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The Hamlet of Beavercreek Agenda

Date: Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015

Time: 7 p.m.

Place: Beavercreek Fire Station

  1. Cheryl Boffard, Treasurer
    1. Treasurer’s report – new “operation checking account” report
    2. Last month’s transactions
    3. Meetup email problems
    4. Any other topic?
  2. Bill Merchant, Vice Chair
    1. New 1 ½ road signs – take found sign to County & order stolen sign
    2. BCT
    3. R1ACT – November meeting
    4. ODOT – Active Transportation Rural Routes (Share the Road)
    5. October elections report - Officers
    6. Any other topic?
  1. Christine Kosinski, Speaker & Corresponding Secretary
    1. City of Oregon City
      1. Old school bus barn property – Oct. 27 Caufield Neighborhood Association Meeting
      2. Landslide insurance
    2. Any other topic?
  2. Norm Andreen, Director at Large
    1. Tree lighting committee report – budget?
    2. Planning Commission
    3. Any other topic?
  3. John Burke, Director at Large
    1. “Korner Park” sign
    2. Any topic?
  4. William Bender, Secretary
    1. Laptop computer
    2. Minutes to the County
    3. Any other topic?
  5. Land Use Applications:
    1. File ZDO-254 Marijuana Land Use – Board of County Commissioners Hearing 11/23. See for additional and updated information. Written comments may be submitted by email to or by mail or drop-off to the Planning and Zoning Division, 150 Beavercreek Road, Oregon City.
    2. File: Z0175-14-C Revocation Hearing, Amber Tudor, 16777 S Henrici Road, Oregon City, zoned RRFF-5 (rural residential, farm forest 5 acres), 4.89 acres, conditional use permit to establish an agricultural riding arena and horse boarding facility in the RRFF-5 zoning District. Hearings Officer approved with conditions & time lines. Appealed to LUBA who supported the County. Code Enforcement’s September 3, 2015 letter. Planning Director, Mike McCallister’s November 2, 2015, letter. Proposal to consider revocation of a previously approved conditional use permit for a horse boarding facility due to non-compliance with conditions of approval including, but not limited to: Condition II-3 which required the applicant to contact the County Building Division and fire officials within 30 calendar days and determine what permits are required to use the existing barn for commercial purposes; and Condition II-4 which required the applicant to submit required development applications within 90 calendar days from the date of the final order.
  6. Land Use Decisions:
    1. File Z0328-15-M Quyen and Mark Lengele, acreage located between Larkin Road, Loma Linda Drive and Burk Road, zoned rural residential farm forest 5 acres (RRFF5), 9.7 acres, request a partition to divide the subject property into 2 parcels; one of approximately 6 acres and one of approximately 4 acres for 2 new home sites. Approved subject to conditions.
    2. File Z0325-15 Nathan Olson/Sixth Generation Properties LLC, acreage located on west side of Beavercreek Road midway between Whitney Land and Carus Road, zoned rural residential farm forest 5 acres (RRFF5), 15.18 acres, request a partition to divide the subject property into 3 parcels; one of 5.4 acres and two of 5 acres for new home sites. Approved subject to conditions.
  7. Miscellaneous Topics:
    1. BC Road Concept Plan – 11/16 BCC testimony, 11/23 OC PC hearing, 12/2 OC Commission hearing
    2. Hamlets and Villages handbook
    3. Newell Creek Canyon future meeting, Dec. 10, 5:30-7:30 p.m. at old OC High School (Jackson Campus)
    4. Clackamas County Planning & Zoning Division requesting projects that we would like the County to consider for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.
  8. November 25th Hamlet Meeting Agenda – review & revise:
    1. Refreshments
    2. Reader Board message (Tree Lighting Ceremony)
    3. Guest –
      1. January - ???
      2. February - ???

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