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Prevention & Positive Youth Development

There are a variety of challenges facing youth as they transition from adolescence to young adulthood. Positive Youth Development is a set of strategies that help youth successfully navigate this sometimes difficult period of their lives by providing them with a broad base of community supports.

 Components of successful PYD programming includes:

  • Physical and emotional safety
  • Supportive relationships (with a positive adult role models and with peers)
  • Opportunities for meaningful participation
  • Opportunities for community engagement
  • Challenging and engaging learning experiences and skill development

Youth prevention programs funded by the Children, Youth & Families Division are designed to integrate these basic components into services order to promote school success and positive life outcomes.

PreventNet | Social Norms Project | Teen Mentor Program | Committees

PreventNet Community Schools

PreventNet Community Schools are a community/school-based service system created by the Children, Youth & Families Division (CYF) to improve outcomes for children, youth and their families by creating a web of support among schools, non-profit agencies, community members, local businesses and local government. This support includes prevention and early intervention services in local schools which focus on increasing protective factors (building supportive relationships with positive role models, improving attachment to school, developing leadership and problem-solving skills, and creating opportunities for participation in extra-curricular activities) and reducing risk factors (poor academic performance, truancy, family management problems, alcohol and other drug use, poverty/homelessness, and negative peer association).

There are currently nine PreventNet sites funded by CYF and an additional site that uses the PreventNet model that is funded by another agency (CYF funds drug and alcohol prevention and early intervention services at this site). Each of these sites is the result of collaboration and partnership between Clackamas County, the school, and a local non-profit that delivers the services and houses the program staff, which includes a Site Coordinator, a Prevention Specialist, and Activity Leaders.

Funding for PreventNet services is provided through grants from state and federal government entities, Clackamas County Board of Commissioners, and Clackamas County Behavioral Health Division. PreventNet Community School sites are housed at the following locations:

Elementary School Sites

  • Lot Whitcomb Elementary (Milwaukie)
    Metropolitan Family Services
    Site Coordinator: Allison Meyer
  • Sandy Grade School (Sandy)
    Todos Juntos
    Coordinator: Shawna Johnson

Contact Karen Gorton (503-650-5680) for information about the elementary school sites.

Middle School Sites

High School Site

For more information about middle and high school sites, contact Brian McCrady (503-650-5681).

The services at the PreventNet Community School sites are enhanced and supplemented by a contract with Volunteers of America (VOA), which provides access to drug and alcohol assessment and treatment for youth at the PreventNet sites and other schools in Clackamas County.

For additional information about drug and alcohol assessment and treatment services available through VOA, contact Tiffany Hicks (503-722-6867).

Social Norms Project

Children, Youth and Families Division received funding to reduce underage drinking through the implementation of a Social Norms project at middle and high schools in Milwaukie, Clackamas Community College, Canby and Sandy. Social Norms focuses on the positive that is going on in schools and the community. Most people have the perception that the majority of teenagers drink alcohol and/or use drugs, but the truth is that most teens are drug free – the real norm is that most kids don’t. The idea behind the Social Norms project is to get people to learn and understand the “real” norm, which then can change a youth’s decision to start in the first place.

CYF will work with school staff and students to focus on the majority of the students who are not using and get the message out. For more information contact Brian McCrady (503-650-5681).

Teen Mentor Program

The Teen Mentor Program offers a way for teens to use their talent and skills as friends and role models for elementary school-aged children who need additional emotional support and positive attention at school.  Teens are paired up in the beginning of the school year to meet with their “mentee” for one hour, one day each week, during the school day at the elementary school.  Elementary students benefit by increased self-confidence, a more positive attitude toward school, and improved social skills and academic performance. Teens develop leadership skills, social awareness and increase their engagement in the community. Currently there are twenty matches in Estacada.

Contact Brian McCrady (503-650-5681)for more information.


Clackamas County Prevention Coalition
The Clackamas County Prevention Coalition (CCPC) is a collaboration of partners representing county government, schools, youth serving organizations, law enforcement agencies, civic and volunteer groups, health-care professionals, and other stakeholders in the community who are interested in promoting healthy, safe communities and positive youth development. Specifically, CCPC works to reduce teen drug and alcohol use and related problems by raising awareness, enhancing skills, providing support, changing consequences, altering physical environments to reduce risky behaviors, and modifying or creating policies. It also serves as an umbrella organization providing support and technical assistance to local community coalitions in Estacada, Gladstone, Milwaukie, and Oregon City.

CCPC meets the second Wednesday of every month from 3:00 to 4:30 PM in the Public Services Building, 2051 Kaen Road, Oregon City, OR 97045, in room 255. All are welcome to attend. Contact Brian McCrady (503-650-5681).

Clackamas County Strategic Prevention Framework Taskforce
In July 2011, Clackamas County received Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant funding to reduce binge and high risk drinking behaviors among young adults between the ages of 18 and 25. A community assessment completed in February 2012 resulted in a decision to address three causal areas to achieve this outcome: retail availability, social availability, and community norms.

The SPF-SIG Taskforce leads this effort and members include representatives from state and county government, law enforcement, local non-profits, the National Guard, and other community stakeholders interested in creating healthy communities that value and promote mental health, wellness, and drug free living. Contact Tiffany Hicks for more information about SPF-SIG activities and task force meetings: Tiffany Hicks (503-722-6867).

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