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May 6th, 2017

CPO President Nick Rinard called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at the Mount Hood Cultural Center and Museum.

In Attendance: Nick Rinard- President, Nikki Smalley- Secretary, Lloyd Musser, Mo Musser, Blane Skowhede, Margaret Branson, Rick Slavin, Andrew Taglialico, Mark Engler, William Wallace, Dale Rush, Chris Dawkins, Michelle Dawkins, Kaitlyn Bristol, Mike Kocher, Charlotte Kocher, Maryellen Englesby, Gordy Winterroud, Lee Englesby, Steve Graeper, Bill Westbrook, Jim Demaagd, David Kelso, Shelesha Kelso, Shannon Juhlin, Scott Connors, Lee Parry, Barb Bresson

1. Call to order:

CPO President Nick Rinard called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at the Mount Hood Cultural Center and Museum.

2. Adoption of March meeting minutes:

Request to update from Blane Skowhede regarding Section 8. Community Comments/ Announcement "Blane opposed language to RTCZDO, zoning modification, county auditing language. Hoodland Residential, Blane will update in May." Should state “Blane is working with the County Planning staff and is proposing revised language for the core area RTC zone. The intent of the proposed changes is to assist in the development of the core area by making development standards more in-line with other town centers within the region.” Maryelln moved to accept changes, Mo second, motion passes unanimously.

3. Treasury report:

A balance of $1256.62 remains. Less $5.00 since March 11th, 2017 due to bank fee. Nick Rinard will be disputing with bank as account should be free.

4. Government Camp Fiber Optic Line Install:

Scott Connors with Government Camp Communications announced that GCC has purchased Charlie Vision. They are bringing fiber lines through Government Camp by tapping into and working in partnership with Sandy Net’s existing line from West, with the possibility of Warm Springs Telecom’s line from the East in addition to using existing conduit lines already in place. This process will create better reception and redundancy, meaning little to no disconnect. They intend on offering 300 high- definition cable TV channels, phone service as well as high speed internet service with more than enough bandwidth. They will work in phases for the next 2-3 years, beginning with lines to the core of Government Camp, and eventually moving into the residential neighborhoods. Scott offered for the community to view the GCC website ( to submit service requests and ask questions.

5. Fire-Life-Safety committee report:

  1. Fire wise cleanup day coordination Fuels Reduction- (Fire wise Community) still waiting for Oregon Department of Forestry liaison to contact Hoodland Fire about hand crew schedule. Intent is to reduce wood / brush (burnable material). No date set as of yet, with current snow pack. Nick will communicate with Chief Ingrao for an end date and communicate with CPO if prior to next meeting.
  2. Government Camp Fire Station remodel – The contract signed for Keystone Architecture to be the project manager in full. They are moving forward on the RFP process for contractors to start the remodel of the station.
  3. The Hoodland Fire Fighter Resident Program- District is developing a resident program to staff the Government Camp station with student sleepers that live there when not at school or working shift.
  4. ISO ratings- Looking to do a rerating of the fire district in the next coming year after we get several new programs in place to help reduce insurance rates.

6. Mirror Lake Trail Head:

William Wallace and Mark Engler approved to move this summer in conjunction with Federal Highway to do road work. This will be a 2-3-year project to widen highway 26 and Skibowl West parking area. The trail work will begin summer 2017 and be fully open. Summer of 2018 there will partial trail closures during the process. ODOT has put up more signage to direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Forest Service intends to update at the August meeting. New design includes ODOT sign at Skibowl west entrance, right and left turn lanes, new drainage, striping, rumble strips, mitigation with Skibowl, 50 parking spots, room for turn around, bathrooms, kiosk, 1.05 miles to the existing Mirror Lake Trail and Glacier View Rd. will line up with this entrance.

7. Cooper Spur/ Government Camp land exchange:

Jim DeMaagd, acting Forest Supervisor updated the CPO as they are still in the appraisal status. They intend on approval by September 2017, followed by equalization of land, with the final draft, EIS and objection period in January 2018. Finalization is set for September 2018. Homeowner, David Kelso spoke and rose concerns as well as provided handouts expressing objections and arguments with the land exchanges current proposal and lack of response during last objection period. His primary concerns were lack of clarity and transparency ensuring that provisions are put in place to protect trail systems/ creeks/ wetlands/ zoning/ easements and the lack of control the Forest Service will have once the exchange is completed. He strongly believes that “The Clarification Act” is lacking protection of the easements and wetland conservations and is concerned of the repercussions this may pose to the community once the land exchange is complete. David asked that the community to read and give input regarding the handout he provided ( Nick would like to continue the conversation and include Mt. Hood Meadows in the conversation prior to forming a committee to defend and answer from their standpoint.

8. Dispersed Camping around Government Camp:

Ranger Bill Westbrook and Mark Engler, compiled from previous meetings all ideas and data to make a game plan to ensure legal camping on Forest Service land. They have hired a Dispersed Recreation Technician named Sky. He primary focus is to enforce the overviews and regulations for working, living and camping on FS land. If campers are employee in the area, they cannot live on FS land. If recreating on FS land the limit is capped at 14 days. There is an enforcement position vacant that the FS is looking to fill at the Zig Zag Ranger Station. FS needs more data to prove this is necessary and encourages more feedback from the community (503.622.3191/ They also announced that they have issued an emergency closure of the Salmon River area restricting overnight camping and fires for the next 2 years. The community fully supports this as well as proving more awareness to employees and visitors.

9. Community Discussion- 4 way stop:

Lee Parry opened discussion about a 4 way stop at the intersection of Multorpor Rd and Government Camp Loop Rd. He believes that traffic is moving too fast, is not safe, and difficult to merge on to the loop from Multorpor Rd. Several community members agreed. Lee will further discussion and provide the pros and cons this may pose.

10. Community Comments/ Announcements:

- Nick was contacted by the National Nordic Association regarding revamping the Ski Jump Hill. This will involve Mt. Hood Skibowl/ Mt. Hood Academy/ Cascade Ski Club and the Forest Service. Dave Rogers is the Community Chair, Nick will be inviting him to future meetings.
- Steve Graeper from the Rhododendron CPO, thanked the CPO for again approving and supporting the boundary change. He also invited the CPO to the CPO summit in February 2018 to discuss issues about the liability of CPO board members. The county does not currently stand behind CPO board members as they are not county employees when facing liable/ slander/ defamation etc. They are working to establish general liability insurance and costs associated with this as well as adding this as a line item in the 2018 budget year.
- Conservation Manager, Barb Bresson spoke regarding Hawk Watch on Bonney Butte. She informed the CPO of what Hawk Watch is and how they operate. HW has been conducting ongoing counts at Bonney Butte in effort to monitor long term trends in populations of Raptors using this part of the Pacific Coast flyway through he Cascade Mountains. There are 8 locations total in the US with one in Washington and one in Oregon. She is proposing a September 23rd, 2017 festival to merge the 2 NW sites for education and conservation. They would like to provide workshops and site tours. Lloyd was willing to offer the museum for an educational site. Barb is asking for community support, locations, interest and feedback. (971.221.2807)

11. ZDO Draft language update:

Blane with zoning and development updated community regarding RTZ core area. He is working to change setbacks on Loop Rd. to match the same setback requirements for businesses and homes off the Loop. Currently, there is a 10-ft. setback requirement for Loop Rd. and only 4-ft. setback requirement off the Loop. This creates an issue for owners on Loop Rd. when building/ proposing covered walkways, also requiring that they are full length of the property not just partial areas. Blane will send a draft to the CPO once available.

12. Next Meeting Reminder:

August 12th, 2017

13. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 8:43 pm.

Meeting Schedule:

August 12th, 2017
November 18th, 2017
February 10th, 2018

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