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Minutes: Eagle Creek-Barton Community Council (a CPO)

May 11, 2017
Notices were posted at the Eagle Creek Post Office, and sent by email.

President Brent Parries called the meeting to order at the Eagle Creek Fire Station., at 7:02pm. Brent Parries, chair, VP Meg Wiesheier, Charlene DeBruin, Secretary, Simon DeBruin treasurer, Board members Carol Hausafus. Earlean March and Tom State were present. 15 attended

Treasurer’s report: Bank acct has $822.50. $9 in cash reserve. County Reimbursement check of 70 for P O Box still not received issued.

The minutes April were approved as sent out by email.

No sheriff’s report again.

Fire District Report; We were Joined by Fire Chief Fred Carelton, Battalion Chief and Volunteer coordinator Steve Deters, and Capt. Josh Geirke. We learned that due to the electrical fire in Damascus Fire Station, Eagle Creek is now staffed full time while the Fire damaged Damascus Station undergoes repair. When that is complete we will go to 40 hrs. a week in 2018.

Old Business:
Z0147-E Ault Acres LLC (Alteration of a Nonconforming Use) 30838 SE Riverside Way was approved with county adding many requirements. Z01674-17-STC Richard Smith (Temporary Care Permit) 28960 SE Currin Rd. Estacada, OR

New Business:
Z01171-17 Pearl Vandenheede (Temporary Care Permit) 25880 SE Rebman Rd. Boring, OR Motion passed to tell county this application appears to be incomplete but we support applicant.

Carol will head committee to study ZDO’s relating to STC permits. This is apparently an area open to various interpretations to the point where anything is approved.

Citizen Input, Announcements and Reports:
May 5th CPO Liability Task Force consisting of representatives from many CPO’s along with County Council and insurance experts met and some progress was made. County has put $50000 into budget as a commitment to protect CPO’s from SLAPP suits and liability claim to help insure citizen participation in county government, and assure Clackamas County meets state mandate.

CPO Summit 4/12/16 was mostly reiteration of the Task Force. Some mentioned better document distribution. Next meeting is at OG water dist., June 2nd.

Our Next Meeting June 8th, 2017 unless otherwise voted to postpone and informed by email and posting we adjourned at 8:41

Charlene DeBruin, Sec.

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