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The Hamlet of Beavercreek Board Meeting Minutes

The Meeting was called to order at 7:00p.m.

Board Members present: Tammy Stevens, Cheryl Boffard, Christine Kosinski, Norm Andreen & Bill Merchant. Excused absences: Joan Martinez & John Burke.

Zeshean with "Our Oregon" provided a high level presentation of their 2016 ballet measure to increase annual corporate taxes to help fund Oregon school and other services. The Board approved a presentation at the August 26th Hamlet meeting.

A letter of resignation from Secretary, Joan Martinez, was read.

Treasurer, Cheryl Boffard, gave the Treasurer's report & a list of last month's transactions. Handling and tracking of the Impressed Checking Account and check requests from the Trust were discussed. Cheryl will provide Flea Market and Craft Sale and Stars in the Park Concert fmancial summaries at the next Hamlet meeting.· In addition, Cheryl gave an update on the serving permit from Clackamas County and heath inspection at the concert.

Vice-Chair, Bill Merchant, provided an update on the up and coming Movie in the Park (hosted by BCT and the Hamlet) on August 29th Bill provided a report on Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone and R1ACT activities. Hamlet nominations are due September 23 and will include the Secretary position; Bill will follow up with Barbara Smolak regarding the postcard to property owners in the Hamlet regarding the September nominations and October elections.

Norm Andreen made a motion for the Board to purchase a digital audio recorder to record all Hamlet meetings up to a $300.00 maximum. The motion was seconded by Bill Merchant and the motion passed unanimously 5-0-0.

Speaker and Corresponding Secretary, Christine Kosinski, provided an update on Oregon City's various activities and the State's Landslide House Bill2633. Christine reported that the City of Oregon City's Business Manager was put on administrative leave.

Norm Andreen provided a Stars in the Park Concert summary. Norm is serving on a County marijuana task force for the Planning Department reporting to the Planning Commission. The commission will hold a public hearing accepting testimony in October.

The minutes were approved as written by acclimation.

The following Land Use Applications, Activities & Decisions were reviewed:

* File Z0251-15 Michael Cardwell, 16363 S Henrici Road, Oregon City, zoned rural residential farm forest 5 acres (RRFF5), 5.40 acres, new request for a temporary permit for care.

* File ZD0-254 Marijuana Land Use

* File Z0328-15 Quyen and Mark Lengele, acreage located between Larkin Road, Lorna Linda Drive and Burk Road, zoned rural residential farm forest 5 acres (RRFF5), 9. 7 acres, request a partition to divide the subject property into 2 parcels; one of approximately 6 acres and one of approximately 4 acres for 2 new home sites.

* File Z0325-15 Nathan Olson/Sixth Generation Properties LLC, acreage located on west side of Beavercreek Road midway between Whitney Land and Carus Road, zoned rural residential farm forest 5 acres (RRFF5), 15.18 acres, request a partition to divide the subject property into 3 parcels; one of5.4 acres and two of 5 acres for new home sites.

* File: Z0440-14-M, owner Estate of Ruth Barber, applicant April Gardiner, 14754 S Quail Crest Lane, Oregon City, zoned RRFF5 (rural residential farm forest 5 acres), 5.94 acres, a partition to divide the subject property into 3 parcels; one of2.14 ac. with an existing home, one of 1.5 ac. for a new home site & a third of 2.3 acres for a new home site. This request is enabled pursuant to State-approval of a Ballot Measure 49 claim providing a modification of the lot size & density standards of the RRFF-5 zoning district. Decision - preliminary approval subject to conditions.

In light of the fact that the Hamlet has not received any permit renewal notice copies from the County, Tammy will follow up with Mike McCallister. Cheryl offered to manage a database to help tract permits due for renewal.

Due to illness and a funeral, The Hamlet of Beavercreek will not be attending the Run With Love as a vendor on August 22nd at the Trinity Lutheran Church.

A letter to the Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District in support of the demonstration farm working as a team with the Beavercreek Grange was read and approved for mailing.

The August 26 Meeting Agenda was reviewed. The guest speakers will be Dick Orr, Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone, Reyna Lopez and Libby Kara, "Our Oregon," and Bill Merchant, Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone.

The Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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