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South Clackamas County CPO Meeting Minutes

March 24, 2016

Those attending:
Ricardo Dailey, Marilyn Dailey, David Lowder, Patrick Conley, Pat Nesbitt, President, Mickey Cate, Secretary.

Dump Stoppers representatives Dave Chase & Sena Chase

Ricardo Dailey explained the difference between Adopt-A-Road and Dump Stoppers. Adopt-A-Road works from shoulder to shoulder. It does not cover ditches.

Dave Chase explained where his areas of responsibilities are. He is responsible for forest lands. Not private forest but public. The Dump Stoppers program is funded through grants. Chase says that he would be happy to help coordinate & provide all the garbage bags we would need. He would also provide a truck to haul the filled bags to dump.

Currently the Molalla River cleanup is scheduled for mid -April. After discussing the time line the CPO decided on May 14, 2016 for our cleanup.

The residents in the CPO area will be contacted by email to announce the clean- up date and to ask for volunteers.

Ricardo Dailey and Walter Cate will do a survey of the area looking for sites to be cleaned. Also the residents will be asked if they know of areas that have illegal dumps.

Meeting ended at 9:00 p.m.

Mickey Cate,

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