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Friday, November 11, 2016 – 7:00 PM
Mt. Hood Cultural Center & Museum

Nick Rinard President, Brett Fischer Vice President, Maureen Musser acting as pro-tem Secretary, Charlotte Kocher, Mike Kocher, Lee Parry, Maryellen Englesy, Lloyd Musser, Lisa Northrop (US Forest Service), Blane Skowhede, Hans Wipper, Dale Rush, Margret Branson, Matthew Drake, Andrew Tagliafico, Jane, Virginia Smith, James Lenhart, Rick Williams, Maryjean Williams, Charlie Sperr, Mike Schcosser, Chris Dawkins, Michelle Dawkins, Michael Belkman, Shannon Juhlin, Aaron Sgrignuoli, Sally Niedermier, Peter Dodd, Rick Slavin, Dick Keil

  1. Call to order:
    Nick called the meeting to order at 7:00
    He welcomed the audience and introduced the board.
  2. Adoption of May meeting minutes:
    Approval of the minutes- Maryellen moved to accept, Larry second, motion passed.
  3. Treasury report:
    $1,261.62 balance has not changed
  4. Fire-Life-Safety committee report:
    1. Fire wise renewal – We need to have one activity a year to meet requirements for a fire wise community. Our brush pick up meets the requirement. We have met those requirements for 2016. Nick requested anyone who was interested in helping to contact him to help plan next year’s activity.
    2. Government Camp Fire Station remodel – Our committee has not met for a few months. Nick attended the fire district October 11, 2016 meeting. The cost estimate to remodel the fire station is $1,025,455. Much of the cost is because of the need to meet seismic requirements. Of the one million dollars of TIF funds organically dedicated to the project only $579,733.00 remain. Scott Cline indicated that an AFG grant has been applied for. The grant asks for $161,333.00 based on "seismic upgrades” estimated costs from the engineer. With TIF and the grant they still would be short. Nick will attend the next Fire District meeting on Dec. 13 at 7:00 PM, at the Welches Fire Station NICK REQUESTED THAT COMMUNITY MEMBERS ATTEND THE MEETING.
  5. Mt. Hood Museum: Now debt free!
    Lloyd gave an overview of the progress the museum has made in programs and plans for the future.
  6. Cooper Spur/Government Camp land exchange:
    Forest Supervisor Lisa Northrup gave an overview of the exchange. She explained that they want feedback from the public regarding the exchange, and gave out information regarding how to give the feedback. The draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) is available on the forest website:
    Instructions on how to submit comments can also be found at the site. The comment period will end on January 26,2017.
    The public may also contact Michelle Lombardo at (503)668-1796 or Debra Proctor at (715)-580-0412 with questions.
  7. Mirror Lake trailhead proposal
    A SkiBowl west entrance to a new parking lot for Mirror Lake parking is being proposed. The Sanitary District is concerned about the placement of the parking lot. The new design reduces the number of parking places to 20. Concern was expressed that on weekends more than 150 cars are currently parked along the highway for access to Mirror Lake. Andy expressed concerns that the proposed placement will not meet the need for Mirror Lake parking. Andy suggested the Forest Service close the trail head until funds can be found to adequately address the problem. The sewage plant may need to be expanded to meet the new housing demands in Government Camp. The placement of the proposed parking lot may complicate the issue.
    Please send comments and concerns to Bill Westbrook at
  8. You may want to also contact your US Senator or Representative regarding: The Mirror Lake Trailhead Relocation Project US Highway 26. It is a Federal Highway Administration project. The draft proposal was ordered by the Western Federal Lands Highways Division, Task Order No. DTFH7016F02009

    Both the Road District and the Sanitary District meet the 2nd Monday of each month at the Museum. The Road District meets at 3:00 and the Sewer District meets at 4:00.

  9. Community comments/announcements
    Brett announced that Mt. Hood Management is in the process of bringing high speed fiber optics to Government Camp. SkiBowl is a sister company of Mt. Hood Management. Information will be distributed to the community as it becomes available.
  10. Next meeting reminder: March 11, 2017
  11. Adjourn
    Meeting adjourned at 7:55.

Meeting Schedule:

March 11th, 2017

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