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Jennings Lodge CPO Meeting Minutes

Sept. 27, 2016

Moderator: Karen Bjorklund

Recorder: Jane Morrison

Location: Church of the Nazarene Church

Notice for the meeting was made in a press release to the Clackamas Review newspapers, and emailed to people on the JLCPO e-mail list of interested parties.

Call to Order at 7 p.m. – JLCPO Chair Karen Bjorklund

Main topic:

County Commissioner Position #4 Candidates Forum with Tootie Smith and Ken Humberston

Karen Bjorklund thanked all who submitted questions for the candidates and explained format for tonight’s forum. Based on previous candidates’ forums, each candidate would get 90 seconds to respond to each question, read by Carol Mastronarde and Stephanie Kurzenhauser, with final remarks at the close. Both candidates had been emailed the topics in advance.

Topics covered by the citizens’ questions included:

After the candidates gave their closing statements, Karen thanked them for participating, acknowledging that it’s not an easy thing to get up in front of an audience and answer questions like this.

Preparing questions for house district 40 candidates at October CPO Meeting:

Mark Meek and Evon Tekorius, House District 40 candidates, will answer questions at our October meeting. Karen said that as with our previous candidate forums, people are asked to submit their questions in advance, in this case by Oct. 7. Since a scheduled presentation on related background information could be not presented as planned at the meeting, Karen said she would email the information to all on our email list once she received it.


Reports & updates

Land Use: No new land use applications.

Update on ERC Development Applications: Kris Balle, on behalf of the Friends of Jennings Lodge, reported:

Library Services: Grover Jeffrey Bornefeld reviewed the dates for Gladstone and County decisions, as well as the dates for the termination of the Intergovernmental Agreement between Gladstone and the County. He provided an update, with Stephanie Kurzenhauser, regarding the sources of funding for an Oak Grove Library. The sources of funding include the Library Reserves. He also reminded all that the $1 million given to Gladstone for the community library had already been spent, and that the cost of the Happy Valley Library was $4 million.



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