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Rosewood Neighborhood CPO Board Meeting Minutes

February 19, 2015

Board members present: Peter Klaebe, Lisa Volpel, Rick Jones, Kenn Nickel, Kate Roth, Christine Roth
Excused: Brent Bianchina

Chair Peter Klaebe Rosewood CPO executive board called the meeting to order at 7:00pm, February 19 in the Rivergrove Elementary School library.

No public or guests were present.


SWEA: Lisa reported on the open house held by the City of Lake Oswego on progress with Southwest Employment Area task force. There were round table discussions and staff took minutes/notes of participants’ comments. Traffic, infrastructure improvements and road improvements were discussed. Notes will be available as soon as staff prepares them. The LO Planning Commission also participated and offered lots of valuable comments.
The next step is a task force meeting in March. Lisa will approach Traffic Advisory Board to recommend that only local truck traffic be allowed in the neighborhood.

Information is available on the City website.

The board discussed follow-up on the idea of withdrawing from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Enhanced Law Enforcement District. Rick presented information provided by the Clackamas County Assessor’s Office about how much tax is paid by the residents in the SELD. The board discussed options and will continue the discussion. No decisions were made.

Peter suggested the board invite Rep Julie Parrish for the April General Meeting. Peter will contact Rep Parrish. Christine suggested LOSD Superintendent Heather Beck also be invited. Christine will call her.

Land Use: Lisa reported that there was a pre-app hearing for the three story boat storage facility on Boones Ferry. This is not in the Rosewood CPO but we are the closest CPO/NA that is active.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.

Christine Roth
Board Secretary

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