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OGCC General Meeting Minutes

MODERATOR: Baldwin van der Bijl DATE: Mar. 22, 2017
RECORDER: Joan Hamilton LOCATION: Rose Villa Performing Arts Center

Annette Adams, Gary Blair, Cathie Blosser, Carol Bosworth, Renae Campbell, Ron Campbell, Kathleen Chapman,
Jane Civiletti, Mel Coffey, Sue Conachan, Dave Dobak, Joseph Edge, Gene Fifield, Lynn Fisher, Annette Guarriello,
Thelma Haggenmiller, Joan Hamilton, Chips Janger, Geoffrey Janke, Ron Kriens, Jim Meyer, Bobbie Paredes,
Carol Power, Otis Quattlebaum, Michael Schmeer, Fred Swingle, Mina Swingle, Baldwin van der Bijl, Ken Wells,
Lea Wells, Deborah Wheeler, Chaunda Wild, Bob Zimmer


Carol Adler, Mary Angerman, Carol Bodenschatz, Wallace Brown, Patt Callender, Susan Cassuto, Diane Chown,
Tricia Clemans, Jan Dobak, Melody Fifield, Sue Gary, Linda Hadley, Carol Hamley, Gary Johnson, Tyler King,
Fallon Kraxberger, Jan Lindstrom, Joy Lustgraaf, Karen Olberding, Gary Rifkin, Michael Sherley, Sharon Sullivan,
Steve Tandy, Karen Tandy, Theresa Taylor, Bruce Wixson

VISITORS & GUESTS: 3 Grover J. Bornfeld, Carol Adler (Rose Villa?), Cory Adams

Welcome & Officer Reports:

Chair Welcome - Baldwin van der Bijl welcomed all.
All were encouraged to join The Friends of Oak Lodge Public Library, now a
501c3 non-profit. Membership forms were distributed to those requesting them.

Treasure Report - Chaunda Wild presented the monthly financial report and
passed the box for member contributions.

Secretary Report - Joan Hamilton asked if there were any corrections to the
prior month’s meetings. None voiced - so approved.

Main Topic: OGCC Elections

  1. Meet your local business - ‘Pioneer Quilts’ in Broetje House:
    Linda Hadley, owner, noted her shop originally opened April 1, 2003 in Damascus,
    Oregon, then moved to the Oak Grove historic Broetje house, an original
    farm house. She noted that quilting has evolved from “Bedding to Art”.
    Their website is
  2. CPO Summit - Baldwin van der Bijl - reported that Clackamas County CPO
    leaders have recently been meeting about every 2 months to discuss common
    goals and problems and solutions.
  3. Library Update - Baldwin van der Bijl provided a brief update on the status
    of the lawsuit Gladstone filed against the Board of Clackamas Commissioners.
    He said a last minute resolution could still happen before a scheduled trial
    in early June.
  4. MAP / MAP-IT (McLoughlin Area Planning & MAP-Implementation Team) — Baldwin van der Bijl provided a brief history of MAP starting in 2009. He noted some of the successes of MAP such as improvements to McLoughlin Street Lights and Sidewalks (both ongoing projects).
    Another success, on March 16th the BCC approved the long requested work program for McLoughlin Blvd. (The Planning Division [employees of the county] makes recommendations to the BCC regarding what projects should be funded and the Planning Commission [volunteers from the community] recommend projects.) It is encouraging that the BCC has approved two items for the coming work program: 1) Park Ave Station and 2) Some funding for the McLoughlin Area Planning (MAP-IT).
    MAP-IT will meet April 11, 2017 at Oak Lodge Sanitary Office at 6:30 pm
    There will be a major presentation by OLCC members (recently named Oak Lodge Legacy) about the possible future of McLoughlin Area.
  5. LUART - Mike Schmeer named the other OGCC LUART Team members in addition to himself: Bob Bohannon, Joseph Edge, Joyce Hamilla and Sue Gary. He then provided updates on each application. The slides Mike presented can be seen here and are summarized as follows:
    • Z0009-17 14928 SE Oatfield Rd. (Demolition of Historic Landmark House)
      There are also 4 giant Sequoia on the property.
      • OGCC: recommended denial of demolition OR conditions such as
        preservation of trees and placement of a Commemorative Plaque honoring
        the Oatfield Home.
      • Status: Hearing is rescheduled for April 20, 2017
    • Z0014-17 5215 SE Roethe Rd. (2 year Extension of 2 parcel partition)
      • OGCC: determined this meets criteria with conditions
      • Status: Approved
    • Z0050-17 14501 SE Laurie Ave. (2 parcel Partition). Mike noted the owner of this property is the same as the Oatfield developer. Owner also lives on this Laurie Ave. property.
      • OGCC: meets criteria
      • Status: Pending
    • Z0644-16 16550 SE McLoughlin Blvd. (Variance of 1500 ft Oak Lodge Library buffer) This property, a Cannabis Club, is also in violation of buffers of two additional properties.
      • OGCC: does NOT meet criteria
      • Status: Pending. Apparently the Cannabis Club is developing another application asking for variances for all three properties.
    • Z0064-17D 13809 SE Linden Ln. (Design Review for duplex)
      • OGCC: None
      • Status: Pending
    • Z00578-16 and Z00579-16 14335 SE Wagner Ln. (Flood Plain development).
      Owner wants to build a new garage and add an underground drain pipe to direct the flood water near property to the river.
      • OGCC: Meets criteria
      • Status: Pending
    • Z0061-17-D Courtney Ave. @ Rupert Dr. (Design Review - 10 unit apts.).
      This development is near habitat conservation area & wetlands. Submitted design encroaches slightly on habitat conservation area.
      • OGCC: Meets criteria with certain recommendations
      • Status: Pending
    • Turning Point Church Property - Joseph Edge reported the application for this property on Rusk Road was returned on March 10th after being ruled incomplete by the City of Milwaukie. The developer will resubmit the application with corrections, then the City of Milwaukie has 120 days to respond once it is officially accepted by the City. Joseph noted the planned development is for 92 dwelling units (the church will stay) is on or very near a wetland plus the addition of projected traffic for the 2 lane road is concerning to the existing neighborhood. Folks interested in this can give Joseph their
      email address & he will keep them informed & up-to-date on this project.
  6. Concord Partnership - Ron Campbell reported the swapping of assets between
    the North Clackamas School District and the BCC on behalf North
    Clackamas Parks and Recreation District. In short, the Concord property with
    Concord Elementary School is now destined to be in public ownership. Ron
    spoke of the recent new interest of Marylhurst School (a private K-8 school)
    in possibly locating at the Concord building and the Oak Lodge Community
    Library Advocates thoughts of having a newly constructed library on the
  7. Table discussions about OGCC. Where are we. Where do we want to
    go? Help improve how the OGCC serves this community. What should
    OGCC continue doing, start doing, stop doing?
    • SevenTable thoughts -
    • Table
      • Info is +++ - Presented information is well done
      • Photos of House & property would be good addition to LUART
      • Local business updates are appreciated
      • incorporation of area -
      • More table talks suggested
    • Table
      • LUART presentation is very useful. Suggest followup to what eventually
        happens with properties
      • Concern about problem properties (trash, drug / flop houses).
        Should we coordinate with OL Neighborhood Livability Project?
      • Rumors on Next Door. Should OGCC track some of these rumors?
        a) Yes if large anchor facilities are doing something big, not little
        shops. b) Rather hear what Co. Commission is up to that would effect
      • What do you most like? a) Socializing, meeting neighbors b) information
        about current things impacting community
    • Table
      • OGCC should continue business presentations
      • Speakers seem “on top of items & presentations”
      • Start having more visible PR for OGCC meetings on social media.
      • Maybe add meeting dates on website with agenda. Flyers on door
        steps, facebook, next door, farmers market, County fairs?
    • Table
      • What we like: Identifying different projects. The LUART presentations.
        Learning how they affect the surrounding properties. Appreciate
        a voice for the neighbors for issues regarding residential and
        commercial changes.
      • Nice to open the meeting with high-lighting a local business
      • Informational aspect of the meetings is great. Just seeing how much
        work many of our neighbors are doing is great.
      • Would like to see more information about County services such as
        crime statistics, etc.
      • Improving the lighting along McLoughlin Blvd is an important issue.
      • OGCC Website could use some upgrades. It sounds like it is in the
    • Table
      • Good Job - Topics change. We like the variety. Like update on
        crime prevention.
      • LUART - great job. Wondering how to handle LUART overview when
        there are many applications & LUART becomes too long. Maybe
        post electronically ?
      • Ideas - survey the community for key topics to have at meetings.
      • Concerns: could we find out about big construction projects before it
        is too late? Will New developments conform to current neighborhood
        housing designs? Will new developments attend to traffic,
        transportation planning and safety impact?
      • Question: How can we inquire about a project NOT listed on LUART
      • Desires - Promote quality businesses to area, attract younger families
        in the area to OGCC. For younger families, offer babysitting at
        OGCC meetings. Also, outreach to PTA/O’s to encourage participation
        in OGCC
      • Start OGCC Welcome Wagon - OGCC committee should be established
        to take to new families - get coupons from area businesses.
    • Table
      • Encourage other communities to observe & borrow our ideas/methods. North Clackamas needs help/group/instruction with their CPO. Branch out from Jennings Lodge.
      • LUART very good. Would like LUART photos. Want letters from community in support of LUART issues reinstituted.
      • Invite BCC to OGCC, not to speak but to listen to citizen issues
    • Table
      • Suggestion - speakers should repeat questions from audience or questioners given microphone
      • Need to update website.

Next Meetings:

Future OGCC General meetings 7pm:
Apr 26 (Oak Grove United Methodist Church 14700 SE Rupert Dr) May 24 June
28 July 26 Aug 23 Sept 27 Oct 25 Dec 6: Rose Villa

Future OGCC board meetings 6:45 PM:
Apr 6 May 4: Oak LodgeWater List June 8 July 6 Aug 3 Sept 7 Oct 5 Dec 14:
Oak Grove Fire Station

Corrections and Additions:
If you have corrections or additions to these minutes, please send to Joan Hamilton
email: cell 503 360-4711

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