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The Hamlet of Beavercreek Agenda

November 26, 2014

Date: Wednesday; November 26, 2014

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Place: Beavercreek Grange

Address: 22041 S Kamrath Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045


  1. Call to Order, Sign In, Raffle, Restrooms, Refreshments & Introductions:
    • Chair, Tammy Stevens
    • Vice-Chair, Bill Merchant
    • Secretary, Joan Martinez
    • Treasurer, Cheryl Boffard
    • Corresp. Sect., Christine Kosinski
    • Director at Large, John Burke
    • Director at Large, Norm Andreen
    • Registrar, William Bender
  2. Guest Speakers: ZDO Audit, Year 3, Jennifer Hughes, Principal Planner
    Active Transportation Plan, Scott Hoelscher, Project Manager
  3. Public Comments/Questions:
  4. Highlights of October 22nd, 2014 Minutes, Secretary, Joan Martinez
  5. Land Use Applications:
    1. File: Z0383-14, Owner Mark Hettervig, adjacent & west of 18000 S Old Clarke road, Mulino, zoned TBR (timber district), 80 acres, applicant seeking a Forest Template Test approval in order to place one dwelling on the property. Access will be from Old Clarke road. The proposed dwelling will be a minimum of 130 ft. from the northern property line about mid-way from Old Clarke Road. Input due 11/23/14, but received extension to 12/1/14.
  6. Land Use Decisions:
    1. File: Z0579-12-CP / Z0580-12-ZAP, Hal’s Construction, Doris M. Hickman Trustee, 20646 & 20666 S Highway 213, Oregon City, zoned RRFF-5 Rural Residential Farm Forest (5 acre), 8.15 acres, Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment & Zone change application. Approved by the BCC 5/8/13. Appealed to LUBA by Brian Ooten & remanded back to the County by LUBA.
    2. File: SP 14-01 Beavercreek Live-Work / Apartments, Evergreen Housing Development, City of Oregon City, 9.7 acres, Beavercreek/Meyers Roads, approved by OC Commission, appeal due 11/28/14.
    3. File: Z0175-14-C Amber Tudor, 16777 S Henrici Road, Oregon City, zoned RRFF-5 (rural residential, farm forest 5 acres), 4.89 acres, conditional use permit to establish anagricultural riding arena and horse boarding facility in the RRFF-5 zoning District. Hearings Officer approved with conditions & time lines.
  7. Reports:
    1. Finance Committee, Treasurer: Cheryl Boffard
      • Cash Account $64.10
      • Checking Account $1,224.10
      • Trust Account $1,727.44
      • Savings Account $2,260.59
      • Total $5,276.23
    2. Speaker & Transportation update –Christine Kosinski
    3. Korner Park Facilities Committee Report –Bill Merchant
    4. Tree Lighting Ceremony (proceeded by Grange potluck) –Norm Andreen
  8. Old Business:
    1. Oregon City’s Proposed Developments
  9. VIII. New Business:
    1. 100th Member Facebook “like” –Marty May
  10. Other Business/Reminders:
    1. Library News –Claire Kellogg
    2. Grange News–Brad Charlson
    3. Clackamas County Soil & Water Conservation District –Tom Salzer
    4. Raffle

Next TOWN HALL meeting: January 28, 2015, 7:00 p.m., Beavercreek Grange

January 2015 Guest Speaker: Clackamas River Water


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