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Central Point - New Era - Leland Road CPO Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2016

Fire Station 17
19001 South End Road
Oregon City, OR 97045

Attendees: 16 people attended.

Lieutenant Ed Reardon of Fire Station 17 handed out information on firework safety and Fireworks Ordinance 15-01 that authorizes the fire district to prohibit the use, explosion or discharge of fireworks within the District boundaries. The intent of this Ordinance is to temporarily ban the use, explosion or discharge of fireworks when weather conditions create an elevated level of fire danger that the District has declared as High or Extreme. He also discussed how monies from recently passed bond measure will be spent.

Approval of minutes: Patti Jarrett moved and Beverly Koch seconded that Minutes of last meeting be approved as submitted. Unanimously approved.

Guests: Rita Baker, Coordinator of the Greater Oregon City Watershed Council explained that the Council is a locally organized, voluntary, non-regulatory group established to improve the condition of our watershed area. The GOCWC was recognized by Oregon City in 2004 and Clackamas County and the state of Oregon in 2007. She discussed how local watershed councils are highly effective in development and implementation of projects to restore and maintain the biological and physical process in the watershed for the sustainability of communities.

The GOCWC watershed area is 88, 706 acres in size and is bounded by Holcomb Blvd./Bradley Road to the north, Spangler Road to the south, Ridge Road to the east and Highway 99E to the west.

One project she discussed was with Newell Canyon project in which GOCWC collaborated to reestablish and restore natural function to a degraded habitat. GOCWC also collaborates on storm water restoration projects such as Mt. View Scattering Canyon. It works to remove fish passage barriers or culverts that hinder spawning fish and other resident fish passage. 

A new project hopes to enhance habitat in the Beavercreek- Parrott Creek Confluence. This project will improve accessibility of steelhead and Pacific lamprey for spawning and juvenile rearing.

Discussion of marijuana grow site – Grow site is at the intersection of Leland and New Era Roads. Ken Evans provided handouts and explained issues his neighborhood is having with this grow site. He explained that contact with county officials has not been productive for residents. Some of the issues he cited include possible runoff of toxic metals from fertilizers used at grow site, how marijuana is exempted from DEQ air quality control, lack of various code enforcement and concerns about residents’ safety and the odor, lights and noise coming from the site. He discussed the loss of a rural lifestyle, loss of views and the potential increase in crime rates in the area. 

There was discussion about the source of water to be used to grow plants and the long term detriment of marijuana smoking on youth prior to age 18. Ken Evans presented lots of evidence documenting his concerns about youth and the lack of pertinent codes related to grow sites. 

People with concerns about marijuana grow sites were encouraged to attend the County Commissioners Town Hall in Molalla on June 15.

Barbara Evans moved that the CPO request from the county a map of recreational marijuana grow sites in Clackamas County. Patti Jarrett seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Co-Chair John Martinson will follow up on this project.

Other business: Co-chair John Martinson reviewed various land use applications that had come up since the last CPO meeting. Several of these applications were voted on by CPO officers. Patti Jarrett moved and Bev Koch seconded the motion that actions by officers be approved. Motion passed with no objections.

There was discussion of garbage illegally dumped on Geiger Road. Referral was made to Clackamas County Transportation maintenance who picked up the garbage.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Patti Jarrett, Secretary

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