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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the County Budget

How can I get a County Budget?
The General County budget is online and includes the previous year and current year. You can also access the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report at the Finance Division web page. Budgets of the following agencies governed by the Board of County Commissioners should be available on their individual websites:

  • Agricultural & 4-H Service District
  • Development Agency
  • Enhanced Law Enforcement District
  • Library District
  • North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District
  • Street Lighting District
  • Water Environment Services
  • Link to A-Z departments and agencies list

Any clues on how to read the County Budget, it looks pretty complicated?
The FY 2013-2014 Executive Summary County Budget includes a Reader's Guide that begins on page 18 which can be helpful.

Does my input really matter? How will it be used?
Input from the community is very important to your Board of County Commissioners. The input you provide through available public processes is communicated to the Budget Committee and Board for consideration during the several month budget process.

What if I want to get more involved?
There are many avenues of involvement in County programs and decision making. Just visit our Citizen Involvement web page to find out more about opportunities to take part in County government.

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