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South Clackamas County CPO Meeting Minutes

November 30, 2017

Those attending:
Pat Nesbitt, Chair; Pat Conley; Walter Cate; Joan Zuber, Vice-Chair; Mickey Cate Secretary

  1. Minutes of previous meeting approved.
  2. Chair Nesbitt opened discussion of CPO leader workshop.  Topics discussed were the issues of Toll Roads, Insurance for CPO’s with funding by the County.  The County will have an answer to this issue before the end of the year.
  3. Discussion of small house being built on Red Soil and if they have plumbing and waste water disposal. 
  4. The County is currently working on building a new Court House on Red Soils.
  5. Discussion of County Planning Department passing objectionable rural properties on Wild Cat Road in Molalla area.
  6. Property location 11498 S Wildcat Rd., Molalla.  Applicant Josh & Shelley Urben.  78.9 acres that is proposed to divide subject property into three parcels; two of two acres each for one new and one existing home sites and one of approximately 74 ac. For a new home site.  This request is enabled pursuant to State-approval of Ballot Measure 49 claim, this provides for modifications of the lot size and dwelling establishment criteria of the AG/F zoning district.  This approved by County.
  7. Property location 37467 S. Blair Rd. Molalla. Applicant Barbara Burns. Approximately 45.43 acres. Proposal to divide subject property into three parcels; one with 41.43 ac with an existing house; and two parcels of two acres each for new home sites.  This is enabled pursuant to State approval of Ballot Measure 49 which provides for modification of the lot size and dwelling establishment criteria of the AD/F zoning district.  This approved by County.
  8. Boy Scouts of America approval of Land Use Application for alteration of a Nonconforming Use of Scout Ranch located at 13462 S Butte Creek Rd, Scotts Mills, Or.  Maintenance projects, replacement of existing improvements and new staff cabins, troop cabins, a welcome center cabin & RV Parking are for camp staff, a new caboose on the camp main street and a new pond.  Approved by County.
  9. Property location 11898 S. Dart Road, Molalla.  Applicant Thomas Sleight.  The owner of property is seeking to put a 10’ x 20” farm stand lean-to at subject property.  A portion of the hayfield will be converted to vegetables and a farm stand will be placed. The hours of operation are from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday through Saturday.  No incidental items will be for sale at this time.  Seating will not be provided.  Approved by County
  10. Property location 16285 S Novak Rd. Molalla. Applicant Martin D. Davis. Proposal is to reestablish a residence on an existing legal lot of record through the Clackamas County Forest Template Test provisions. Approved by County.
  11. Property located at 35469 S. Sawtell Rd. Applicant is Harry Hutchinson. This proposal is for a temporary placement of a manufactured home for the medical care of Floyd Goff Jr.  Approved by County
  12. Property location 36677 S. Sawtell Rd. Molalla.  Applicant Tammy & Michael Clifford.  A renewal Temporary Permit for medical care for Joette Simmons.  Approved by County.
  13. Property 16501 S Butte Creek Rd., Molalla.  Applicant Clarence & Mary Nunn.  Temporary dwelling for medical care provided by Frank Nunn for Clarence Nunn.  Approved by County.

Mickey Cate, Secretary
South Clackamas county CPO

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