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The Hamlet of Beavercreek Minutes Town Hall Meeting

Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m.

Board Members present: Chair Tammy Stevens, Cheryl Boffard, Bill Merchant, Christine Kosinski, John Burke, Norm Andreen, Joan Martinez.

Registrar: William Bender.

BCT update by Dick Orr announcing April events.

Fire Dist. #1 Speakers: Chief Brandon Charlton/Outgoing PIO, Brian Paxton/CCFD#1 Board Member, Don Trotter. The May Bond Election was discussed with a video explaining the issue. The new Bond will be used to upgrade communications equipment and apparatus, build a new training center, etc. For more detailed information, read the May Beavercreek Bulletin.

Highlights of the March 25th Community Meeting were read and accepted by acclamation with one correction: Glenda Saunders was not in attendance at the meeting.


1) Z0135-15:Requesting a partition to divide the subject property into 2 parcels; one of 2.0 AC with an existing home & one of 32.2 AC for a new home site. ZONE:EFU. APPLICANTS: Carl & Susan Hansen/LOCATION:23235 s. Beavercreek Rd. M.49 claim.

2) Z0127-15:Proposed steep slope review on a historic landslide zone to install a septic system & new single family residence. ZONE:RRFF-5/AC-4.97. APPLICANTS:Brian & Heather Duman/OWNERS:John & Sherri Harkness/LOCATION:South of Seal Ct. approx 750 ft. South intersection with Henrici Rd. Neighbors were in attendance to comment. Barbara Derkacht lives NW of property and said (1) the property is very steep; (2) a sink hole had formed on the property and had been filled in. Another neighbor, Mike Bishop said (1) a culvert pipe empties where the house would be built; (2) sand filter above where the house would be built; (3)Questioned the feasibility of pumping sewage up-hill?

The Hamlet will write a letter to the County with neighnors concerns and Christine Kosinski will include landslide info.

Barbara DerKacht made a motion to recommend DENIAL based on the steep slopes/drainage issues/sink hole in area that has been filled in 130 ft. from where perk hole was dug. Mike Bishop made the second.


1) Z0447-14-C; Z0448-14-D:Verizon Wireless rdquesting instal Saunders, 15211 S. Tioga Rd. Application WITHDRAWN.

April Gardiner, Gary Rhiensburg & Tammy Stevens visited with Mike McCallister & Scott Caulfield re. Hal's Construction, LUBA has remanded back to County & we asked them to get Hal's back in compliance.


Checking Account$ 749.61
Trust Account 3,828.74
Petty Cash142.80

Christine:update on (A)Transportation issues:(1)Meyers Rd. Corridor; requested continuation. (B)land slide info.

Tammy is sitting on the CCC Bond Oversight Committee. She would like to see the following happen:Concurrency/livibility/green spaces/transportation planning.

Bill is a member of the County Liaison Commitee. He gave an update on new fees planned.

The Board will write a letter to the Principal of Beavercreek Elementary School about the parking on Yeoman Rd. at events. Itis becoming a problem to area residents.

Cheryl gave an update on the Flea Market & Craft Sale.

Norm gave an update on August Concert.

Brad Charlson reported on Grange Breakfasts.

Tammy gave a report on the Clackamas Co. Soil & Water Conservation Dist on behalf of Tom Salzer. It seems that new classrooms & offices can't be included inside the farmhouse bldg. as too costly to renovate. To maintain the foot print, the farmhouse would have to be removed and a new structure built with a rural look.

The Raffle was held with a bird feeder/lawn ornament/free Grange Breakfast ticket & car wash coupon as prizes.

The Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

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