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Minutes of the Clarkes-Highland CPO

Meeting of January 5, 2017

The CPO met at the Clarkes Grange. As required by State law, public notice of the regular meeting of the Clarkes-Highland CPO was given, on the County website, on the Beavercreek Telephone television scroll, and by personal email and telephone. Road signs were not placed for this meeting because of bad road conditions. Members who gathered at the regular meeting location, the Clarkes Grange Hall, and signed the register were Jerry Andersen, Gary Bush, Jim Dumolt, Ralph Gierke, Susan Gierke, Gary Hartt, Craig Loughridge, and Susan Nielsen. Guests from ODOT and County roads offices were: Joseph Marck, Nicole Pierce, Brandy Steffen, and Rich Watanabe.

Finding a quorum present, President Ralph Gierke called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm. Susan Nielsen apologized again for her failure to set the road sign notification of the meeting, citing the extreme weather and icy roads.

Ralph Gierke deferred the regular business meeting until after the presentation by speakers from the roads departments.

Speakers from Clackamas County, ODOT, and Metro East presented information regarding the upcoming realignment of the intersection of Hwy. 213 and S. Union Mills Rd., a project funded jointly with State and Regional funds. Safety audits have identified the intersection as one that creates frequent crashes, placing it in the top 10% (through the SPIS: Safety Priority Index System) of locations requiring improvement. The stated goal is roads with 0 fatal and serious crashes. Extended discussion by the group included questions and answers about the project plan, how drivers make turns, topography modifications and “humps” on both Union Mills and Hwy. 213. Rich Watanabe and Joseph Marck also spoke about other potential projects in the area and responded to comments about the Windy City/Unger Rd./ Beavercreek Rd. intersection.

Following the presentation, Ralph Gierke resumed the regular business agenda.

Minutes: Gary Hart moved to accept the Minutes of the December, 2016 meeting as printed; Gary Bush provided a second. Minutes were approved unanimously.

New Business:
Nomination of officers:
President, Ralph Gierke
Vice-President, Gary Hartt
Secretary-Treasurer, Susan Nielsen
Four Directors: Susan Gierke, Gary Bush, Jim Dumolt, and Craig Loughridge.
Gary Hartt made the motion, second by Gary Bush. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

Note: Vote is scheduled for the February, 2017 meeting.

Old Business: None.

Jerry Andersen: Herbaceous Farms has renamed itself Good Neighbor Farms. He reported briefly on the recent LUBA/Jackson County decision regarding marijuana processing rules and facility inspections.

Gary Hartt: A brief report on the forest template standards: use of 160 acres centered on an applicant property is considered, including number of residences and soil type; the type of soil evaluated as agricultural land determines the standard for the acreage.

School District report: The swimming pool is open for swim team and grade school swim lessons. The District swim meet will take place at the Molalla pool. Craig Loughridge noted the January 6 meeting to discuss change of the Molalla School District mascot image.

Jim Dumolt moved to adjourn. Susan Gierke made the second. All approved by voice vote. Ralph Gierke adjourned the meeting at 9:17 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Nielsen, Secretary, Clarkes-Highland CPO

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