Pond Maintenance  
Request for Quote- #2016-04 Hebb Park Dock Earthwork Phase 1  
Request for Proposals- #2016-03 Clackamas County Tourism and Cultural Affairs Website Redesign  
Request for Proposals - #2016-02 Utility Billing Printing and Mailing Services  
Request for Proposals- Homeless Prevention, Shelter Diversion and Rapid Re-Housing Services.  
Notification of Intent to Purchase – Public Safety Communication Equipment from Motorola Solutions, Inc.  
Request for Proposal- General Financial Advisory Services  
Invitation to Bid- Wichita Center Parking Lot Improvement Project  
Notice of Sole Source- Family Skill Builders  
Notice of Sole Source-Northwest Family Services  
Request for Qualifications- Consulting Services for the Design of Fiber Routes within the City of Lake Oswego, Oregon  
Request for Quote- Harmony Road Neighborhood Park Parking Lot and Basketball Court Paving Project.  
Request for Public Comment- PL 110-343 Section 302 Title III Project Grant Submissions.  
Invitation to Bid- Replacement of Aeration Basin Butterfly Valves  
Request for Proposals- Sex Offender Treatment Services  
Request for Qualifications – On-Call Environmental Consultation Services – 2016  
Request for Quote- EPM Imagelink Image Archive System  
Invitation to bid- Canby Paving Package  
Invitation to bid- Lusted Road Paving Package  
Request for Qualifications- On-Call Management of Class B Liquid Biosolids Produced by the Kellogg Creek Water Recourse Recovery Facility  
Request for Qualifications- On-Call Management of Class B Liquid Biosolids Produced by the Tri-City Water Pollution Control Plant  
Request for Proposal- On-Call Public Affairs Services-2016  
Invitation to Bid- Building Envelope Replacement at the Clackamas County Emergency Operations Center  
Request for Proposals- Clackamas County Children of Incarcerated Parents Services  
Invitation to Bid- Milk Creek at Mulino Road Bank Stabilization Project  

Invitation to Bid- 3”-0” Maintenance Base Rock Delivered to the Clackamas County Barton Stockpile Site-2016

Request for Proposals- Construction Manager/General Contractor Services (CMGC) for the Kellogg Creek Water Pollution Control Plant (KCWPCP)  
Invitation to Bid- Fabrication and Installation of Signs for the Clackamas County Regional Center Way-Finding System Project  
Invitation to Bid- Hood View Maintenance Building Project  
Request for Qualifications- Strengthening Families Program  
Request for Qualifications- Staying Connected with your Teen Program  

Invitation to Bid- Otty Street Realignment Project

Request for Qualifications- On-Call Right-of-Way, Property Appraisal, and/or Acquisition & Relocation Services for the Clackamas County Department of Transportation and Development-2016  
Invitation to Bid- Willamette Interceptor Manhole Rehab Project  
Invitation to Quote- Demolition of Property Located at 10859 SE 82nd Avenue (Skippers Restaurant), Clackamas, OR.  
Request for Proposals- City of Milwaukie North Milwaukie Industrial Area (NMIA) Plan  
Request for Proposals- Watershed Health Education Support for Clackamas County Service District No. 1  
Request for Proposal- SE Sunnyside Road Adaptive Signal Control Technology System  

Invitation to Bid- CBX/COP Sellwood to Lake Oswego Fiber Project


Invitation to Bid- Roof Replacement Project at the Public Safety Training Center (PSTC)


Invitation to Bid- 12” Grit Cyclone / Separators at the Kellogg Creek Water Resource Recovery Facility


Invitation to Bid- 18” Grit Cyclone / Separators at the Tri-City Water Pollution Control Plant


Request for Proposals- Riparian Restoration Services on Majestic Woods II and Premier Estates II

Invitation to Bid- Clear Span Fabric Structure  
Request for Qualifications- Minor in Possession of Alcohol Court Program Counseling Services  
Invitation to Bid- East Barlow Trail Road at Milepost 6.0 Project  
Invitation to Bid- Pudding River (Whiskey Hill Road) Bridge #01559  
Request for Proposals- Consulting Services for the Clackamas County Heritage Council and Public and Government Affairs - 2016  
Invitation to Bid- 1/2” -1/4” Chip Seal/Oil Rock Delivered to the Clackamas County Marquam Stockpile Site, Molalla, Oregon-2016  
Request for Proposals – Outpatient Behavioral Health and/or Substance Use Treatment Services to Children, Families, and Adults Residing in Clackamas County  
Request for Quotes- East Salmon River Road Slide Project  
Notice of Public Hearing  


Request for Quotes – Liquid Asphalt 2016  
Request for Proposal- Trail Building Services for the Rose Creek Trail Project  
Request for Information- Radio- Frequency Identification (RFID) and an Automated Material Handling System for the Libraries in Clackamas County (LINCC)  
Invitation to Bid- Silver Oak Building Tenant Improvement Project- Drywall and Texture  
Request for Proposals – Annual Financial Audit Services  

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