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Government Camp CPO Meeting Minutes (Draft)

Nov. 13, 2015

Sign in sheet attendance: Scott Connors, Brett Fischer, Margaret Branson, Nick Rinard, Lloyd Musser, Bill Westbrook, Matthew Drake, Blane Skowhede, Ulla Brunette, Carl Gatzke, Lee Perry, Jeremay Evans, John & Virginia Bissonnette, Ernie & Ericka Staley, Maryellen Englesby, Jim Lenhart, Shannon Juhlin, Glen David, Aaron Sgrignuoli, Andrew Tagliafico, Virginia Smith, John Bissonnette, Sally Niedermeyer

Call to order: President Nick Rinard called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Adoption of minutes: Secretary Branson reported that an email had been received from Blane Skowhede requesting that the paragraph ZDO Language Proposals from Keystone Architecture, 4th line be corrected to read after the words Clackamas County “Planning Department” substituting for “Board of Commissioners” The minutes were adopted as amended.

Treasury report: Secretary/Treasurer Margaret Branson reported there had been no expenditures. A balance of $1,311.62 remains.

Fire-Life-Safety Committee: Ed Rogers again thanked the volunteers helping in the clean-up event held this past summer. The committee is discussing plans for next years cleanup.
Fire Station update: President Rinard spoke of information in the Mountain Times regarding the renovation and upgrading of the GC Fire Station being placed on hold. Contact with the office of Dave Queener of Clackamas County, produced information via email that contrary to the newspaper article, HFD Fire Chief Eby reported HFD is moving forward with design and selection of an architect. HFD will not, however, commit any Fire District funds for construction until there is more clarity on what the community wants. Construction would not take place until next spring at the earliest giving time for further discussions. Commissioner Bernard, in the emails, urged the discussions continue

Blane Skowhede of Keystone Architecture LLC, (hired by county to do the design) reported Clackamas County has accepted the design submitted. The design provides accommodation for more equipment. A question was asked if public restrooms had been included. Answer: No.. President Rinard attended the last HFD Board Meeting. At this meeting HFD Chief Eby stated no fire district funds are budgeted to remodel of GC Fire Station. Only TIF funds are available. Clackamas County has no jurisdiction over our earlier request to HFD to staff a station at GC. Current taxes are 2.6383 per thousand. GC property owners supply approximately 25% of HFD budget. To fully staff a station would result in doubling taxes for the fire district on property owners. Questions were asked regarding the staffing levels to comply with regulations, and their ability to respond to issues outside of GC. Discussion was held about forming our own Fire District. President Rinard reported that HFD is willing to resume the remodel if any plan to form our own district is0 abandoned. It was suggested that “get on with the remodel”. Another question was asked just how we could develop our own trainng for local volunteers (no answer). President Rinard reminded the audience that the $570,000.00 of TIF funds remains in an account for the remodel. MOTION: Committee continue to work with HFD in the best interest of the community. Motion by Andy Tagliafico/Glen Davis. Motion passed with abstention of Blane Skowhede.

Dispersed camping around Government Camp: Lloyd Musser spoke of the problems of unauthorized camping on both public and private property. All businesses subscribe to the “Exclusion Order” issued by Clackamas County, which provides the assistance of the sheriffs deputies to remove unauthorized campers from business property. Forest Service District Ranger Bill Westbrook reported there were fewer problems this past year, due to assistance from volunteers with disposal of garbage and “other” issues. He reminded the audience that “dispersed camping” is an appropriate use of the forest, but more education is needed to teach folks to respect the forest The Forest Service will continue to provide garbage bags, etc and again stressed “dispersed camping” cannot be banned.

Special Districts update:
a. GC Sanitary Districts: Chair Andy Tagliafico reported a new “operator” has been hired – the plant and collections are functioning well.
b. Government Camp Road District: Chair Ed Rogers reported recent repairs to the sidewalks, lights and entry sign to GC Ed also reminded attendees the Road District meets at 5:30 PM on the 2nd Monday of each month, after the Sewer Board meeting at 4:30 PM.

Community comments/announcements: Maryellen lamented the loss of the Three Sisters Coffee shop. Lloyd Musser reported the Mt Hood Cultural Center is working with the former operator of the noodle shop, who has a Coffee “truck/cart”, to locate on the museum property, and perhaps open the museum to coffee patrons, where they may use the building as a community center.

President Rinard announced the next CPO meeting will take place on February 13, 2016, at 7:00 PM at the Mt Hood Cultural Center and Museum. This meeting is the “annual” meeting with election of officers. Both President Rinard and VP Brett Fischer are willing to serve another term (year), but Secretary Branson announced she would like a replacement, and offered to help with any training needed. A nominating committee will be appointed to secure a replacement for the position of Secretary/Treasurer. Nominations may also be made from the floor.

Respectfully submitted

Margaret Branson, Secretary Treasurer
November 19, 2015

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