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The Hamlet of Beavercreek Agenda

May 27, 2015

Date: Wednesday; May 27, 2015

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Place: Beavercreek Grange

Address: 22041 S Kamrath Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045


  1. Call to Order, Sign In, Raffle, Restrooms, Refreshments & Introductions:
    1. Chair, Tammy Stevens
    2. Vice-Chair, Bill Merchant
    3. Secretary, Joan Martinez
    4. Treasurer, Cheryl Boffard
    5. Corresp.Sect., Christine Kosinski
    6. Director at Large, John Burke
    7. Director at Large, Norm Andreen
    8. Registrar, William Bender
  2. Guest Speaker: Amy Kim, Water Master
  3. Public Comments/Questions:
  4. Highlights of April 22, 2015,Town Hall Mtg. Minutes, Secretary, Joan Martinez
  5. Land Use Applications:
  6. Land Use Decisions:
    1. File: Z0135-15, Carl & Susan Hansen, 23235 S Beavercreek Road, Beavercreek, Exclusive Farm Use (EFU), 34.19 acres, proposal –a partition to divide the subject property into 2 parcels; 1 of 2.0 acres with an existing home & 1 of 32.2 acres for a new home site. This request is a Ballet Measure 49 claim. Approved subject to conditions.
    2. File: Z0127-15, property owners John & Sherri Harkness, applicants Brian & Heather Duman, Rural Residential Farm Forest 5 Acre (RRFF5), 4.97 acres, location –south of S Seal Ct, approx. 750 feet south of its intersection with S Henrici Rd. proposal –application to construct a new driveway & single family residence with the usual & customary development components on slopes in excess of 25% in an identified landslide area. Approved subject to conditions.
    3. File: Z0156-15, Property owner Dennis Pikkarainen Trustee, applicant Glen Mitchell, site address 17425 S Killdeer Drive, Beavercreek, zoned Timber (TBR), 1 acre, proposal –the applicant is seeking a dwelling under the Forest Template Test provisions of the ordinance. This is a parcelization and density review to determine if enough parcels and homes were in the area prior to 1993. Typically, this means 11 parcels and 5 homes need to be touching a 160 acre square area centered over the property (the template). The proposed home is to be to the mid-southern portion of the parcel. Approved subject to conditions.
  7. Reports:
    1. Finance Committee, Treasurer: Cheryl Boffard
      1. Cash Account $142.31
      2. Checking Account $413.46
      3. Trust Account $3,830.42
      4. Total $4,386.19
    2. Speaker Transportation update –Christine Kosinski
    3. Korner Park Facilities Committee Report –Bill Merchant
  8. Old Business:
    1. Letter to BC Grade School Principal, Parking of Yeoman Rd.
  9. New Business:
    1. Korner Park Fence –need volunteers to help replace the fence
    2. Clackamas County Map of Local Road Maintenace
  10. Other Business/Reminders:
    1. Library News –Claire Kellogg
    2. Flea Market & Craft Sale –7/18 –Claire Kellogg & Cheryl Boffard
    3. Stars inthe Park Concert –8/14 –Norm Andreen
    4. Movie in the Park “In the Woods” –8/29 –Bill Merchant
    5. Grange News–Brad Charlson
    6. Clackamas County Soil & Water Conservation District –Tom Salzer
    7. Raffle

Next meeting: June 24, 2015, 7:00 p.m., Beavercreek Grange

Guest Speakers–Joe Maresh, Portland Metro Beekeeping Assoc.
Clackamas Fire District #1, Wildfire Planning


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