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Sunnyside United Neighbors CPO

Meeting for February 6, 2017
Clackamas County Fire District #1, Mt. Scott Station #5 Community Room
Called to order at 7:00 P.M.

Sunnyside United Neighbors CPO general meeting had 19 people in attendance. Three scheduled speakers were unable to attend: Joseph Marek Transportation Safety Program Manager, County Commission Chair Jim Bernard and District 51 Representative Janelle Bynum. There was no representative from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s office.

Newly elected County Commissioner, 12 year county resident Ken Humberston did attend. He described his experience on numerous boards, in law enforcement and the military, and his priorities and expectations for the County. There was a question and answer session also. He seems well qualified and offers optimism for improved county management.

An election of officers and board members was held. Those unanimously elected were:
Chair: Martha Waldemar
Vice Chair: Dan Hunker
Secretary: Earle Culbertson
Treasurer: Mike Cebula
Board of Directors:
  Charlie Hopkins
  MaryAnn Leitz
  Prad Shah
  Dan Watts

Martha discussed several local issues including sidewalks on 122nd and 132nd, a proposed 30’x30’ canopy and extension on the Days Inn at the Sunnyside Road/I-205 entry and the AARP driving course for seniors.

The next scheduled S.U.N. meeting will be on June 5, 2017.

Submitted by
Earle G. Culbertson, Secretary, S.U.N.

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