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Rosewood Neighborhood CPO Board Meeting Minutes

February 9, 2017

Rosewood NA/CPO met February 9, 2017 at 7:00PM at River Grove School Library. Chair Peter Klaebe presided.

Board members present: Peter Klaebe, Lisa Volpel, Jim Johnson, Kate Roth, Bonnie Robb, Veronica Hansen, Christine Roth.

Members present: Sylvia Smith, Billy Davis

No minutes were presented since no meeting was held in January.

New Business: The City of River Grove has approved the idea of making a three way stop at the intersection of Childs Rd and 65Th Ave for safety reasons, The board voted to unanimously support that action.

Stafford Hamlet has circulated a petition through Change.Org that requests Clackamas County Commissioners’ not request Metro to include the Stafford Triangle in Urban Reserves. The petition URL was included in this month’s agenda. A Town Hall will be held at Athey Creek Middle School, February 27. The public is asked to attend.

Lisa Volpel raised the issue of light pollution from the SW Industrial Area intruding into neighborhoods from Lakeview into the Kenney area. Billy spoke and provided additional information about light causing problems for his home. Jim Johnson offered suggestions about how to effectively launch an appeal for action by the City. Billy will file a complaint and report back to the CPO on its results.

Old Business: The Sewer/Annexation Study done by PSU is in the process of being finished. No results are ready. When there is a final report it will be shared with the CPO.

The discussion of neighborhood signs was continued until March meeting. Lisa reported that the property on the corner of Jean Rd and Pilkington Rd has been sold. The new owner plans to build two homes with access from Pilkington Rd. Eviction of current residents is pending. After that, cleanup will begin.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:10PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Christine Roth

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