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Rhododendron CPO Minutes

March 18th, 2017
Resort at the Mountain

Open Meeting:
CPO President Steve Graeper called the meeting to order at 10:35AM. Graeper introduced the board and guests; County Commissioners, Sonia Fischer and, Ken Humberston; Architect and Urban Planner, Mark Seder; Grant writer, Becky Bowman; and Mount Hood Area Chamber of Commerce President, Coni Scott. He noted that there was a quorum with all five Board members and Chamber liaison present. Steve asked that all attending please sign the sign in sheet. (According to the sign in sheet, there were 47 in attendance).

Secretary Report:
Graeper called for corrections or changes to the previously distributed January 21, 2017 minutes. There were none. Carol Haugk moved and Nancy Dougherty seconded a motion to approve the January 21, 2017 minutes as written. Motion passed..

Treasurer’s Report:

January 21st, 2017 Beginning Balance: $1,976.85
Deposits: Garden Fund: $ 125.00 Donation
General Fund: $ 18.00 Donation
Rhody Rising: $1,335.00 Donation
Checks Written:
General Fund: ($ 20.00) OR DOJ CT-12 Filing
March 18, 2017 Balance Available:
Garden Fund: $ 203.67
General Fund: $ 416.18
Rhody Rising: $2,815.00
Total Balance: $3,434.85

Sara Pool, of Mt. Hood Rec., announced that they did a fundraiser and she presented the CPO with a $500.00 donation ($400 to Rhody Rising and $100 to the Garden Fund). Graeper thanked Mt. Hood Rec for the generous donation and said that they were a welcome addition to the community. He praised their professionalism and business model.

Land Use Applications
There were no land use issues at this time. Graeper explained that CPO’s are mandated by SB100 and Goal 1 to advise the county on matters affecting their communities, particularly land use issues.

Old Business
DAR Memorial Rhododendron Garden: Barbara Novinger reported that the garden committee met the previous Sunday to plan for 2017. She also contacted Marlene Nichols of ODOT. Nichols sent ODOT forms to be signed in order to renew the landscape permits and authorize volunteers to work in the garden. Permit renewal and other docs will be signed and mailed.

Road Clean Up: Carol Haugk reported she has been in contact with ODOT regarding the damage done to the rhododendrons from snowplow spay this winter. She also pointed out the roads intended for clean up after the weather subsides.

Chamber of Commerce: Carol thanked the Chamber for their support and generous donation to Rhody Rising. Steve introduced Coni Scott, Chamber President. Scott presented the 2017 BITE OF MT. HOOD, which will be held Saturday, April 29, 2017 at the Resort. The Bite is a significant fundraiser for the Chamber and benefits the entire community. Contact the Mt. Hood Area Chamber of Commerce at: for more information.

Swinging Bridge Update: Graeper reported that per Clackamas County, the Swinging Bridge is scheduled for major renovation and would be closed the entire month of April. Graeper thanked Clackamas County for taking on this project.

Graeper then introduced Commissioner Ken Humberston, who spoke on the importance of community participation. He recognized the Rhododendron CPO for the great job the CPO Board does for Rhododendron and the entire community. Humberston mentioned that there would be at least three “Meeting with the Commissioner” Town Halls on the mountain through the balance of the year. Dates, times, and places to be posted in the Mountain Times.

Graeper then introduced newly appointed Commissioner, Sonia Fisher, who explained her interest in our area as a frequent visitor and avid hiker. She is excited to listen to the concerns and issues that are unique to our mountain community.

CPO Boundary Change
Graeper introduced Katie Wilson, Clackamas County from the office of Public and Government Affairs. Wilson spoke on the proposed boundary change. She mentioned that she attended the Government Camp CPO meeting the week prior and that they voted unanimously to support the boundary change. Public notification has been posted on the County web site, social media, the Mountain Times, and the Sandy Post. She encouraged anyone who has an opinion to contact her the county. She can be reached at:

A map of the proposed change was displayed and Graeper gave a background on why the boundary change was important to the CPO and both water systems contained within the proposed boundary. The major reason for the requested boundary change is to provide a unified boundary that the US Census Bureau could use to help determine whether the two water systems could qualify for low income funding. Census bureau is currently using the 97049 zip code as the census tract.

A question was raised from the audience why the proposed boundary did not include ALL of the currently inactive Mount Hood Corridor (MHC-CPO). Graeper believes the issues that face each area, i.e. Rhododendron, Welches, Wemme, Zigzag, Arrah Wanna, Brightwood, etc., are unique and varied. He believes that it would be beneficial to have other CPO’s on the mountain, where each can represent the unique interests of their respective areas. 

Downtown “Rhody Rising”
Graeper introduced Grant Writer Becky Downard. Downard explained that she and Architect/Urban Planner, Mark Seder, have been instrumental in putting together the Rhody Rising Steering Committee. This committee will work together to help implement community involvement, gather ideas, and offer input on streetscape and landscape designs for Rhododendron’s core area.

Downard explained that eight applications were received, seven within the allotted application period. After she and Seder reviewed all applications, they decided to increase the committee size from five to seven, with one alternate. Downard went on to introduce the Rhody Rising Steering Committee:

Thia Allen Michelle Lamoreaux
Melanie Farnsworth Leslie Pearson
Brett Fischer Sara Pool
Steve Graeper John Young (Alternate)

Graeper gave a report on the progress of Rhody Rising (RR) and the role for the steering committee. He also explained that the Rhody Rising fund raising effort continues. He pointed out that funding for Phase 1 ($1300.00) has been completed. He explained that while the committee/grant writers are still searching for Technical Assistance Grants to fund Phase 2 ($5000.00), donations are still being accepted. If RR succeeds in self-funding Phase 2, then that helps prove the tremendous community support behind the project and makes qualifying for larger grants much easier. Sharon Lamoreaux pointed out that Rhody Rising donations qualify under our 501(c) 3, and are tax deductible. She also pointed out that with the $400.00 donation given today by Sara Pool (Mt. Hood Rec), the RR fund currently stands at $3215.00. We only have $1785.00 to reach our $5000.00 goal.

New Business
Clackamas County CPO Summit: Graeper gave a background of the CPO Summit and that the three summits held so far have proven very beneficial. All active CPO’s within the county were invited to participate and the group has listed over 40 areas of mutual interest and concern, which they have shared with Clackamas County CCI (Committee for Citizen Involvement). Joe Mazzara, CCI member, explained the CCI. He also invited everyone to attend “COFFEE with a COP” at Dragonfly Café, Friday, March 24, 8:30-10:30AM.

Fran Mazzara expressed the need for emergency preparedness and that the Hoodland Fire Department, Red Cross, and HEART of the Mountain are all working together to establish an Emergency Response plan. Graeper explained that the Hoodland Area Water Coalition (HAWC) has also been formed to aid each other when a disaster in our area happens.

CPO guest, Geoffrey Janke, Oak Grove CPO, spoke on CCI, the CPO Summit, and how important it is for citizens to express to county officials ideas and concerns for their specific community and the county in general.

Architect and Urban Planner, Mark Seder spoke on how important community involvement is during the community planning process and how pleased he has been with the degree of community involvement he has seen so far in the Rhody Rising project.

Nominations for 2017-2018 RCPO Board
Graeper explained that in accordance with CPO By-Laws, elections to the five-member CPO Board take place each May. He opened the floor for nominations. Nominations received were:

Linny Adamson Merv Novinger
Nancy Dougherty Sharon Lamoreaux
Steve Graeper Michelle Lamoreaux

Nominations were closed. Graeper emphasized that nominations will open again before the May election.

Graeper commented that a correspondence, addressed to the CPO, was received in the mail that was not signed nor was the sender identified. He explained that without identification, no communications would be considered.

The date of the next CPO meeting will be Saturday, May 20. A motion to adjourn was seconded and the motion carried. Meeting was adjourned at 11:55AM.

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