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Sunnyside United Neighbors CPO Minutes

Monday, Feb. 1, 2016 at 7:03 p.m.

Clackamas Fire District Mt. Scott Station #5

27 attendees, including presenters


Water Environment Services: Director Greg Geist updated us on a shortage of wastewater treatment capacity that affects 150,000 Clackamas County residents. He presented possible solutions and answered questions. WES has 107 employees serving three districts that handle six billion gallons of waste water per year in 3,000 miles of pipelines. The Tri-Cities and Kellogg Creek plants are approaching insufficient capacity. In 2011, additional pipes were added, but in the 30 years of the present system, our population has doubled and additional capacity is needed. They are in the process of determining a solution. NWA Global has been hired to design the solution for the technology needed and how to pay for it. They expect a program by 2017 with the project to be completed by 2020.

Clackamas Community College: Plans for the new building at the Harmony Campus site were presented. Shelly Parini and Jean Bidstrup outlined the plan for the Harmony site construction and use. They anticipate moving into the new facility in Fall 2017. It calls for demolishing the OIT Building and constructing a three-story, 5,200 sq. ft. building. A pedestrian crossing of Harmony Road is being proposed for safety of students crossing Harmony Road across the busy vehicle traffic. A Harmony Community Campus Open House will be held at the OIT Building on March 16 for people to see the old building for the last time and learn more about the project.

Election of Officers: The following officers were elected by unanimous declaration:

Chair: Martha Waldemar

Vice-Chair: Dan Hunker

Secretary: Earle Culbertson

Treasurer: Mike Cebula

Board: Charlie Hopkins, MaryAnn Leitz, Prad Shah, and Dale Watts.

Clackamas County Roads: Randy Harmon and Grant Williams discussed road maintenance for Clackamas County. The County annually brush-cuts 250 miles of roads, sweeps 2,500 curb miles, in addition to maintaining 2,400 gravel shoulder miles, 180 bridges, 8,100 culverts, 700 miles striping, 120 signals, 26,456 signs, and 110,000 ft. of guard rails. A chip-seal treatment is used on 1,400 miles of roads that will last 7- 10 years. All these jobs are controlled by Pavement Management software. The Board of Commissioners are considering a seven-year, $25.00 per year County-wide Road Maintenance Vehicle Registration Fee they anticipate will raise $60 million, of which $36 would go to County road maintenance. They are considering whether to simply apply the fee or to put it on the ballot.

Activities happening within the CPO area: A 72-bed care facility is under construction on SE 117th Avenue just north of the Valley View Evangelical Church. This property has been annexed to the city of Happy Valley.

Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

Earle Culbertson, Secretary.

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