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March 11th, 2017

CPO President Nick Rinard called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at the Mount Hood Cultural Center and Museum.

In Attendance: Nick Rinard, Brett Fischer, Nikki Smalley, John Ingrao, Lloyd Musser, Mo Musser, Blane Skowhede, Margaret Branson, Rick Slavin, Roland Boss, Andrew Taglialico, Larry Jacob, Jeremy Evan, Mark Engler, Kevin Bracy, Dale Rush, Chris Dawkins, Michelle Dawkins, Jeffery Janke, Hans Wiper, Virginia Smith, John Bissennette, Kait Bristol, Matthew Drake, Katie Wilson, Hilari Kolstad, Mike Kocher, Charlotte Kocher

Guest Speakers:

Clackamas County Chair, Jim Bernard
Clackamas County Commissioner, Ken Humberston
Hoodland Fire Chief, John Ingrao
Forrest Ranger, Bill Westbrook
Forrest Ranger, Mark Engler
Kevin Bracy
Clackamas County Staff, Katie Wilson

Call to order:

CPO President Nick Rinard called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at the Mount Hood Cultural Center and Museum.

1. Adoption of November meeting minutes:

Moved to be accepted as sent. Motion passes unanimously.

2. Treasury report:

Reported there had been no expenditures. A balance of $1261.62 remains. No changes since November 16th, 2016.

4. Fire-Life-Safety committee report:

  1. Government Camp Fire Station remodel – John Inagro, new Hoodland Fire Chief as of 12/14/16, spoke of the fire station remodel and opening communication with the Government Camp community. TIF money is now in HFD (Hoodland Fire Department) and any other contingencies will go to the HFD board. He sighted that Blane Skowhede has been hired by the district as architect for the remodel. The primary goals are to have the project built and equipped with paid 24/7 staff, as well as a new “Type 6” fire engine with 4x4 and water tender. Discussion of possible change in ISO rating/ scoring. HFD will not call until 90 days with live in staff to ensure higher rating. Funds are now available and HFD is moving through the process, goal of Fall 2017.
  2. Fire wise cleanup – Oregon Department of Forestry has made an agreement with Oregon Department of Corrections (ODC) to offer 2 all-female, low risk inmate crews, in May of 2017 to clear debris with in community and possibly private residences as well. In the past, the community has been responsible for clearing debris to 6 feet up and leaving debris at street. HFD has guaranteed they will chip all debris if ODC is unable to as they want to make sure homes and structures are safe. Andy suggested dumping chips on 3rd street trail.

5. Mirror Lake Trail Head:

Mark Engler and Kevin Bracy showed presentation of proposed project. Western Federal Lands, Federal Highway Administration, ODOT, and FFS have hired Kevin Bracy for the 2009 highway safety project. They have identified this area as “high risk” and are looking to find a better solution. Past discussion, a Skibowl west entrance to a new parking lot for Mirror Lake parking is being proposed. The Sanitary District is concerned about the placement of the parking lot. The new design reduces the number of parking places to 20. Concern was expressed that on weekends more than 150 cars are currently parked along the highway for access to Mirror Lake. Andy expressed concerns that the proposed placement will not meet the need for Mirror Lake parking. Andy suggested the Forest Service close the trail head until funds can be found to adequately address the problem. The sewage plant may need to be expanded to meet the new housing demands in Government Camp. The placement of the proposed parking lot may complicate the issue. The final design is ADA compliant and will intersect the existing trail between the sewage treatment plant and highway 26 at Skibowl west, west entrance. New design includes ODOT sign at Skibowl west entrance, right and left turn lanes, new drainage, striping, rumble strips, mitigation with Skibowl, 50 parking spots, room for turn around, bathrooms, kiosk, 1.05 miles to the existing Mirror Lake Trail and Glacier View Rd. will line up with this entrance. Contractors will begin in late April, with a late summer start and completion set as October 2018.

6. Rhody Rising and CPO boundary expansion:

Katie with Clackamas County Public and Government Repairs spoke. In 2012 the Government Camp CPO voted and approved the expansion of Rhododendron to include the lower areas of Government Camp and allow Rhododendron to expand. The intention of the expansion is to help Rhododendron to have more opportunity, funding, provide better services i.e. water services, and will not receive needed funding without an adequate foot print area. People who will be affected by this change have been notified. County representatives have agreed with the change. Government Camp CPO voted and approved once again.

7. CPO officers election:

Nick Rinard reviewed the rules for voting. All positions were open for election. All members were willing to rerun. CPO board positions were requested from the floor and there were none. Larry Jacobs moved, Andy Taglialico 2nd, CPO, 25 votes moved unanimously.

8. Community comments/announcements:

Blane opposed language to RTCZDO, zoning modification, county auditing language. Hoodland Residential, Blane will update in May.

9. Next meeting reminder: May 6th, 2017

10. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm.

Meeting Schedule:

May 6th, 2017
August 12th, 2017
November 18th, 2017
February 10th, 2018

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