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Molalla CPO Meeting Minutes

Oct. 19, 2016

Molalla Public Library

6:30 p.m.

Meeting called to order by Chair Jan Courtain at 6:45pm.

Introduction of attendees
Present: Laurie Freeman Swanson, Bill Taylor, Tony Brooks, Jan Courtain and Fran Taylor.

Moved by Bill Taylor and seconded by Laurie Freeman Swanson that the minutes be approved as printed. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer report

Old business

  1. River Report – Bill Taylor reported that the SOLVE River Clean Up was a success. Sixty-one volunteers worked on a trail reroute and collected 1580 pounds of garbage. Poker ride attendance was down due to rain but made $1172 for the trail system.
  2. CCI – Laurie Freeman Swanson reported that CCI is working on internal structure and training of new members. County-wide, CPOs are experiencing the same concerns and issues. There is a meeting for CPO leaders tentatively planned to for November 3rd to discuss these issues.
  3. C4 – Laurie reported that C4 is revisiting bylaws and makeup of the chair position. Discussion includes whether a county commissioner should be part of the chair position.
  4. ZO452-16-E – Approved by county.
  5. Revisit CPO Meeting Schedule – More land use applications are coming to the CPO and it is difficult to respond to all in a timely manner. Laurie Freeman Swanson moved that the CPO meet eight times a year. No second. CPO members also discussed changing the meeting months and moving meeting dates to earlier in the month. No decision was made. President Jan Courtain will discuss our meeting time concerns at the CPO leaders meeting on November 3rd and we will revisit the issue at the January meeting.
  6. Land Use Notifications – Laurie is still not receiving land use notification from the county by email. Jan will call county to explore how to make that happen.

New business

  1. Nominations Committee – Laurie Freeman Swanson and Fran Taylor will seek nomination for officer and representatives to be elected at the January 2017 CPO meeting. Anyone wishing to make a nomination may contact Laurie or Fran, or nominate from the floor at the January meeting.
  2. Gathering Agenda Information – CPO members were encouraged to get agenda items to Fran.

Next CPO meeting – January 25, 2017

Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm.

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