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OGCC General Meeting Minutes

Dec. 07, 2016

Moderator: Baldwin van der Bijl
Sept. 28, 2016

Recorder: Joan Hamilton
Rose Villa Performing Arts Center

Voting OGCC members present: 29

Annette Adams, Mary Bailey, Anatta Blackmarr, Gary Blair, Cathey Blosser, Bob Bohannon, Carol Bosworth, Ron Campbell, Jane Civiletti, Tom Civiletti, Sue Conachan, Joseph Edge, Lynn Fisher, Tom Foeller, Dave Gray, Joan Hamilton, Eleanore Hunter, Geoffrey Janke, Jim Martin, Jim Meyer, Brenna Monahan, Edrid Riddle, Paul Savas, Fred Sawyer, Michael Schmeer, Baldwin van der Bijl, Deborah Wheeler, Chaunda Wild, Bob Zimmer

Non-voting OGCC members present: 15

Wallace Brown, Dave Dobak, Jan Dobak, Joyce Hamilla, Leta Kriens, Ron Kriens, John Little, Christina McCusker, Karen Olberding, Tina Schmeltzer, Judy Sherley, Michael Sherley, Sharon Sullivan, Fred Swingle, Mina Swingle

Visitors and guests: 2

Deputy Sara McClurg, Brian Harper (Metro),

Welcome & Officer Reports

Chair Welcome  - Baldwin van der Bijl welcomed all.

Treasure Report  - Chaunda Wild presented the monthly report and passed the box for member contributions.

Secretary Report  - Joan Hamilton noted the meetings minutes for Sept. 28 and Oct. 26 were posted on the OGCC (new) webpage sent to them recently by Baldwin. Membership was asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes. None were made and the minutes so approved.

Main Topics: Local Crime Statistics

Deputy Sara McClurg, Community Service Officer

Local Crime Stats  - Deputy Sara McClurg. The Orange Line opened Sept. 12, 2015. Deputy McClurg delivered crime stats on two years of data from September 2014 - September 2016. She distributed two handouts with stats for those 2 years: 1) Calls for Service - Orange Line Platform & Surrounding Grids 2) Reported Crimes - Orange Line Platform & Surrounding Grids. The 1) Calls for service listed citizen, officer, vendor calls to the Sheriff’s office, many not actually crimes. The 2) Reported Crimes were those of actual crimes. The statistics distinguished between events on the Orange Line Platform, the trains/busses and the events in the surrounding grids (basically, unincorporated areas.

Deputy McClurg said one of the biggest complaints was lack of parking at Park Ave Station.

Main Topics: Brownfield Grant - Brian Harper, Metro

Metro Brownfield Grant - Brian Harper. This $600,000 three year grant was applied for by Metro and won from EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for our area to identify brownfield cleanup areas along the McLoughlin corridor from northern border of Milwaukie to southern end of the falls at Oregon City. Mr Harper said $300,000 is earmarked for identifying petroleum based cleanup sites. $300,000 is destined for other hazardous waste sites. They are also very involved in the Willamette Falls project as well as Education and Outreach efforts. Anyone having information about possible hazardous sites such as former gas stations, asbestos, etc. are encouraged to contact: Brian Harper or call him at 503-797-1833.

More information.

Main Topics: Homelessness - Paul Savas, County Commissioner

Homelessness - Paul Savas Presented findings on studies & interviews on the homelessness issues he and others have recently done in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Seattle and here in Oregon. Gentrification Update (Working Draft) is the title of the powerpoint slides Commissioner Savas spoke from. Click here to see the slides.

Gentrification is defined as transformation of urban working-class neighborhoods by influx of capital and/or influx of higher income residents. This generally causes displacement of households who are forced to move.

Savas talked about the desirability of finding solutions to improving areas without causing the displacement of people in these areas. He suggested land use planning, zoning corrections, code amendments, industrial area development for housing, working with existing non-profits whose focus is preventing homelessness.

Savas also noted the important work being done at PSU and recommended the publication MetroScape.

Main Topic: Recommendation to Clack. County Planning Division’s 2017-2018 work plan

Recommendation to Clack. County Planning Division’s 2017-2018 work plan - Baldwin van der Bijl - reported on the MAP (McLoughlin Area Planning) 1 & 2 efforts which produced 2 detailed reports. Subsequently, MAP-IT (MAP-Implementation Team) will be requesting 2 projects and would like a letter of support from OGCC for those 2 projects:

Project #1: Update the Comprehensive Plan to reflect the land use goals based on MAP 1 & 2.

Project #2: Park Avenue Station Area Development and Designs Standards. For the last 2 years this has been Planning Commission’s (a voluntary ABC) #1 priority but, Planning Dept. (county staff) has yet to add it to their Work Program.

Definitions: 1) Planning Commission - The Planning Commission consists of nine members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) to advise the BCC on land use applications and issues. The Planning Commission provides recommendations to the BCC in accordance with the requirements of State law, the Clackamas County Comprehensive Plan, Zoning & Development Ordinance, and Clackamas County Code. 2) Planning Division - are employees of the county who have final approval authority for the Planning Commission’s recommendations.

Motion: Eleanore Hunter made the following motion, seconded by Tom Civiletti.

Following the recommendation of our MAP-IT representatives, I make a motion for the OGCC 1) To write a letter of support to request that two projects be added to the County Planning Division 2017-2018 Work Program. First, Update the comprehensive Plan to reflect the Land Use & Guiding Principal goals of MAP 1 & 2, as well as the 5 components of the McLoughlin Ave Plan. Second, Park Ave Station Area Development and Design Standards.

Vote was unanimous in favor of this motion.

Continuing Business: LUART

Mike Schmeer

LUART - Mike Schmeer reported on the following all of which meet ZDO criteria & were approved:

14351 SE Wagner Lane - detached garage & rock wall

14335 SE Wagner Lane - carport with structure on top of carport

4438 SE Roethe - Apt complex wants to convert a storage area into one additional apartment

Schroeder Road @ Courtney - Vacation notice - on Rose Villa Property. They will probably be adding Rose Villa structures

NOTE:  Mike reported another property; at the old Thiessen home 15510 SE Wallace Rd is scheduled to be developed and the home probably demolished to make room for multiple houses. 

Mike also reported that a sign was posted at the 1903 Phil Oatfield home at 14928 Oatfield Road that will be demolished. The home is a county Historic Landmark.

Joseph Edge reported that a developer for the Turning Point Church property located within Milwaukie city limits on the border of Unincorporated Clackamas Co. will be submitting an application. Joseph does not have details yet but will advise when more information is available.

Concord School Update Geoffrey Janke

Concord School Plans - Geoffrey Janke told membership that the three development concepts for the school property have evolved based on current developments. For example, since the Boys and Girls Club is comfortably situated in the building next door to New Urban School, this no longer a consideration for Concord. The current options include I - community recreation center & library, II - intergenerational learning center & library and III - Arts Center & Early Childhood learning center.

Public Comment - Oregon Coats for Kids - Sharron Bryan

Coats for Kids - Sharron could not attend the meeting but these coats are very much needed again this year. Sharron shared the following: “Coats for kids, a program to bring NEW coats to children in need BEFORE winter arrives, as well as throughout the winter, distributed 90 coats this year to the Wichita Center & the Oak Grove Boys & Girls Club. Next year we hope to triple that number and add hand knit hats & scarves! Our Goal: To keep our kids healthy, in school and feeling valued.” Look here to find out how to donate.

Lighting on McLoughlin

Fred Sawyer - provided an update on the ongoing progress of lighting on McLoughlin Boulevard

Meeting Announcement

Oak Lodge Community Library Advocates co-host: Holiday Open House & Community Celebration - Ask Santa for a New Library - Dec. 14, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Rosa Villa - Please, come to this fun event and invite your family and neighbors.

Meeting Updates, Public Comment

Thelma Haggenmiller update - Baldwin announced Thelma’s recent serious heart attack and subsequent 4 stent surgery. He reported her quick recovery and vigorous participation in meetings only 2 weeks after surgery!

Jim Martin - announced the new name, Oak Lodge Water Services  will begin meetings Jan. 3, Tuesday, 6 p.m. at the current Water District (which will be renamed) Building - Jan. 3.

Next Meetings

Future OGCC General meetings:

2017: Jan. 25, Feb. 22, March 22, April 26, May 24, June 28, July 26, Aug. 23, Sept. 27, Oct. 25, Dec. 6

Future OGCC board meetings (Oak Grove Fire Station, 9 AM):

2016: Dec. 14 

2017: Feb. 1, March 1, April 5, May 3, June 7, July 5, Aug. 2, Sept. 6, Oct. 4, Nov. 1, Dec. 13

Corrections / additions

If you have corrections or additions to these minutes, please send to Joan Hamilton, cell 503-360-4711

Key: LUART = Land Use Application Review Team; OGCC = Oak Grove Community Council; PD = Planning Department; F/U = follow up; Re = regarding; MAP = McLoughlin Area Project; LU = land use; .McL = McLoughlin Blvd; CCty = Clackamas County; OG = Oak Grove; ped = pedestrian; EIS = environmental impact statement; RFP = request for proposals; NCPRD = North Clackamas Parks and Recreation Department; NCSD = North Clackamas School District; NCUWC North Clackamas Urban Watershed Council

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