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Holcomb-Outlook CPO Minutes

Jan. 13, 2016

Attendees: Allen Taylor, Richard Thompson, Linda Thompson, Maureen Conley, Jan Troxler, Karen Martin, Larry Martin, Luke Poling, Lois Poling, and Janis Kinnear

Call meeting to order: 7:15 p.m.

Approval of minutes from last meeting, Oct. 12, 2015. Maureen Conley moved to approve, Jan Troxler seconded, unanimously approved

Old business: 

Zo 408-15, Zo 408-15-STC, 16805 S Bradley owner: Michele Yantis

Renewal of temporary permit to use a manufactured home as a residence for Jeanette Yantis, receiving care and assistance from Loretta Hupp, property owner and care provider, living in primary dwelling

We agreed on approval for permit

Zo 390-15 17736 S Holly Lane owner: Cathy Dinges of Astoria, Oregon

Temporary permit renewal – Jan Troxler looked into this for us as there was a question of doctor’s orders for care and condition of patient, Richard Dinges. 

Zo418-15, Zo418-15M, 17375 S Holcomb Road Owner: Ronald Bickford 

Partition (3 lots max) of 5.42 acres; 1 – of approx. 3.249ac for the existing home and 2 – of approx. 1.25 ac each for new home sites.

County approved and we were provided information for CPO information

Zo290 – 15M, 15506 S Highland Road owner: Edward and Judith Gettel

Partition to divide the 10.092ac property into three parcels; 1 of 6.323ac with an existing home, 1 of 1.87ac for a new home site and 1 of 1.898ac for another new home site. The county approved this after checking Ballot Measure 49 claim, modifications for lot size criteria of zoning district and waiver of Interim Urban Reserve Rule lot size requirements.

We were provided information for CPO

Zo357- M 18325 S Ferguson owner: Robert and Susan Archerd

Partition to divide property, 7.13ac, into 3 parcels; 2 one acre parcels for new home sites and 1- 4.69ac with an existing home.

County approved this application and we were provided information for CPO

Zo 429 – 15, Zo 429-15-HO 17906 S Holly Lane owner: Jose Luis Villasenor

Renewal of a level 3 home occupation to operate a landscape business

County has approved this application and we were informed for CPO benefit

Zo 469-15, Zo 469-15-HO 18493 S Ferguson Road owner: Dennis and Pamela Mills

Level 3 Home occupation/renewal to operate a sales business for Stucco, Fireproofing, and Plaster construction equipment and supplies within a 1200sqft accessory building. Approx. 1.05ac

County has approved this renewal and we were informed for CPO benefit

Zo 483-15 14970 S Redland Road owner: Ronald and Raelene Larson

Partition to divide the property (49.37ac) into three parcels; 1 parcel of 2.01ac for new home site, 1 parcel of 2.16ac with existing home and 1 parcel of 45.20ac for new home site

County will take final action on May 7, 2016. Because of extensive detail and well documented information, we approved.

Zo 518-15 14890 S Forsythe Road owner: Nathan and Karen Bond

Renewal of temporary permit to use existing manufactured home as a residence for Karen Bond, care recipient, for further care and assistance from Nate Bond, Kassidy Bond and Whitney Ramey (daughters and part time care providers) who live with their four children and a spouse (Dokken Ramey). Existing manufactured was formerly occupied by Marjorie Bond, only. Application makes no reference to her mother, Marjorie Bond.

County will take final action on June 5, 2016. Application does include a doctor’s letter explaining need.

We approved of renewal.

Zo 467-15, Zo 467-STC 17658 S Unity owner: Juliana Fletcher

Renewal of temporary permit to use a manufactured home as a residence for the applicant and care recipient Joe Lane, who receives care and assistance from his daughter, Juliana Fletcher.

Application includes doctor statement and will be decided on April 22, 2016. The confusion of addresses on application shows addresses are adjacent to each other on map. We approved application.

New Business:

Next order of business was discussion of how to obtain more info on each of the new applications we would be making suggestions for or any other problems that would be raised.

It was decided by all present, we would be willing to each take one application and screen, and /or seek any other information necessary to make a decision.

We will discuss this in terms of process at the next meeting.

Next meeting: April 13, 2016, 7:15 p.m.

Adjournment: 9:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Janis Kinnear, Secretary

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