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Skylands Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes

May 3, 2017

Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Location: Lakeridge High School Rotunda Room

Due to the late start and expected length of the meeting, a motion was requested & passed waiving the reading of the previous annual meeting's minutes. Minutes were mailed out and are available upon request.

An election was held, unanimously approving the unopposed slate of officers:

Our bylaws specify that, in addition to the elected officer roles, the board composition also includes four area representatives in its membership. Mike Moore and Joy Bottinelli have agreed to fill two of these positions. If anyone else is interested and would like to be considered for an area representative role, please reach out to Paul or Roger.

Roger presented the Treasurer's Report

David presented the C800 Tower Committee Update. To summarize:

After the meeting in August we engaged the services of Dan Kearns to represent us. The committee is made up of: Hans van Alebeek, Doug Klein, Brad Hart, Mike Moore, David, Paul & Roger. We made our opposition to the tower site known and have worked with the City of Lake Oswego to remove barriers to alternative sites. The City is doing due diligence in securing alternative sites. We remain cautiously optimistic regarding this, but no decisions have been announced. The C800 group continues to work with our attorney and monitor the situation.

Molly Ellis lives just outside our neighborhood but agreed to present to us regarding Emergency Preparedness.

No new issues from the neighborhood were raised and the meeting was adjourned.

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