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Colton CPO Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2015

Location: Colton community center

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 by Gary Hampton.

There were no minutes from the previous meeting

Treasurers report: with a collection of $4.00

At the last meeting, the total is $42.00


vote # 1 Vote#2 Vote #3 Vote #4
Y Gary Hampton – Chair ----- ----- ----- -----
Y Jason Carroll Yes Yes
Y Dick Kyser Yes Yes
Y Leah Brolliar Yes Yes
Y Don Newell Yes Yes

New Business;

  1. Gary read a notice of a public hearing regarding the application by Wade Veele To obtain conditional use to establish a home occupation to host events on 42 acres On Bud Smith road. Gary also read a letter received from a neighboring property Owner stating concerns over traffic, noise and several other issues. There was much discussion and it was moved that Gary should send a letter stating concern over the following, 1. Applicant home address and event location address not the same, 2. Are the buildings, septic and electrical properly permitted for this use and is a standard 1000 Gallon septic system adequate for the # of persons possible at these events? The schedule of events allowed by the rules is far more intensive than the more limited proposed schedule inside the application . Will the permitted number of events be limited, or open to the maximum number and frequency allowed by the rules? Will there be noise and traffic impacts on the rural neighborhood from music, parking and after hours set-up and clean-up of events? Don seconded the motion and a vote was taken. Vote #1, 4 yes votes.
  2. Gary went over the issues covered at the April 30 community leaders meeting. They were, Region1 area commission on transportation. State transportation Improvement program the audit of the sign code , Marijuana issues, and road maintenance.
  3. Gary read the County media releases dealing with openings on various volunteer Boards and commissions as well as several road closure notices due to construction. Also several books of environmental impact info from Dept of interior were received An Don and Jason each took one home to review .

Don noted that the fire dept breakfast started at 7:00 am followed by an auction and Lunch.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:40

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