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Colton community planning organization minutes of meeting - Approved

Regular meeting, Wednesday Nov. 9, 2016 Colton Fire Station

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 by Gary Hampton.

Treasurers report : with donation of 7.52 , total is 63.52


vote # 1 Vote#2 Vote #3 Vote #4
Y Gary Hampton – Chair ----- ----- ----- -----
Y Elizabeth Reed Yes Yes
Y George Ledbury Yes Yes
Y Don Newell Yes Yes
Y Jason Carroll Yes Yes
Y Keith Harrington Yes Yes
Y Lyle Hallgren Yes Yes

Old Business;

  1. Z0438-16-C Gary read the Planning and Zoning staff findings and conditions of

approval for the conditional use application by Cody Seele, to build a 2520 sq. ft.

building for wine grape processing. at hwy 211 and Oswalt road, Colton

New Business;

A Motion was made to donate 50.52 to Colton helping Hands for the holidays.

Betty moved to approve and was seconded by Keith Harrington. Vote # 1, 6 Yes votes 

  1. Z0540-16-STC Gary read an application for a new staff temp for care permit by

George Ledbury, at 27850 S. Shibley rd Colton. The application seemed to be in

order and Jason made a motion to approve it. Keith seconded and a vote was taken.

Vote # 2, 6 Yes votes

  1. Gary read a notice from the County regarding the long range planning workshop for

the next year. They are requesting input from CPO's Hamlets and other interested

parties. Don mentioned that it might be nice to replace the speed limit sign at the

edge of town, with one of the flashing ones if you are over the limit, but noted that

the change would probably be an ODOT issue.

There was some discussion of the County election and it was noted that both John

Ludlow and Tootie Smith were voted out.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:55

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