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Preschool Promise

Preschool Promise (PP) is a state funded Early Learning Division program that provides high quality, culturally relevant preschool opportunities to children ages 3 and 4. To qualify, families must live at, or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.

The primary goals for this program are to:

Our Early Learning Hub was one of 8 hubs within the state to receive Preschool Promise funding in 2016-2017. Our PP funding serves 18 children at Sandy Grade School, and 8 children at the Oregon Child Development Coalition site in Mulino.

For general information, email Kimberly Lopez, Early Learning Hub Systems Coordinator, or call 503-650-5680.

For Sandy Grade School-Oregon Trail School District information, email Rachael George, Principal, or call 503-668-8065.

For Mulino-Oregon Child Development Coalition information, email Anedelia Vasquez, Director, or call 503-981-3001 ext. 2457.

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