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Firwood CPO Meeting Minutes

March 10, 2016

10 Community members present

Marge Stewart presiding

  1. Roger Fantz from the Soil and Water Conservation Board was guest speaker
    He reviewed the purpose and goals of this organization, including the following:
    1. Help water quality and soils
    2. Are a co-op with private land owners in preservation of land
    3. Have grants and loans available for landowners
    4. Work with fish habitat
    5. Irrigation systems for nurseries
    6. Available farm equipment for rent
    7. Deal with invasive species of plants

    Roger was very informative and encouraged the community to use their website for additional information.

  2. Sue Hine reported on items of interest going on with the Sandy Fire Dept.
    1. The new building will be started in July
    2. Check out some old equipment that they may be getting rid of at the main station
    3. Truck will be temporarily parked on Industrial Way during construction
    4. A new board member is needed
    5. The Sportsman Breakfast is coming up on the last weekend in April
  3. Marge Stewart reported on C-4 meeting she attended. The following items were discussed
    1. Road Maintenance
    2. Gas Tax or Vehicle Tax
    3. Land Use

Respectfully Submitted,
Diane Crane

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