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Redland-Viola-Fischer’s Mill CPO Meeting Minutes

Approved Minutes of Sep. 7, 2016

Approved at the Oct. 5, 2016 Meeting

Chair Dan Dunn called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. at the Redland Grange.


Board members present: Chair Dan Dunn, Secretary Marie Naughton, Kitty Dunn, Margueritte Kosovich, and Nancy Read. Absent: Vice Chair Lois Read (excused), and Jacqueline Tommas.

Voting community members present: Neal Philpott and Nancy Semmens. Other community members present: Randy Allen, Doug Brown, and Lynda Brown.

Other community members present: Andrew Dunn and Denise Knudsen.

County Representative: Katie Wilson


Marie read the minutes of the Aug. 3, 2016 meeting. Nancy Semmens moved to approve as corrected; Kitty seconded. Motion carried 8/0/0.

Old Business

  1. ZO230-16: An approval for a land division. Applicant: Gary D. Olson, PO Box 8113, Portland, OR 97207. Site Location: 16441 S. Eaden Rd., Oregon City, OR 97045. Zone: TBR 80; Acres: 3.53.
  2. ZO399-16-C: An approval for conditional use permit for their distribution lines. Applicant: Clackamas River Water District (Adam Bjornstedt), PO Box 2439, Clackamas, OR 97015.

New Business

  1. ZO383-16: An alteration of previous application for a nonconforming use of an 8'x40' ft. shipping container for storage on school property during construction to revise location of container to the north end of main building. Applicant: Lee Ronald, BBL Architects, 200 North State St., Lake Oswego, OR 97034. Owner: Oregon City School District. Location: Redland Elementary School #116, 18131 S Redland Rd., Oregon City, OR 97045; Zone: RA-1; Acres: 9.35. Marie moved to approve; Nancy Reed seconded. Motion carried 9/0/0.
  2. ZO431-16: An application for a temporary permit for care of property owner Dewain McGraw by daughter and son-in-law Diane and Mark Bremer. Owner: Dewain McGraw, 21221 S. Arthur Rd., Oregon City, Or. 97045. Applicant: Mark and Diane Bremer (same address). Acr. 19.75; Zone: EFU. Caregivers will live in a self-contained RV for privacy and additional bathroom. Doctor's letter on file. Nancy Semmens moved to approve; Margueritte seconded. Motion carried 9/0/0.
  3. ZO450-16: An application for a lot line adjustment. Owner/Applicant: James E. Stelle, 20131 S. Redland Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045. Approximately 8.33 acres to include lots 900, 903. This is more than 5% so it must be reviewed under 1107.04 (B)(2)(b) for the continuation of the existing commercial agricultural enterprise. Zone: EFU; Acres: 69.04. Nancy Semmens moved to approve; Kitty seconded. Motion carried 9/0/0.
  4. ZO444-16: An application for a temporary permit for care of applicant's daughter. Owner: Nancy Storm, 4926 SW Corbett Ave. #404, Portland, OR 97023. Applicant: Jona and Donald Sharpe, 18350 S. Springwater Rd., Estacada, OR 97023. Acres: 2.06; Zone: EFU. Care is for Jaima Pense, daughter of applicant Jona Sharpe. Jaima will live in the manufactured home with her husband Jeff Pense and her four children. Doctor's letter on file. Kitty moved to approve; Nancy Read seconded. Motion carried 9/0/0.


Katie Wilson has replaced Barbara Smolak as the main contact for all the CPOs in Clackamas County. She is a Public Involvement Specialist in the county's Department of Public and Government Affairs. She came to introduce herself, provide some information, and discuss issues facing CPOs:

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Marie Naughton

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