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The Hamlet of Beavercreek Agenda

January 22, 2015

Date: Thursday; January 22, 2015

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Place: Beavercreek Fire Station


  1. Cheryl Boffard, Treasurer
    1. Treasurer’s report
    2. Last month’s transactions
    3. Key Bank Savings Account Cancelled –Money Transferred to Trust Account
    4. Grange Meeting Use ($330 paid on January 16, 2014)
  2. Cheryl Boffard
    1. 10 Year Anniversary Celebration Committee (Sept. 2016)
    2. Beavercreek’s Businesses
    3. Any other topic?
  3. Bill Merchant
    1. Korner Park Facilities Committee
      1. Park sign & posts
      2. Kiosk update (school raffle flyer)
      3. Letter of thanks mailed to Treecare Unlimited
    2. 1 ½ road signs
    3. Movie in the Park Summary of Tasks & Timing
    4. BCT
    5. ACT(committee member approvals)
    6. Any other topic?
  4. Christine Kosinski
    1. City of Oregon City
      1. BC/Meyers Road Development Appeals
      2. Retreat 1/23-24/15
      3. Enterprise Zone (March decision)
      4. Should the Hamlet form a Utility Committee?
      5. Holly Lane
    2. Any other topic?
  5. Norm Andreen
    1. Tree Lighting Ceremony
    2. Planning Commission
    3. 2015 Campaign "it takes a village to run a hamlet, participate in your local government."
    4. Any other topic?
  6. John Burke
    1. Any topic?
  7. Joan Martinez
    1. November 26th Board Meeting minutes
    2. Any other topic?
  8. Land Use Applications:
    1. File: Z0440-14, owner Estate of Ruth Barber, applicant April Gardiner, 14754 S Quail Crest Lane, Oregon City, zoned RRFF5 (rural residential farm forest 5 acres), 5.94 acres, a partition to divide the subject property into 3 parcels; one of 2.14 ac. With an existing home, one of 1.5 ac. For a new home site & a third of 2.3 acres for a new home site. This request is enabled pursuant to State-approval of a Ballot Measure 49 claim providing a modification of the lot size & density standards of the RRFF-5 zoning district. Mailed 12/23/14, input due 1/12/15, received input extension to 1/30/15.
    2. ZDO Audit Year Three Phase I – ZDO-252
  9. Land Use Activities:
    1. a. File:SP 14-01 Beavercreek Live-Work / Apartments, Evergreen Housing Development, City of Oregon City, 9.7 acres, Beavercreek/Meyers Roads, approved by OC Commission. Two appeals filed –Elizabeth Graser-Lindsey & Beavercreek Road, LLC.Appeals heard 1/21/15; file open until 2/4/15.
    2. File: Z0579-12-CP / Z0580-12-ZAP, Hal’s Construction, Doris M. Hickman Trustee, 20646 & 20666 S Highway 213, Oregon City, zoned RRFF-5 Rural Residential Farm Forest (5 acre), 8.15 acres, Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment & Zone change application. Approved by the BCC 5/8/13. Appealed to LUBA by Brian Ooten & remanded back to the County by LUBA. Appealed to the Court of Appeals; awaiting a testimony date.
    3. File No. ZDO-251 includes amendments to the Comprehensive Plan in conjunction with the Clackamas County Active Transportation Plan (ATP). Active Transportation is defined to include walking, bicycling and horseback riding. The purpose of the ATP is to identify principle active transportation routes that connect destinations and communities in Clackamas County. In both the urban and rural areas of the County, 23 priority or Principal Active Transportation (PAT) Routes have been identified. The PAT Routes are intended to provide access to services such as transit, shipping and employment centers and to provide access to recreation & exercise. Planning Commission hearing 2/23/15 & BCC Hearing 3/18/15.
    4. File: Z0342-14, permit for temporary home for care, applicant (mother) living at 16955 S Whitney Lane, Beavercreek, zoned RRFF5 (rural residential farm forest 5 acres), .87 acres, applicant seeking temporary permit (renewal, approved in 2011) to use recreational vehicle for Kristina & Christopher Watters to live in while they provide care & assistance to their mother, Sandra Bush, who resides in the primary dwelling. Mailed 12/18/14, input due 1/7/15. Board provided input.
    5. File: Z0411-14, permit for temporary home for care, property owner & applicant LaJuanta Winslow, 14783 S Henrici Road, Oregon City, zoned RRFF5 (rural residential farm forest 5 acres), .82 acres, applicant seeking renewal of a temporary healthcare permit for the continued care of Mary Hines who lives in the primary dwelling and requires healthcare assistance from LaJuanta Winslow who resides in the temporary dwelling. Mailed 12/3/14, input due 12/23/14. Board provided input.
    6. File: Z0175-14-C Amber Tudor, 16777 S Henrici Road, Oregon City, zoned RRFF-5 (rural residential, farm forest 5 acres), 4.89 acres, conditional use permit to establish an agricultural riding arena and horse boarding facility in the RRFF-5 zoning District. Hearings Officer approved with conditions & time lines
  10. Land Use Decisions:
    1. File: Z0383-14, Owner Mark Hettervig, adjacent & west of 18000 S Old Clarke road, Mulino, zoned TBR (timber district), 80acres, applicant seeking a Forest Template Test approval in order to place one dwelling on the property. Access will be from Old Clarke road. The proposed dwelling will be a minimum of 130 ft. from the northern property line about mid-way from Old Clarke Road. Approved subject to conditions.
    2. File: Z0243-14 Owner Ryan Goddard, Applicant Glenn Bethune, 19412 S Henrici Road, Oregon City, zoned AGF (Agriculture/Forest District), 2.5 acres, applicant seeking 500 square feet of home occupation office space for a construction business within a 4,500 square foot accessory structure.Approved subject to conditions (received a call from a neighbor)
  11. Attendance by The Hamlet of Beavercreek Board member at:
    1. The City of Oregon City Commissioner meetings (3rd Wed. @7)
    2. Clackamas River Water Board (2nd Thursday at 6:00)
    3. And, a meeting with the City of Oregon City Commissioners?
  12. Friends of Hopkins Campaign
  13. 2015 Committee Chairs & Budgets:
    1. Flea Market & Craft Sale
    2. Stars in the Park Concert
    3. Movie Night
    4. Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony
  14. Density at Any Cost
  15. Clackamas County Planning & Zoning Work Program
  16. Hamlets/Villages Quarterly Meeting, December 10th
    1. Ordinances
  17. January 28th Town Hall Meeting Agenda –review & revise
    1. Refreshments
    2. Raffle Prizes
    3. Guest –Dave McNeel, Clackamas River Water
    4. Future Guest speakers:
      1. February-???
      2. March-???

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