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Minutes of the Clarkes-Highland CPO

Meeting of March 1, 2017

Approved June 7, 2017

The CPO met at the Clarkes Grange. As required by State law, public notice of the regular meeting of the Clarkes-Highland CPO was given, on the County website, on the Beavercreek Telephone television scroll, by road sign, and by personal email and telephone. Members who signed the register were Jerry Andersen, Howard Bicket, Gary Bush, Steve Chianello, Jim Dumolt, Ralph Gierke, Susan Gierke, Gary Hartt, Victoria Hartt, Craig Haworth, Claudia Haworth, Angie Kopshy, Don Kopshy, Craig Loughridge, Erin McCart, Rachel McCart and Susan Nielsen. Skip Beddow, Mary Cross, John DiNino, Robert DiNino, and Pau Ehrlich signed the register as new attenders.

Finding a quorum present, President Ralph Gierke called the meeting to order at 7:34 pm.

President Gierke explained to new participants the rules regarding voting rights in the CPO: members must have attended at least one prior meeting within the year before voting.

He then asked for approval of the meeting Agenda. Jim Dumolt made the motion; second by Gary Hartt. All in favor.

Approval of Minutes: Susan Gierke moved to approve Minutes of the February 2017 meeting as presented; Howard Bicket, second. Rachel McCart abstained. Others all voted to approve.

New Business:
Z0071-17 Tony Hunt, 17284 S. Windy City Rd., Mulino, Temporary Health Care Renewal.
Z0198-16-E Skip Beddow, 24200 S. Highland Crest, Beavercreek, Denial of Application for Non-conforming Use.

Howard Bicket asked for clarification of the issue. Ralph Gierke reviewed the application, findings, and the decision. Craig Loughridge asked what the status of the operation is. Rachel McCart noted that she believes an appeal of the decision is probable and that a notice of appeal of the decision has been filed already. Gary Hartt asked whether a location on Windy City Rd. has a legal marijuana growing site. No informed response was forthcoming.

Ralph Gierke reviewed Oregon’s open meeting law: Agenda and notification are to appear within 24 hours prior to the meeting date. The Agenda is now to be posted at Clarkes Store and at Clarkes Grange in addition to the placement of road signs, website notification, and BCT televised scroll announcement. Rachel McCart suggested submitting the Agenda to County for posting on the CPO section of the County website.

Old Business: Vote on the slate of Officers of the CPO as referred from earlier action in January, 2017: Jim Dumolt asked whether changes to the slate are proper at this time. Ralph Gierke replied that, yes, changes are possible. He asked whether there were any additional nominations. There were none. Jim Dumolt then called for the vote; Gary Hartt, second, and call for the question. Howard Bicket moved and Susan Gierke seconded a motion that the slate be accepted in entirety as presented. Craig Loughridge and Gary Hartt asked that name spellings be corrected. With this note, all voted Aye and the motion passed.

President: Ralph Gierke
Vice-President: Gary Hartt
Secretary-Treasurer: Susan Nielsen
Directors: Susan Gierke, Jim Dumolt, Gary Bush, and Craig Loughridge

Information and Discussion: Jerry Andersen noted that 3 new members are joining CCI, the Committee for Community Involvement. Craig Loughridge stated that the Department of Land Conservation is seeking participation in design process and that an application is available online.

School District Report: the School District is working with the Grand Ronde Tribe on the new mascot image. A contract is forthcoming for use of the new design. The image will appear on helmets, shirts, uniforms, etc. A forum on the subject will take place March 2, 2017. Ralph Gierke encourages voting by district residents. The District goal is for the image to be authentic and acceptable to the tribe. He hopes to see Native American history included in the school curriculum. Gary Hartt noted that Molalla girls’ basketball is going to State.

In response to a question Ralph Gierke explained that future CPO meetings will be as regularly scheduled and noted in the Bylaws and on the County website. He encouraged members to contact him by phone if additional meetings are required.

Skip Beddow spoke about his denied application for a non-conforming use permit for marijuana production on his property. He expects that his next appeal of the decision will be denied, his agreement with the growers to terminate, and the families now using the property will move on. He notes he is now permitted under regulations to rent his house and property to up to 15 adults, including felons, sex-offenders, and medical marijuana card holders. He feels it is right to aid these people by providing an opportunity for Section 8 housing. He expects to soon purchase noisy machinery which he can operate from 6 am to 8 pm daily. He intends to network with area realtors to be certain they are aware of the “viper’s nest” of felons and offenders at his address.

Ralph Gierke commented in response that most members of the CPO are concerned with the welfare of children and families in the area. The mission of the CPO is to ensure the County is accountable to all for decisions, not to take sides in neighbor disputes.

Skip Beddow responded that he is responding to personal effects of denial of the application. He notes that his property is accessed by an easement and that 2 of the 4 other users of the easement have impeded access to his property. He will now attempt to maximize the value of his land in new ways.

Craig Loughridge said he appreciates the right to use property as one will, but asked why Mr. Beddow had not previously attended CPO meetings. Mr. Beddow replied that he had not been invited. Craig Loughridge responded that most members of the CPO want only to see that the County acts reasonably and evenly and that if property owners have concerns, involvement in community organizations is the way to be informed. Skip Beddow explained that he is not personally local, but lives in Redmond, Oregon. Ralph Gierke noted that all property owners are members of the CPO and have a right to speak at meetings.

Jim Dumolt announced that the Sweetheart Breakfast was successful in raising $1,170 for Cuddle Cots. Also, that the Clarkes Parent Teacher Group meets March 19.

Howard Bicket moved to adjourn the meeting; second by Gary Hartt.

Paul Ehrlich then expressed frustration that no action was taken by the CPO, that he had come to this meeting to learn about the marijuana issue. Ralph Gierke replied that this meeting reports the denial to members but that earlier meetings were the occasion for information gathering. The present meeting can only report on findings produced after months of process.

Howard Bicket asked to return to the motion to adjourn. Gary Hartt called for the question. Members voted unanimously in favor and the meeting was adjourned at 8:36 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Nielsen, Secretary, Clarkes-Highland CPO

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