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Clackamas CPO Meeting Minutes

April 28, 2015

Clackamas River Water District (CRW) Community Room
16770 SE 82nd Dr. Ste. 100, Clackamas, OR 97015

Meeting Attendees:
(W denotes westside; E denotes eastside)

Board:President, Cyndi Lewis-Wolfram-W
Vice President, Barbara Kemper-E
Secretary, Pat Russell-W
Area Reps: Al Jones-E, Kristi Karter-Olsen -E

Members in Attendance (also voting members): none.


The Meeting was called to order at 7:05pm, with a quorum of voting members (5)

County Website link to the CPO map.

Finalization of the Agenda: accepted as drafted.

Public Comment: none

Approval of Minutes of March 24, 2015 (Regular Meeting): Moved by Barbara Kemper, seconded by Al Jones to approve (Yes: all voting members noted above attending meeting). MOTION PASSED

Appointment of a Nominating Committee for June 2015 Officer Elections: President Lewis-Wolfram appointed Area Rep Lori Phillips and Vice Chair, Barbara Kemper to head the committee.

Clackamas Town Urban Renewal District Advisory Committee is going to meet soon. There will be discussion of transportation alternatives in the “Southwest Connector Study” area (this is the area where Sunnybrook Extension from SE 82nd Avenue will NOT go through to Harmony Road). Congestion mitigation, especially at the intersection of SE 82nd Avenue, Harmony Road and Sunnyside Road will studied, as a follow-up to the county’s Transportation System Plan (TSP). The county received a Metro grant for the additional study effort to consider non-vehicular transportation and land use options. There was some question about the impacts of the Eagles Landing development scheme planned for the area around Good Hope Church (east of I-205 and Stevens Road/Monterey). President, Lewis-Wolfram, has been a committee member over the last few year, but will be unable to continue. The group was polled for interest. Secretary Russell indicated he will follow effort.

>North Clackamas School District Bond Advisory Committee: has been meeting to discuss district capital needs this spring and whether a bond measure might be pursued. Secretary Russell is a member of the group and is advocating the relocation of the district’s bus barn away from the residential neighborhood into an industrial area to reduce air/traffic/noise impacts on the campus and area street congestion, including the Milwaukie Expressway intersections (Rusk, Webster, Johnson). The Committee will make recommendation to the Superintendent and School Board late this spring.

Development Application Review: Design Review DR Z0138-15-D, 205 Logistics Center, Building #4 (north Side Jennifer, westerly of SE 122nd Avene, Clackamas Industrial Sanctuary): Secretary Russell noted that the County’s Planning Division of Dept of Transportation and Development (DTD) transmitted a request for comment to the CPO during April and he notified the applicant and design team of the CPO’s meeting and time would be given time to inform the CPO of the project and answer any questions. He also contacted the property owner to the north (Fred Meyer Real Estate) to inform them of the meeting. Kim Schoenfelden and Brian Dubal were present to provide an overview of the project and answered questions. Kim noted this phase of development was the owner’s (Hilman) last and preleasing of large warehousing space planned has gone very well, catering to the food-oriented transportation sector—three clients include a food distributor to fast food uses; paper products (to restaurants); and metal parts and pieces. The site is across the street from the lumber business. The building is concrete tilt-up with potential allowance for rail service on the north side of the site/building. The existing business parcel (CHEP, pallet assembly), to the west, has been parceled off, as was the business to the east, leaving a net developable area of 11 acres. They have worked with the County DTD on design and site improvements, including access and partial reconstruction of portions of Jennifer.

VLMK also designed the recent development (General Sheet Metal) at the northwest corner of Jennifer/Evelyn. The building will have a 32 foot ceiling clearance and will be LED-certified, office placement designed for potentially four tenants. Native plants will be used to reduce irrigation needs, designed by George Otten Landscaping and Design firm in Beaverton. A traffic analysis was completed and the applicant worked closely with the County DTD on driveway placement, including consideration of SE 115th Avenue to the south, and consideration of maneuvering of large truck/trail rigs in 35mph-posted traffic conditions on Jennifer. The committee observed that traffic often flows more like 45mph. In response to the question whether a traffic signal was warranted at the off-set SE 120th /SE 122nd intersection with Jennifer, it was noted that a signal wasn’t planned yet. Once the Sunrise Corridor, Phase One is connected to the highway, traffic conditions are likely to change.

Drainage analysis did indicate some high ground water, but the project is planned to accommodate on-site retention with an underground injection system (after water quality treatment). The building pad will be set at 125 feet elevation (truck dock’s rail height). It was noted that if construction takes place during the winter, drainage/grading would have to be carefully considered due to the high ground water indications—1200-NDPES grading/construction permits required.

The Planning Director’s decision will be made during May with comments due by May 7th. Any appeals would require a Hearings Officer process.

Drainage Planning in the Clackamas Industrial Sanctuary, WES Guest Presentation/Discussion
(Between I-205 and SE 135th Avenue) in the Vicinity of the Clackamas County CARLI Property adjacent the Clackamas River generally including areas to the north to SR 212/224, easterly to around SE 120th to 135th Avenue and westerly to about Robert Lane. Representatives from Clackamas County Water Environment Services (WES) have been invited to provide an informal overview of existing conditions and of planning in the area and concepts for use of the Carli Property and nearby public lands along the river.

Ron Wierenga (WES Storm Water Manager) and Leah Johanson (Senior Civil Engineer) graciously accepted the CPO’s invitation (thank you Clackamas County!) to discuss recent planning to address drainage needs in the easterly side of the Clackamas Industrial Sanctuary. To provide enhanced detention capacity and water quality treatment, the district (WES services Clackamas County Service District #1) purchased the Carli property on the Clackamas River, westerly of SE 120th Avenue, south of Jennifer, generally served by SE 114th and through Capps Road to the east. The Clackamas Industrial Sanctuary drainage solutions have evolved over the past number decades as development occurred and most of the developed properties (in the sub-basin easterly of roughly 120th Avenue to the Clackamas Highway) happened before drainage and water quality standards were developed to any extent. Hence, the defined Carli-subarea runoff of about 440 acres (almost entirely developed and impervious surface) requires pipe sizing for nearly all acreage’s untreated runoff as few of the developed sites contain detention/retention facilities. WES has studied a number of design alternatives, wherein the Carli Creek is the receiving stream (to the Clackamas River). Hence the Carli property purchase and planning. WES is also hoping in the future to conduct outreach; encourage existing developments to consider voluntarily retrofitting their site improvements to reduce flashiness and improve water quality treatment during storm events; and to work with property owners on design solutions.

Pipe sizing is proposed to address runoff volumes. An upper terraced area on-site will receive the 54” pipe runoff (Capps Road line) with diversion of certain high flow runoff to the 42” pipe to the north (diversion line in SE 120th at Carpenter provides diversion capacity to the Capps Road line to reduce intake volumes to the direct line emptying flows in the receiving creek—Carli Creek just west of SE 120th Avenue).

Ron and Leah provided maps and a summary of project concept and drainage lines to service the area. The project is at about 30% design stage. PGE grants will help the construction of fish habitat. The Carli site is too small to handle all the needs of drainage/water quality treatment and WES is trying to address multiple objectives. Goals include improving control of discharge velocities before reaching the Clackamas River, improving water quality treatment/detention and improving the Carli Creek habitat and estuarine area for salmon.

Upon inquiry, staff noted that the planning does NOT address any of the Phase One Sunrise Corridor. This drainage need is being planned by ODOT and currently not impacting the district’s plans for Carli.

One member noted that the county, a number of years of ago, bought property to create a regional drainage facility on prime farm land to the east and was challenged at the LUBA level and lost. The Carli site is good farmland not in the floodway of the river. Planned water quality/detention facilities should be planned outside the flood prone areas. Retrofitting existing private properties is expensive and will be encouraged by the district, but the current drainage and discharge into Carli creek of untreated storm water situation needs to be addressed. The Carli project does some of this. Some of the drainage is being rerouted to increase storm storage before its being discharged into the creek. Some felt that “pollution by dilution” state standards doesn’t address long term water quality, fish needs. The river services most of the north county drinking water needs and considered a trophy salmon habitat. It was noted the “balance” is always a part of the planning process. WES hopes to encourage further property owner participation to address water quality needs of the area through “give back/incentives” program planning.

The question was asked if there is a “master plan” of drainage for the Clackamas Industrial Sanctuary. It was noted that there is also drainage planning for Seiben (SE 142nd Area) and Cow Creek (Camp Withycombe area) subwatersheds. The goal is continue to work toward natural area corridor drainage solutions. Questions were asked about the Portland Road and Drive property north/west of Carli, based upon 1950’s elevation restoration plans from aggregate withdrawal. Current fill seems higher than the 1950’s elevation. Perhaps activities have been “Grandfathered” (due to prior standards at the time that may be different from today’s standards)? WES staff noted that they have reached out to the property owner.

1996 storm flows were significant for planning purposes. 1964 floods were 25 feet high; the 1996 flood was 10 to 12 feet lower than the 64 flood; and Carli’s veggie patch was under water in 96. The district also lost some river front this winter due to erosion of the river.

The illustrated improvement plan was discussed—“step pools,” infiltration, gradient of pond and creek. M/O plan should include likely beaver activity. ODFW is being consulted for fish needs. Steelhead and fry are in the creek. Temperature measurement/monitoring program is planned and revegging/enhancement of the creek corridor and use of large woody debris is planned (LWD) to help cool and provide fish habitat.

Trail concepts are being considered in partnership with the North Clackamas Park and Recreation District (NCPRD). However, the planning for the land use of the North Bank of the river is still being considered among partnering agencies and public land owners along the river.

Right now, on-site invasive plant control is the district focus prior to further restoration efforts. Construction of facilities is planned for 2016. WES administration hopes to have more open house-type forums for the immediate area to build awareness and property interest. The CPO thanked Ron and Leah for attending and providing project information and responding to questions.

--Next Meeting—(4th Tuesdays) is planned for June, no meeting in May; and per bylaws, an Annual Meeting and Election of Officers has been called for the June meeting; the CPO would not typically meet in July.

Adjourned 8:50pm; respectfully submitted, June 23, 2015
Pat Russell, Clackamas CPO Secretary
15989 SE Bilquist Circle, Milwaukie, OR 97267
(503) 656-9681

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