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Holcomb-Outlook CPO Minutes

October 12, 2016

Oregon City View Manor – Community Building
200 Longview Drive
Oregon City, Oregon

Meeting Called to order by Chair Person Allen Taylor – 7:15 PM

Attendees: Allen Taylor, Maureen Conley, Karen Martin, Larry Martin, Janis Kinnear, Jan Troxler

Guests: Matt Bellman, Curtis Guttman, Matt Stevens, Doug Whiteley , and Charles Gallia

Guest Speaker: Doug Whiteley, Fire Marshall Clackamas Fire District #1

Topic: Measure #3-494 Annexation – extending boundary of Clackamas Fire. Boring Fire
residents would have increase staffing efficiencies within Boring, Damascus, and Eagle Creek stations.

Guest Speaker: Charles Gallia for State Representative in Clackamas County – District #39 Democrat

Issues that matter to Mr. Gallia
Public Safety
Improving Transportation
Keeping Clackamas County rural and beautiful

Approval of Minutes from July 20, 2016 meeting – Unanimously approved

New Business:

ZO406-16-HO – Land Use Application – Appeal Decision
Location: 16566 S. Redland Road, Oregon City, OR
Owner: Randall Killinger
To establish a level two home occupation to operate a business to sell automobiles by
Appointment only.
For information only to committee

ZO209-13 –
Temporary Permit Renewal
Location: 16111 S. Redland Road
Applicant: Raymond Schwann
Committee Action - Maureen Conley will research this renewal and report back.

ZO369-16-STC – Renew permit for Temporary Dwelling for Care
Location: 17188 S. Holly Lane, Oregon City
Applicant: Jodi Gelder
For Information only to committee  - was renewed

New Business: (continued)

ZO464-16 – Lessee of property/ structure to process farm fruit crops into wine.
Location: 15020 S. Beaton Rd, Oregon City
Applicant: Mott Chuck
For Information only to committee

ZO358-16 - Non-Conforming Use – Alteration / Verification – Indoor OHA medical marijuana production facility within an existing shop
Location: 17291 S Outlook Road, Oregon City
Applicant: Carlisle Stephen
For Information only to committee

ZO491-16 – Conditional Use Modification – For a previously approved conditional use Permit ZO401-04-C for a 20’x28’ storage building
Location: 14275 S. Clackamas River Drive, Oregon City
Applicant: North Clackamas Water Commission
For Information only to committee -  no issue by committee

AN-16-004 (Oregon City – City limits  - Six Tax Lots for annexation
Location: Six Tax Lots – so situs address
Applicant: Serres Family H, LLC

Public Hearings: Monday, November 14th, 2016 – 7PM and December 7th, 2016 7PM, City Hal, 625 Center Street – Oregon City
For Information only to committee – Jan Troxler to contact Charles Gallia regarding this annexation.

SP16-05 (Oregon City – City limits) – Application for new patio cover for business
Location: 1401 Washington Street, Oregon City
Applicant: Oregon City Brewing Company
For Information only to committee

Maple Lane area land use boundary questions by committee
Karen Martin to research and report back to committee.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:50 P.M.

Next meeting: January 11, 2017, 7:15 P.M. - 200 Longview Drive, Oregon City, Oregon

Submitted by Jan Troxler
Temporary secretary for Janis Kinnear

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