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Main Street - Transforming


  • Complete a community application survey
  • Demonstrates that the community has the support and leadership to participate in the Clackamas County Main Street program
  • Has a full or part-time dedicated person for downtown revitalization programs
  • Shows interest in revitalizing the downtown including preserving historic buildings and other unique assets of the community
  • Has a defined downtown area
  • Completed or committed to complete a historic inventory

Services Provided

  • Regional or local Main Street Workshops and conferences
  • Clackamas County Main Street Team Assessments
  • Targeted technical assistance
  • Compete for Oregon Main Street matching grants
    • Design and Technical Assistance
    • Façade improvements
  • Team consultation for organizational, design, promotion, or economic restructuring
  • Phone support
  • Access to reference library and online resources
  • Assistance with promotion and press releases
  • Eligible for annual growth recognition awards
  • Inclusion in Visit Oregon Main Street travel brochure
  • List serve support network

Community Commitment

  • Pass a Resolution supporting  entrance into the program
  • Community commitment of minimum 20% dedicated staff   person (and organization) for downtown revitalization program and Main Street implementation for 12 months
  • Manager attends semi-annual Downtown Managers meetings
  • Agree to receive support from the Performing Main Street mentoring program
  • Enters into agreements with the Clackamas County Main Street  program
  • Submits annual progress reports and work plans

Main Street

Main Street

Main Street