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Clarkes-Highland CPO Minutes

June 1, 2016

The CPO met at the Clarkes Grange. As required by State law, public notice of the regular meeting of the Clarkes-Highland CPO was given on the Clarkes-Highland CPO Yahoo! groups website, in the Beavercreek Bulletin archive and its website, on the Beavercreek Telephone television scroll, and by personal email. Members who gathered at the regular meeting location, the Clarkes Grange Hall, and signed the register were Jerry Andersen, Howard Bicket, Shirley Bicket, Jim Dumolt, Marlene Forristall, Susan Dumolt, Ralph Gierke, Susan Gierke, Gary Hartt, Craig Loughridge, Susan Nielsen, and Richard Yarnell. In addition, new attendees who signed the register are Beverly Vosika and James Hieb.

Finding a quorum present, President Ralph Gierke called the meeting to order at 7:42 pm. He requested approval of the distributed agenda. Richard Yarnell made the motion and Jerry Andersen provided the second; unanimous approval. He also asked approval of the minutes of the meeting of April 4, 2016. Gary Hartt made the motion; Richard Yarnell second; unanimous approval.

New Business: Z0243-16 Application for accessory dwelling for farm assistance. The applicants were present at the meeting. Gary Hartt moved that the CPO make no objection to the application; second by Shirley Bicket; approval by all.

Old Business: None.

Announcements: None.

School District Report: Ralph Gierke reported that the bond issue on the ballot failed to pass. He noted that during the bond issue campaign, campaign personnel who might have been canvassing were out of the County. He stated that the bond issue will be mounted again in the November 2016 ballot, with $4 million added to the request to compensate for the loss of state funds promised if the bond had passed in May. The issue is critical now: all school buildings are full to capacity and/or are deteriorating. Gary Hartt expressed admiration for the School Board’s firm stance on the dollar amount. The assessment will have to be higher this time because lending rates will be higher by November.
The School Board voted to open the swimming pool and the District will operate it for school uses only (swim team and swimming lessons).

Craig Loughridge noted that Sleight’s berry farm is open again, and that hay fields are getting first cuts.

Gary Hartt moved to adjourn. Richard Yarnell made the second. All approved by voice vote. Ralph Gierke adjourned the meeting at 8:07 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Nielsen, Secretary, Clarkes-Highland CPO

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