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June 28 OGCC Meeting

The Next OGCC meeting will be June 28 7:00-8:45pm in the Performing Arts Center at Rose Villa 13505 SE River Rd, Oak Grove, Oregon.


  1. Health:As part of the “Blueprint to a Healthy, Safe and Clean Clackamas” the Public Health Division will unveil “Health Equity Zones” - a new way to partition the county into 10 zones and use maps and data sets for public health officials to create area specific responses to various public health issues. Another component of the “Blueprint" is the Clackamas County Community Health Improvement Plan, which will be deployed during the next several months while public health officials seek community feedback into the newly developed zones.
  2. Land Use Applications.
    What are the latest new applications?
    Turning Point Development.
    Self Storage Facility on Oak Grove Blvd
    Philip Oatfield House
  3. Various local issues and updates

All are welcome to attend. Hope to see you there!

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