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Jennings Lodge CPO Regular Meeting Minutes

MODERATOR: Karen Bjorklund DATE: January 24, 2017
RECORDER: Jane Morrison LOCATION: Church of the Nazarene Church

Notice for the meeting was made in a press release to the Clackamas Review newspaper, and emailed to people on the JLCPO e-mail list of interested parties.

Meetings was called to order by Karen Bjorklund at 7:02 pm
Minutes approved as submitted
Treasurers Report

MAIN TOPIC: Dealing with Crime and Livability Issues in Jennings Lodge
Karen introduced Sara McClurg, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Crime Prevention Officer, who addressed a list of law concerns compiled from residents recently, and noted special project in the Oak Lodge area.

Uninhabited Evangelical Retreat Center (ERC): Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) received reports of suspicious activities, but found no “squatters.” CCSO contacted Lennar, set up an agreement allowing Sheriff’s Office to act as their agents (i.e., enter the property; to interview persons to determine legitimate purpose, if no legit purpose, must stay off property for one year.) Lennar permits CCSO and Fire Department to “do exercises”.

Special Project: “Neighborhood Livability Project”

Zombie Houses: CCSO has gotten more aggressive to determine the ownership and are pressuring banks to move more quickly and not take years to ownership of foreclosures. (Please see JLCPO December 2016 Minutes for Commissioner Paul Savas’ presentation, for more info on this topic.)

Enterprise Car Rental (McLoughlin & Hull Ave.): Resident Sean Norton reports that parking rental cars along Hull Ave. has created unsafe situation. Since reporting the issue to County code enforcement, it got better; but they are starting to park on the streets again.

Deputy McClurg said there is a jury duty phone scam, telling you to pay fine for missing jury duty.
On question about RV parking allowed on street – 14 days max at one time, 30 days total over 12 month period.

MAP-IT Representative Terry Gibson described current situation: Gaps in sidewalks on McLoughlin are being filled-in; last year, comments from JL citizens indicated some wanted more sidewalks and some didn’t. MAP-IT has been approached by County to participate in grant planning with Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOTO. As a result, MAP-IT member Fred Sawyer developed the “Oak Lodge Active Transportation Network.” To provide further background, Fred described the funded/in progress sidewalk projects (2017-2020), including McLoughlin, as well as Jennings Avenue to Oatfield.

Fred noted that all projects within JL would be on one side of the street and not require acquisition of additional right-of-way. In addition to McLoughlin Blvd., the focus of his proposed “Network” in JL is the Trolley Trail; River Rd. from Boardman to Glen Echo; and sections of Boardman, Jennings, Hull and Meldrum.

Terry noted that one missing section is along Addie near the Boardman Wetlands area. Another missing section near the ERC. Another section missing could be on Jennings from Oatfield to Webster Road.

Questions/Topics of Concern:

Nomination Committee presented Board slate: Karen Bjorklund, Chair; Stephanie, Kurzenhauser, Vice-chair; Jane Morrison and Brian Dirks, Co-Secretaries; Grover Jeffrey Bornefeld, Treasurer; Terry Gibson, Board Member At-large. Election at February meeting. Karen added: Interpretation of By-Laws needed before vote at next meeting. Also, looking for additional members for By-Laws Task Force to recommend revisions.

Planning Commission Public Hearing (Feb 6) for Annual Work Program 2017-2018: JLCPO submitted recommendations for zoning ordinance to mitigate (plant new trees) when trees are cut down for development. The public is invited to attend and/or testify. BCC Hearing will be in March.

MAP IT Representative: Carol Mastronade has been representing Jennings Lodge on MAP IT for many years. (Thank you Carol.) We are currently looking for a representative to replace Carol.


  1. ZO640-16: Application to partition 1.6 acres on Manewal Lane (off Cottonwood) into three lots with “shadow” plot plan for further partition later, for a total of five lots. No action taken.
  2. ZO621-16: Approval of application would allow dog boarding on all land zoned C-2 (Community Commercial) in Clackamas County. Discussion included whether the process would provide a way to allow this use under certain conditions. Outcome of discussion: Karen will follow-up with County Planning staff about this.
  3. ZO621-16: Verifying designated non-conforming use at 17601 SE River Rd: Non-conforming use on River Road. Comment period has expired. The Board did not submit comments.
  4. Information on Oak Grove application to demolish Phil Oatfield House on County’s Historic Register, 14928 SE Oatfield Rd.; public hearing scheduled for March 9.
  5. ERC Update: Supreme Court declined to review the Court of Appeals decision on Lennar’s R8.5 ERC application. So the Hearings Officer needs to look at the zoning factors again based on the direction given by Court of Appeals and LUBA. After the application is back in County jurisdiction, the County can do anything from hold a new hearing to just re-issue a decision.

Concord Partnership (CP) presentation (Ron Campbell)

The CP is now in the final concepts/themes from the architecture consultants: (a) community center (library, community rooms); (b) intergeneration learning center (library + early learning areas and senior learning areas); (c) art center (leased spaces for art activities, classrooms for art programs, gallery) and all three preserve the historic character of the building, open space and interior spaces, such as the gymnasium. There are three interested potential owners, who would provide for community use: Clackamas County, Venerable Properties, and Marylhurst School (now located in Oregon City).
Motion #1: JLCPO send a letter to the school district that we support the three CP goals:

  1. preserving the open space of this valuable community resource;
  1. preserving the historic character of the Concord School building; and
  2. ensuring that future uses of the property and buildings provide for community use.
    Jan Carothers made motion, Nancy Gibson seconded. Vote - 16 in favor: Lisa, Bentley, Grover Jeffrey Bornefeld, Jan Carothers, Virginia Foster, Nancy Gibson, Terry Gibson, Ed Gronke, Tom Humphrys, Kurt Kurzenhauser, Stephanie Kurzenhauser, Carol Mastronarde, Jane Morrison, Linda Neumann, Pat Reinert, Norm Tolonen, and Tom Weaver. None opposed. Motion passed unanimously. [As chair, Karen Bjorklund is only allowed to vote in case of a tie.]

Motion #2: Ask JLCPO representatives on MAP-IT to request MAP-IT to do the same.
Terry Gibson made motion, Nancy Gibson seconded. Vote - 16 in favor: Lisa, Bentley, Grover Jeffrey Bornefeld, Jan Carothers, Virginia Foster, Nancy Gibson, Terry Gibson, Ed Gronke, Tom Humphrys, Kurt Kurzenhauser, Stephanie Kurzenhauser, Carol Mastronarde, Jane Morrison, Linda Neumann, Pat Reinert, Norm Tolonen, and Tom Weaver. None opposed. Motion passed unanimously.

Ron also requested all to write letters, send emails and attend the public hearings (Feb. 9 and 23) at North Clackamas School District at 7 pm (12400 SE Freeman Way, Milwaukie OR 97222.
For more information at Ron will send the elements and the details of the hearing so that the CPO can communicate to those on our mailing list.

Board of County Commissioners – Filling Open Position #5

Special meeting tomorrow of the Board of County Commissioners to interview for the 5th member of the BCC. The only candidate from unincorporated county is Eleanore Hunter from Oak Grove.


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