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Stafford Tualatin CPO Minutes

Aug. 11, 2015
Wankers Country Store Turret


Walt Gamble, Tracie Tolbert, Richard and Roberta Weirht, Len and Lee Schaber and Sally Quimby

  1. Case # Z0059-15-C

    Property Address/ Owner : 21391 So. Grapevine / Buddhi Dharma Hui Lin Foundation Type of Action: Hearing Officer’s Final Order

    Hearing Date: 5/21/2015

    Status Summary: Conditional Use Permit DENIED, though be aware the written findings almost invite the applicant to address the deficiencies and reapply.

    Tracie Tolbert asked if it stated in the report what the reasoning for denial? Walt Gamble read thru the conclusion from the hearings officer that the evidence was not met and there was deficiencies in the applicant’s response to traffic issues. The intersection was inadequate for the facility use and not enough safety distance.

  2. Case # Z0237, 38, 39 -15

    Property Address: 19685 SW Bolds Way
    Owner: Scott Spear

    Type of Action: Three applications related to modification and clarification of the Habitat Conservation Area District regulations. AND the Notice of Type II Land Use Findings and conditions of approval.

    Hearing Date: N/A – Staff

    Status Summary: Staff issued notice of APPROVAL relevant to the HCAD matters and issued 17 pages of conditions for approval – This clears the way for application for the Building Permits. Note: Work commences before issuance of this findings OR the building permit. That violation has been reported.

  3. Case # Z0240, 245, 246, 250 -15

    Property Address: 22875 SW Johnson Road
    Owner: Johnson Estates. LLC

    Type of Action: Applications to subdivide the parcel into to + 5 acre lots for development. Includes matters of Floodplain, HCAD, sewage treatment.

    Hearing Date: No Hearing application under review by Staff.

    Status Summary: RRFF5 Zoning – 10.4 Acre Parcel – at Woodbine and Johnson Rd. – A fairly complex application – anyone interested can read it more carefully

    Ann Culter emailed a response to oppose this due to the whole area residing in a flood plain and most is in a wet land. Well and septic are a concern to how they will work.

    Tracie Tolbert asked who owns the Johnson Estates LLC? Walt Gamble states the application shows a Jeff Parker.

    Walt stated he will not write an objection however a letter of concern will go out.
  4. Case # Z0284-15-D

    Property Address: 3153 S Brandywine Drive
    Owner: Willamette Christian Church

    Type of Action: Notice of Application for Design Review for a 7.600 SF addition to an existing church – See Hearing Officer’s Final Order Z0421-14-C for details of the Conditional Use Proceeding. This is the design review that follows that favorable decision.

    Hearing Date: Staff Reviewing Application

    Status Summary: Churches are Conditional Uses in RRFF-5 Zones. The hearings officer found that this addition met the criteria. This is the first step for the building permit for the work.

  5. Case # Z0162-15

    Property Address: 1521 SW Borland Rd. Owner: INTL CH FOURSQUARE GOSPEL (Southlake Church)

    Type of Action: Application for a 5 lot flexible lot size minor subdivision to create 4 single family residences and one lot for the existing church.

    Hearing Date: Your comments of this applications are due August 2nd. Staff has the application in process now.

    Status Summary: The applicant satisfied the HCA requirements previously.

  6. Case # Z0218-15-HO

    Property Address: 22744 SW Johnson Rd.
    Owner: Scott Parsons

    Type of Action: Reinstatement of Home Occupation Permit.
    Hearing Date: Appeal date August 3, 2015

    Status Summary: Existing Landscape Business permitted in 2008 and 2012 – renewal date missed must reapply as new application. Ann Culter emailed in her mixed feelings about this already existing landscape business that failed to reapply by the due date. Stating that there is a big ravine on the Johnson rd side of this property and instead of properly disposing of the yard clippings they are just throwing the debris in the ravine.

    Walt Gamble said he would write a letter of concern
  7. S & H Logging REMAND Hearings officer final Order JUST In

    The remand arrived from the county and it was an approval for the mining to continue Tracie Tolbert read an email from Rob Fallow asking us to discuss a possible up zoning to a portion of the property.

    Tracie Tolbert what then would that allow the owners to do?

  8. James Gotchall, Stafford Road renewal of a Home occupational permit for his printing business
  9. Jacobson owner of a contractor/concrete business off Trail rd. missed deadline to renew is home occupational permit and is renewing
  10. New Business: Walt Gamble had suggested moving the CPO meetings to 6:30pm before the hamlet meetings. Tracie Tolbert said this would be a lot of time gone at meetings in one day. So as a group we discussed moving the CPO meetings to the first Tuesday of every month. Tracie is making 2 sandwich board signs to advertise the meetings as they did in the past. Discussion of a new meeting place that would facilitate more folks. Tracie Tolbert had made some calls but Will at Arbor school has graciously donated his school as a PERMENANT location for our meetings. YAHOO! So

    Stafford Tualatin CPO Meetings will be:
    Tuesday, September 1st 2015
    Tuesday, October 6th 2015
    Tuesday, November 3rd 2015
    Tuesday, December 1st 2015
    7:30pm @ Arbor School!!!!!

    Hamlet News! Walt talked about the Hamlet meeting he attended the day before, they are trying to come up with a date to vote which is looking like October but not a for sure.

    We discussed as a Hamlet emailed CPO members in the Hamlet boundary to fill out a simple yes/no to the hamlet CVP.

Meeting adjourned at 8:43pm

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