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The Hamlet of Beavercreek Board Meeting Agenda

Date: Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016

Time: 7 p.m.

Place: Beavercreek Fire Station

  1. Guest, Dan Fowler
  2. Cheryl Boffard, Treasurer
    1. Treasurer’s report – new “operation checking account” report
      1. Mtg. with County to discuss pros/cons - impressed checking acct
      2. Fund copies – Cheryl, Christine, Tammy and ???
    2. Last year’s transactions
    3. Inventory
    4. Grange donation – 2016
    5. Meetup fee – Bill Merchant
    6. Coffee makers
    7. Any other topic?
  3. Bill Merchant, Vice Chair
    1. New 1 ½ road signs – take found sign to County & order stolen sign
    2. BCT
    3. R1ACT – November meeting
    4. ODOT – Active Transportation Rural Routes (Share the Road)
    5. Any other topic?
  1. Christine Kosinski, Speaker & Corresponding Secretary
    1. City of Oregon City Planning Commission – January 11, 2016 Hearings, Deliberations 1/25/16.
      1. Zone & Comp change - old school bus barn property
      2. Beavercreek Road Concept Plan
    2. Letter to Rich Watanabe & Jon Makler, ODOT, regarding growth along Hwy 213
    3. Holly Lane Home Occupation Permit
    4. Any other topic?
  2. Norm Andreen, Director at Large
    1. Tree lighting committee report – YouTube video
    2. Planning Commission
    3. Any other topic?
  3. John Burke, Director at Large
    1. “Korner Park” sign
    2. Any topic?
  4. William Bender, Secretary
    1. Laptop computer
    2. Storage devise
    3. Minutes to the County
    4. Any other topic?
  5. Land Use Applications:
    1. Z0481-15, Jesse McShane, 17900 S Bogynski Road, Oregon City (Beaver Lake area), zoned AG/F, 26.85 acres, requesting a partition to divide the subject property into 3 parcels; 2 of 5 acres each for new home sites & one remainder parcel of approx. 18.5 acres also for a new home site. Pursuant to Measure 49.
    2. Z0435-15, owner Joseph Sawtell Trustee, applicant Colleen Spurgeon, 15614 S Lammer Road, Oregon City, zoned RRFF5, 4.95 acres, requesting a partition to divide the subject property, 3 tax lots comprising a single lot of record into 2 separate lots of record, one of 2 acres for a new home site & 1 of approx. 2.95 acres with the existing home. Pursuant to Measure 49.
    3. Z0495-15, owner Boomer Mtn Woodlands, LLC, applicant Jeffrey Campbell, address adj. & east of 23775 S Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City, zoned Timber, 7.5 acres, requesting a dwelling under the Forest Template Test provisions of the ordinance. The proposed dwelling is to be placed to the center portion of the property.
  6. Land Use Decisions:
    1. File ZDO-254 Marijuana Land Use – Board of County Commissioners Hearing 11/23. See for additional and updated information. Approved by the Board of County Commissioners.
    2. File Z0396-15, Terry Rinkes, 21640 S Beavercreek Road, Oregon City, zoned Farm Forest 10 acres (FF10), 11.52 acres, requesting a renewal of a level 3 home occupation permit for an excavation business (home office is used for billing and bookkeeping) and to store excess material and load and unload them for installation off site. Approved subject to conditions.
    3. Z0433-15-HO, Larry LaRue, 18024 S Steiner Road, Beavercreek, zones RRFF5, 1.19 acres, requesting to operate a level 3 home occupation business to paint & design fishing lures within a 12’x35’ addition (420 square feet) to an existing pole barn. Approved subject to conditions.
  7. Miscellaneous Topics:
    1. Home Occupation & Temp. Home for Care Permit Renewals
    2. Planning & Zoning Division 2016-17 annual work program suggestions
    3. 2016 Hamlet calendar
    4. Clackamas County Staff Liaison and Committee for Citizen Involvement
    5. CRW meeting – December 10, 2015
    6. Ann Lininger – campaign donation request
    7. Email from Elizabeth Graser-Lindsey to Clackamas County, OC News Nov. 2015 article right-of-way fee
    8. Kevin will put the Hamlet meeting sign out on to Beavercreek Road
    9. April candidate forum with Stafford Hamlet
    10. Bob Reeves
  8. January 27th Town Hall Hamlet Meeting Agenda – review & revise:
    1. Refreshments
    2. Reader Board message (County Commissioner Candidate & CCFD #1)
    3. Guests – Kenneth Humberston, Clackamas County Commissioner Candidate and CCFD #1
      1. February – Kim Swan, Resource Manager, & Aaron Dennis, Senior Soil Scientist, Clackamas County – Septic Systems 101
      2. March – Large Animal Rescue, Fostering, Volunteering, Etc.

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