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Minutes: Eagle Creek-Barton Community Council (a CPO)

March 9, 2017
Notices were posted at the Eagle Creek Post Office, and sent by email.

President Brent Parries called the meeting to order at the Eagle Creek Fire Station., at 7:00pm.
Brent Parries, chair, Charlene DeBruin, Secretary, Simon DeBruin treasurer, Board members Carol Hausafus. Meg Wiesheier, Earlean March and Tom State were present. 19 attended

Treasurer’s report: Bank acct has $822.50. Reimbursement check of 70 for P O Box to be issued.

The minutes November were approved as sent out by email.

Fire District Report; DC Jamie Karns reported that barn fire at Hwy 224 and Doughty will be investigated. Fire is still smoldering. Staff arrived from Eagle Creek Station with 3 minutes, supplemented by other stations whose mission was to contain the fire to the one barn. He told us 3 new tankers are kept full and greatly facilitate rapid fire suppression. Old tanker remains in reserve. 3 died in 1 car accident in Damascus on Weiss Rd when a tree collided with a car on Feb 19th. 2 other serious accidents reported.
Distracted driving is surpassing DUI as cause of accidents
Landslide on Hwy 224 will keep road closed until engineers stabilize slope. (Word from county is this take us into late April.)

Michael Marrow campaigned for Position 4 on Fire board. The former Paramedic said he wishes to serve his community and presented his credentials for doing so on the fire board.

There was no sheriff’s report- WE HOPE he can join us next month

Old Business:

Z0034-17-STC Edwin Richards (Renewal of Temporary Care) 31976 SE Wildcat Mountain Dr. Eagle Creek, OR was approved by county

Z0615-16-E Brent Parries (Alteration of a Nonconforming Use ) 30924 SE Wildcat Mountain Dr. Eagle Creek, OR was approved by county

New Business:

Z0095-17 Thomas Classen (Temporary Care Renewal) 21380 SE Coop Rd. Eagle Creek, OR: no action taken

Z0107-17 Darrin & Debbie Sickels (Temporary Care Renewal 17301 SE Decker Rd. Boring, OR: no action taken

CCI report – Charlene: CCI voted to concentrate on liability insurance options for CPO’s. CCI should be conduit for shared info between CPO’s and county.

CPO Summit 2/27/17-Brent reported concerns are still liability, code compliance and getting county to take seriously input from citizen’s . He said the Summit may be a way of getting county to take its citizens seriously. He has document from Washington County showing how they treat their CPO’s as partners in shaping their community. If Clackamas County adopts this model it should reshape the way CCI works. parcel adjacent to his which is accessed through his property through an old logging easement. .

Citizen Input and Announcements

Doug Atherton, 35205 SE Bronze Rd, presented concerns he and his neighbors have of the 120 The owner calls the place Camp Oma and projects 120 – 130 members. He sees A lot of activity with no permits and no sanitation. Mr Atherton spoke with Diane Batista of Code Compliance who claims she is not allowed on property. Mike Haskins of State Foresty has been contacted. Material printed from the Camp Oma website shows plan to charge those living on the land a fee of $400-500 per month to be determined. Claims are that donations are tax deductible.

Phyllis Brinkley and Meg made a motion to ask county to investigate code violations on property adjacent to 25305 SE Bronze Rd, known as Camp Oma for unapproved development on timber property. We are concerned about environmental effects of groups living on land with no sanitation. This appears to be a commercial enterprise which will charge rents and market products. Motion passed 15-0-0-

Mitchell Luftig and Stephanie Schoenleber complained that they see No clean up yet on property on West end of Judd Rd formerly owned by American Sand and Gravel dispite assurances that that would happer. Other neighbors complain that dumping is getting worse.
Meg made motion to ask Sherriff for status on former Am.Sand &gravel Judd Rd property and determine current ownership

Al Lysoski mentioned that after Dean Brown at Code’s told him he could do nothing about situation on Dale lane, a new hire quickly got illegal mobile home to leave.

Cindy Feagle mentioned that the ‘No Through trucks’ sign on Judd Rd’s upper end was vandalized/destoyed and large trucks still come through.

Elections were held. the new board is unchanged from last one

Adjourned 8:50

Next Meeting April 13 , 2017 at 7pm
Charlene DeBruin, Sec.

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