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The nationally recognized Hamlets and Villages Program is unique to Clackamas County. For complete information, see the Hamlets and Villages Handbook.

Both hamlets and villages:

Villages (not hamlets) can:

Who can join a hamlet or village?

Everyone who is at least 18 years old and resides, owns property or has a business within a hamlet or village boundary is a member of that hamlet or village. Hamlets and villages are not permitted to charge dues, fees or assessments to be a member.

How do hamlets and villages differ from Community Planning Organizations?

Community Planning Organizations (CPOs) are Clackamas County’s recognized citizen involvement organizations that provide input to land use matters, though many CPOs take up other issues.

Hamlets and villages are agents of the county and are insured by the county for actions taken during hamlet or village business matters. CPOs are not insured by the county. Hamlets and villages participate in community projects, can have intergovernmental agreements with other governmental groups, conduct joint projects with other organizations, and raise funds.

What are the advantages of becoming a hamlet or village?

With additional opportunity comes additional responsibility for citizens. Advantages include increased participation in discussions that affect their communities, enhanced relationships with the county, and the likelihood of recognition and consultation by other jurisdictions. Being a hamlet or village means having a need for active citizen participation, leadership, commitment and accountability.

How are hamlets or villages formed?

For hamlets, either 10 percent or 100 citizens – whichever is fewer – must sign a petition to start the process. For villages, either 15 percent or 150 citizens must sign a petition to start the process. Citizens then vote. If the citizens approve the formation, the Board of County Commissioners accepts the vote and officially creates the hamlet or village.

How can hamlets work with neighboring communities and jurisdictions?

Upon approval by the Board of County Commissioners, the entities may develop a Memorandum of Understanding and other agreements to ensure communication and collaboration on matters of mutual concern.

Where are the hamlets and villages in Clackamas County?



Open Government

The Oregon Public Meetings Law (ORS 192) requires that meetings of advisory bodies be open to the public. A hamlet or village is a public body which makes decisions and recommendations, and therefore is subject to the Public Meetings Law. The Public Meetings Law requires that written minutes be taken at all meetings, and forwarded to the citizen involvement desk as part of the county community planning organization recognition requirements.

Role of Public & Government Affairs

The Clackamas County Public & Government Affairs Department (PGA) serves in a liaison role to Clackamas County CPOs, hamlets and villages. PGA may be reached by calling 503-655-8751 or by visiting the Public Services Building at 2051 Kaen Road in Oregon City.

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