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Bull Run CPO Meeting Notes

December 13, 2016

Meeting Location: Aims Community Church

Notice for this meeting was made by signage in the CPO area and by e-mail to people on the Bull Run CPO mailing list.

The “fall” 2016 Bull Run CPO meeting was called to order by President Elizabeth Willhite at 7:06 pm with the following 15 members in attendance:

Leila and Brent Blakely
Chris and Diane Anderson
Karen vonBorstel
Karen and Vic Padrta
Judy Africa
Craig Klascius
Roger Bell
Keith Sprengel
Beth Willhite
Tony Deis
Bill Evann
Ed Alstzt

The President presented the agenda as follows:

  1. Welcome/Announcements
  2. Approval of minutes from the April 5, 2016 meeting (minutes available at:
  3. Old Business
  4. New business
  5. Program: “Power Outages” by Stan Sittser and Jay Jewess, Portland General Electric
  6. Adjournment

President Willhite introduced the new CPO officers for those that were not present at the April 5, 2016 meeting.

Elizabeth Willhite - President
Craig Klascius - Vice President
Keith Sprengel - Secretary-Treasurer

Minutes of the April 5, 2016 meeting were read and accepted as read. Motion to approve by Leila Blakely and seconded by Diane Anderson.

Old Business – none

New Business:

President Willhite mentioned new land use applications and asked members if they wanted to hear about them. Members agreed that new applications should be brought up at the meetings. The following application was received:

Temporary dwelling for care permit on SE Meadow Song Road

Tony Deis brought up that the Pavilion at Rosyln Lake had been burned in November and was likely arsen. Please contact the Sheriff’s office if you have any information that may assist in their investigation.

Items brought up for further discussion at the next meeting included:

Stan Sittser (External Communications) and Jay Jewess (Director for business continuity and emergency management) of PGE introduced themselves and asked if there were any questions or concerns they could address before starting their program.

PGE is all about “Keeping the Lights on”. Stan and Jay covered the 7 steps of restoration in their presentation

  1. Protect Public Safety - clear all live power lines and high priority services (e.g. Hospitals)...and yes, priorities move from high density areas to outlying areas.
  2. Check generator facilities
  3. Repair transmission lines
  4. Repair substations
  5. Repair distribution lines
  6. Repair neighborhood tap lines.
  7. Connect individual customers

The Friday storm resulted in over 500 wire down reports due to un-forecasted icing conditions.

A major fuel distribution center is located on a liquefaction site on the Willamette. A Cascadia subduction zone earthquake would likely destroy the fuel center and could result in power outages lasting days, weeks or even months.

Emergency kits should be made available for at least 72 hours, but two weeks is better; especially in the earthquake scenario.

Chris Anderson asked about terrorist threats to the grid. The grid is in better shape than it was back in 2003 that resulted in the large scale blackout in the NE. Although interconnected, many areas are capable of independent operation with an ability to generate their own electricity. Disruption of the grid with an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) is not considered a serious threat, solar flares could be far more devastating.
Chris also asked about the status of the coal plant in Boardman which was licensed to run through 2035. PGE decided to cease operations with coal in 2020 before ballot initiatives could force immediate closure. So, after 2020, there will be no more coal used in Oregon. Gas, solar, hydro and wind will be the main sources of energy. Renewables will be more expensive. PGE’s goal is resiliency and that mean diversity. They’re looking at options for alternative fuels to keep Boardman open; examples currently include wood and cane.

A motion to adjourn was made by Leila Blakely and seconded by Craig Klascius. President Beth Willhite adjourned the meeting at 8:24 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Keith Sprengel, Secretary-Treasurer

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