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OGCC General Meeting Minutes - Draft

MODERATOR: Baldwin van der Bijl DATE:May 24, 2017
RECORDER: Joan Hamilton LOCATION: Rose Villa Performing Arts Center

Annette Adams, Gary Blair, Bob Bohannon, Jane Civiletti, Sue Conachan, Joseph Edge, Gene Fifield, Lynn Fisher, Tom Foeller, Janice Green, Thelma Haggenmiller, Joan Hamilton, Eleanore Hunter, Chips Janger, Jim Meyer, Karen Olberding, Bobbie Paredes, Carol Powers, Fred Sawyer, Michael Schmeer, Fred Swingle, Mina Swingle, Baldwin van der Bijl, Greg Wenneson, Deborah Wheeler, Chaunda Wild, Bob Zimmer


Wallace Brown, Patt Callender, Julie Harguth, Fallon Kraxberger, Linda Seals, Karen Tandy, Steve Tandy, Bruce Wilson

Trevor Brownlee, Brian Burke, 3 other Fire District Firemen, Joel Howie, Joe Marek

Welcome & Officer Reports:

Chair Welcome - Baldwin van der Bijl asked the Board Members to stand and introduce themselves.

Treasure Report - Chaunda Wild presented the monthly financial report and passed the box for member contributions.

Secretary Report - Joan Hamilton asked if there were any corrections to the prior month’s meetings. None voiced; so approved.

Main Topics:

  1. Fire Safety: Brian Burke, Battalion Chief, Fire District #1 spoke of:
  2. Drive to Zero & Transportation Safety Action Plan: Joe Marek, Traffic Engineer & Project Director, Clackamas Co. This plan focuses on reducing injuries and fatalities on our roadways. The goal is to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes by half by 2022.
    • Plan was adopted by Clackamas Co. BCC in 2012.
    • More than 90% of crashes include human behavior as a contributing factor.
    • Distracted driving, young drivers and leaving the roadway are the top 3 contributing factors in fatal crashes in Clackamas County
    • Surveys indicate the community “cares about one another”, so, public outreach to teach safety strategies & courteous driving are planned
    • Prioritized projects include capital improvement plan for roadway improvements & traffic engineering
    • Molalla Non-Profit is leading an effort to work with local businesses to encourage safe driving by their employees.
    • Awareness of cultural differences is an important factor in safety education. For example, the imperative of seat belts and child safety devices are not used in some other countries.
    • More information about this important program may be found here
  3. Build and improve curb ramps along Oak Grove Boulevard: Joel Howie, Project Manager for County Transportation, is managing the construction of curb ramps:
    • Oak Grove Blvd from River Road to Oatfield Rd. Design work starting in June 2017 and contract search by Fall. Work probably to start late 2017
    • Total of 25 ramps or upgrades to existing ramps are needed on Oak Grove. Some upgrades include textile bubble wrap on sidewalks
    • County budgeted $180,000 per year for ADA ramps

Continuing Business:

  1. LUART - Mike Schmeer - announced two new LUART members, Wallace Brown & photographer, Gary Rifkin. Current LUART members are Mike Schmeer, Bob Bohannon, Joseph Edge, Joyce Hamilla and Sue Gary. Mike then provided updates on each application. The slides presented by Mike and Joseph can be seen Here
  2. OGCC: recommended denial of demolition OR conditions such as preservation of trees and placement of a Commemorative Plaque honoring the Philip Oatfield House.

- Status: Application withdrawn. Mike said perhaps they will start the process again.

- OGCC: meets criteria

-Status: Denied

- OGCC: None

-Status: Pending

- Type: Zone Change R-10 to HDR

OGCC: None

Status: Hearing May 25th

- Type: Home Occupation - wants to store stone countertop materials on the property. Apparently there are already two structures in the back area of the property that were built in spite of existing zoning restrictions.

- OGCC: None

- Status: Approved with numerous conditions

Type: Design Review for new dining Facility

OGCC: Under Review

Status: Pending

- Type: Design Review for self storage - Plans show 40,500 sq ft foot print. The 3 story structure would include 120,744 sq feet of storage. Access on Kellogg, 19 parking spaces. The setback on Oak Grove Blvd. is 15 ft.

- OGCC: Under Review

- Status: Pending

92-Dwelling Planned Development Subdivision

Nothing in the development plan to address multi-family unit dwellings or lower-income housing options.

OGCC: Expressed concerns

The May 23rd hearing had 75 minutes of public testimony with NONE in support of this development.

Status: The Hearing is to continue on May 25th at Milwaukie City Hall, 6:30 pm.

2. Marylhurst School Report - Baldwin van der Bijl described the school & current discussions for renting the Concord Elementary School building:

Meeting Updates & General Announcements:

Oak Grove Fire Station,
2930 SE Oak Grove Blvd.
June 7, 2017 - 6:30 pm

Come to Contribute your thoughts and join the public process to revitalize SE McLoughlin Blvd.

Questions or Comments? Email:

This festival will be held along Oak Grove Blvd between the United Methodist Church on Rupert to the Trolley Trail on Arista. The plan is to line both side of the block with a variety of vendors and information booths (OGCC will have a booth). There will be food vendors and kids activities in front of the Church. There will be music!

Adjourned - 8:50 pm

Next Meetings:
Future OGCC Meetings 7:00 PM - Performing Arts Center Rose Villa

June 28 July 26 Aug 23 Sept 27 Oct 25 Dec 6

Future OGCC board meetings 6:45 PM - Oak Lodge Fire Station
June 1 July 6 Aug 3 Sept 7 Oct 5 Dec 14

Corrections and Additions:
If you have corrections or additions to these minutes, please send to Joan Hamilton email: cell 503 360-4711

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