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CPO Acronyms

AOCAssociation of Oregon Counties: An organization to provide for the exchange of information, ideas, and technical assistance among Oregon's 36 county governments.
APAAmerican Planning Association: A nation organization of city and regional planners and lay persons involved in planning.
BGRSBureau of Government, Research and Service: Research agency, located on the U. of 0 campus. Its purpose is to provide information, statistics, model ordinances, and technical consultation to state and local government agencies.
CACCitizen Advisory Committee: Citizens organized to help develop and maintain a comprehensive plan and its land use regulations.
CBDCentral Business District: An area of very high land valuation characterized by high concentration of businesses and high traffic flow.
CCICommittee for Citizen Involvement: A local group, appointed by a governing body, for the purpose of assisting the governing body with the development of a program that promotes and enhances citizen involvement in landuse planning, assisting in the implementation of the citizen involvement program, and evaluating the process being used for citizen involvement.
CCR'sConditions, Covenants, and Restrictions: Private contractual; agreement used to protect property values and control conflicts among land uses, Deed restriction.
CIACCitizen Involvement Advisory Committee: Standing committee appointed by the LCDC to advise them on matters of citizen involvement, to promote public participation in the adoption and amendment of the goals and guidelines, and to assure widespread citizen involvement in all phases of the planning process.
CIPCapital Improvement Program: A short term plan to decide how some or all of a communities capital improvements are to be developed (sewers, roads, water system, libraries, fire stations, etc.)
CIPCitizen Involvement Program: A program established by a City or County to ensure the extensive, ongoing involvement of local citizens in planning.
COGCounsel of governments: An association of City, County, and Special District governments formed for the purpose of planning and coordinating more effective governmental services
CPOCommunity Planning Organization: Volunteer citizen associations, recognized by the County and Planning Division in land use issues.
DEQDepartment of Environmental Quality: The state agency that administers programs and regulations to reduce or minimize pollution of the air, water, and land.
DLCDDepartment of Land Conservation and Development
DSLDivision of State Lands
DTDepartment of Transportation and Development
EFUZone Exclusive Farm Use Zone
EISEnvironmental Impact Statement: A report concerning the effects on the environment that can be expected to occur as a result of some major federal action.
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
FPAForest Practices Act: The state laws that govern commercial activities involving the growing, harvesting or processing of forest tree species. These statutes are implemented with a set of administrative rules known as the Forest Practices Rules.
FVCFuture Vision Commission
GISGeographic Information System, computer system to identify and label geographic and infrastructure characteristics in a selected area.
GOALSMandatory statewide planning standards adopted by the LCDC.
ILSFDAInterstate Land Sales and Full Disclosure Act: Consumer protection measure to regulate interstate selling of lots in large subdivisions.
JLCLUJoint Legislative Committee on Land Use: Seven member committee to advise the legislative assembly about various aspects of the state's landuse planning program.
JPACT Joint Policy Advisory committee on Transportation.
LCDCLand Conservation and Development Commission: A seven member commission established to develop and administer Oregon's statewide planning goals.
LUBALand Use Board of Appeals: A board established by the state legislature to hear and decide on contested landuse cases.
LIDLocal Improvement District: a small district formed for the purpose of carrying out local improvements (street paving, construction of storm sewers, development or a park.
METROA District formed to consolidate governmental functions in the Portland area.
MPACMetro Policy Advisory Committee
MTACMetro Technical Advisory Committee
OARsOregon Administrative Rules
ODFWOregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
ODOTOregon Department of Transportation
ORSOregon Revised Statutes
OWQIOregon Water Quality Index: A convenient summary measure of water quality developed by the state's Dept. of Environmental Quality.
PUD Public Utility District, also, Planned Unit Development.
SDCSystems Development Charge: A fee charged by a local government to a developer in order to recoup some of the city's general capital costs for sewer, water, or street systems.
TAC Technical Advisory Committee
UGBUrban Growth Boundary: A line that indicates the outermost limit of a city's planned expansion.
ZDOZoning and Development Ordinance: Land use regulation enacted by a city or county to create districts within which the type, location, density, bulk, height and lot coverage of land uses are restricted.


CCICommittee for Citizen Involvement (advisory to local governments)
CIACCitizen Involvement Advisory Committee (advisory to LCDC)
CIPCapitol Improvement Program
COGCouncil of Governments
CPOCommunity Planning Organization or Citizen Planning Organization
CUConditional Use
DLCDDepartment of Land Conservation and Development
DOGAMI Department of Geology and Minerals Industries
DRBDesign Review Board or Development Review Board
EESEEconomic, Environmental, Social and Energy (LCDC Goal 5)
EISEnvironmental Impact Statement
FYFiscal Year
HOHearings Officer
IGAIntergovernmental Agreement
LCDCLand Conservation and Development Commission
LIDLocal Improvement District
LUBALand Use Board of Appeals
NANeighborhood Association
ODOEOregon Department of Energy
ODOTOregon Department of Transportation
PCPlanning Commission
POProperty owner
PUDPlanned Unit Development, also Public Utility District
SDFSystems Development Fee
TIFTax Increment Financing
UGBUrban Growth Boundary
UGMAUrban Growth Management Agreement
ZDOZoning and Development Ordinance


AAASchool of Architecture and Allied Arts, University of 0regon
AOCAssociation of Oregon Counties
BLMBureau of Land Management, U.S. Department of the Interior
COEU.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Department of Defense
COGCouncils of Government (County)
DEQOregon Department of Environmental Quality
DLCDOregon Department of Land Conservation and Development
DOFOregon Department of Forestry
DSLOregon Division of State Lands
EEAOEnvironmental Education Association of Oregon
LOCLeague of Oregon Cities
LWCFLand and Water Conservation Fund
METROMetropolitan Service District
NPSNational Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior
ODFWOregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
ODOEOregon Department of Education
OEDDOregon Economic Development Department
OFCOregon Forest Council
OFICOregon Forest Industries Council
OPAOregon Parks Association
OPRDOregon Parks and Recreation Department
ORPAOregon Recreation and Park Association
ORTACOregon Recreation Trails Advisory Council
OSUOregon State University
OTDOregon Tourism Division
PSUPortland State University
SMBOregon State Marine Board
SOSCSouthern Oregon State College
U of 0University of Oregon
USFSUS Forest Service, Department of Agriculture

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