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Bull Run CPO Meeting Notes

March 28, 2017

Meeting Location: Aims Community Church

Notice for this meeting was made by signage in the CPO area and by email to people on the Bull Run CPO mailing list.

The semi-annual regular Bull Run CPO meeting was called to order by President Beth Willhite at 7:09 PM with 21 members in attendance. 

Leila Blakely
Chris and Diane Anderson
Karen VonBorstel
Craig Klascius
Roger Bell
Keith Sprengel
Beth Willhite
Roger Beal
Dave and Marsha Hazelwood
Dan Weidinger
Bonnie Pearcy
Velma Marshall
Bill Evans
Chuck and Nancy Mabe
Dean and Anna Eaton
Fred Pollastini
Judy Africa
Dana and Cindy Carlson

The President presented the agenda as follows:

Minutes of the December 13, 2016 meeting were read by secretary Keith Sprengel and accepted as read by unanimous vote. 
Announcements from President Willhite:

Old Business

New Business

Community Service Officer Sara McClurg consulted with area deputy Cochran and looked at recent crime data for our CPO area.  For the most part, there’s been very little activity over the past year or so.  Activity in the area in 2016 included the following:

- A recovered stolen vehicle in September
- One chronic problem with a CPO resident regarding disturbances and drug related problems
- One DWI
- One Traffic accident
The following information was presented:
- Although there’s been low recent crime, rural areas tend to under-report in part, because rural areas are favored by criminals.
- In the Estacada area there was an incident where a property owner shot and killed two trespassers.
- Sheriff’s office would like people to call in instances of squatters.  Officer McClurg reminded us that guests are not suppose to exceed thirty days.
- Most burglaries are committed by people whole live within two to three miles of where they commit the crimes.
- There’s no news of the suspected arson at Rosyln Lake.  These crimes are notoriously difficult to prosecute.
- Report suspicious individuals, activity or vehicles as these are often associated with some level of criminal activity.  Tips from the community are key in making arrests.
- Report abandoned vehicles
- Keep doors locked whether you are at home or not.  Think about upgrading deadbolts to those with an inch and a half throw.  Keep outside lighting on and make the home look occupied.  Cars in the driveway help.  Dogs help, or at least the appearance of a dog an be helpful.
- Consider posting no trespassing signs, this can help the sheriffs when dealing with individuals that are persisting in using land unlawfully.
- Report illegal use of fireworks…these can present a real fire danger in our forested areas.
- Consider using “next-door app”, which can help community members communicate criminal or suspicious activities or merely items of potential interest.
- Security cameras are very good these days and reasonably priced.
- Alarms can also be an effective deterrent.
- If anyone is interested in establishing a formal Neighborhood watch program contact Sara for more information (503-785-5077).

Sara introduced us to Reserve deputy Guy Manacheck with the dump stoppers program.  In a nutshell, Dump Stoppers haul off about 100,000 pounds of garbage off lands their responsible for every year.  Their funding partners are the BLM, USDA Forest Service and Clackamas County.  They serve County forest land, BLM lands, Forest Service lands, Port Blakely tree farms, PGE, ODF, ODF&W and the Weyerhaeuser Company.  Roadside trash concerns are to be directed to the adopt a road program and would not be the concern of the Dump stoppers program.  Suspected hazardous waste issues should be reported to the county or by calling 911.

Code enforcement is complaint driven. Officers do not self initiate.  Action requires at least two anonymous complaints or one, if the person filing the complaint is willing to go on record.

President Beth Willhite adjourned the meeting at 8:43 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Keith Sprengel, Secretary-Treasurer

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