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Committee for Citizen Involvement Minutes

Sept. 20, 2016

Attendees: Geoffrey Janke, Jerry Andersen, Laurie Swanson, Susan Nielsen, Rick Cook, Richard Yarnell

Staff: Katie Wilson, Stacy Davenport

Visitors: Commissioner Paul Savas, visitor interested in joining

Jerry called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m.

Approval of Meeting Summary from 8/16/16
Approved meeting summary. Jerry motioned, Laurie 2nd, unanimous
Geoffrey asked if we could send the meeting summary with the agenda. All agreed to have Jerry send agenda and meeting summary 14 days before the CCI meetings. Katie is to assist Jerry with agenda preparation.

County Updates:
Katie gave County updates: Dissolution of Villages at Mt. Hood and Molalla Prairie are put on hold. She will share more information as she is notified.

The Commissioners would like to move forward with the Code of Conduct revisions.

Code of Conduct for Hamlets and Villages Review, Training, Outreach:
Richard Yarnell wanted to add “In accordance with public meeting law” in the beginning of “If a 2/3 majority vote cannot be reached…and to add the word “present” in the same sentence, “…if a 2/3 majority vote cannot be reached at a present town hall meeting…. All agreed.

He also recommended that when we train new hamlet and villages members we should discuss how state and local government works so members of an advisory group understand their role in the government process. Rick suggested more thorough training. The committee agreed training should include:

Rick suggested an online training database might be useful. He showed examples of what the school district he works for uses. The database makes training convenient, consistent, and allows for refreshers and accountability. The group agreed training should be completed within 30 days of election or appointment.

Geoffrey brought up that he would like PGA to have an internal audit process for CPOs and hamlets and villages to follow to make sure everyone is announcing meetings, etc. to everyone in their boundary. Katie made some suggestions on how staff could audit without over-stepping and Rick suggested to audit during the annual vote. Katie will find out what has been done in the past.

Susan asked how we can help with outreach for the CPOs and hamlets and villages to reach residents that might not normally receive information about meetings.

Jerry asked Commissioner Savas if there is a grievance process for a citizen that regularly goes to meetings and they witness that the board is not following protocol, etc. He said there is not a set process.

Everyone agreed that the grievance process should have several steps before a board member can be removed, and the BCC getting involved would be the last step. There was a lengthy discussion on this topic. The group agreed:

Geoffrey brought up having a separate process for grievance outside of the Code of Conduct, but the Code of Conduct is still referenced. Rick liked the idea as well.

Richard asked if hamlets serve enough of a purpose to sustain. Everyone discussed and Katie said the 3 currently active hamlets are strong and purposeful.

Rick asked if we can keep the Hamlet of Molalla Prairie inactive instead of dissolving it.

Susan would like outreach that the Villages at Mt. Hood and Hamlet of Molalla Prairie can reorganize again. We should help the community, before the county.

Everyone would like new hamlet and villages board members to have training within 30 days of appointment. Rick suggested online training and provided examples.

Katie reviewed the themes in the discussion she observed to clarify the committee was in agreement before she passed the information on to County staff and the BCC.

A couple of minor grammar changes were made. Laurie motioned to approve as amended. Richard 2nd. Unanimous.

Other Business:
Laurie would like to get CPOs in one room to share ideas and help each other. Katie asked if PGA should initiate or CPO community leaders.

Rick would like to assign CCI representatives for the CPOs. This will be added to the agenda next month.

Katie discussed staff’s effort to engage the newly unincorporated Damascus community. She asked if CCI would be willing to volunteer at a community event in the Damascus area. The committee was supportive. Katie to provide more information as the event coordination progresses.

Action Items:

Next meeting: Tuesday, October 18, 2016 – 6:00 p.m.

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