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September 12, 2016

Chair Jay Minor called the September 12th Board meeting of the Stafford Hamlet to order at 8:15 pm at the Willamette Fire Station, West Linn, OR.


Approval of the Agenda: Walt Gamble moved to approve the agenda and Dave Adams seconded the motion. The approval was unanimous.

Approval of Minutes:

The June 2016 Community and Board minutes were presented for review. Walt Gamble moved to approve the minutes and Dave Adams seconded the motion.
Vote: approved, 10 - yes, 0 - no, 0 - abstain.

Treasurer’s Report and Budget Update:

Joe Wikoff reported the County has deposited $500 into the imprest account, and the balance is $548.36. The trust account balance is $8,352.41. No checks have been written. The trust account needs to have the interest updated.

Joe needs the Board to take action on whether or not to repair the Hamlet sign on Borland.

Joe Wikoff moved to approve $233.66 to reimburse Len Schaber for the sign repair. Walt Gamble seconded the motion.
Vote: approved, 10 - yes, 0 - no, 0 - abstain.

Joe Wikoff said the LONAC check would come from the imprest account, and asked if Rick Cook or another Board member would attend LONAC meetings. Board consensus was to have only Rick attend.

Joe Wikoff moved to approve the Treasurers Report before audit. Walt Gamble seconded the motion.
Vote: approved, 10 - yes, 0 - no, 0 - abstain.

Committee Meeting Reports - External Organizations:

Rick Cook said there was a big fight about the fuel tax at the C 4 meeting. Rick Cook said that LONAC is still supportive of the Hamlet and very active, and that LONAC is upset about the LO schools bond.

Larry Read reported that the West Linn City Council race is underway. Dave Adams said the Hamlet has good allies in West Linn.

Committee Meeting Reports - Communications Committee:

Mary Moore said there have been two meetings. Carol Yamada sent the last two newsletters. Mary asked how does the Hamlet usually use the newsletter? She said there is an idea for a special town hall with a harvest theme.

Jay Minor said that the Hamlet needs to hold a Town Hall. Mary said the goal is to get more attendance, get a speaker and set a date. Dave Adams said community building is part of the Town Halls, and that he could bring his apple press. Walt Gamble suggested holding it at Fiala Farms.

Dave Adams said the location needs to be figured out. Rick Cook also suggested Fiala Farms and suggested talking to Rich Fiala. Walt Gamble said weather should be a consideration in where the Town Hall is held. Jay Minor said there must be at least ten days to provide notice. Walt Gamble said there needs to be time at the Town Hall for community comment. Dave Adams said new Board members could be recruited at the event. Mary Moore said there could also be a ten year celebration of the Hamlet’s founding at the Town Hall.

Board consensus was the Harvest Town Hall and 10 year celebration would be on October 29th at a location to be announced, the November 14th Community meeting will be a Town Hall, and December 10th will be the annual election.

For the annual election the bylaws require nominations be approved thirty days prior to the election.

Bill Markt moved to forgo the fourth Town Hall and Dave Adams seconded the motion.
Vote: approved, 10 - yes, 0 - no, 0 - abstain.

Committee Meeting Reports - PR/Lobby/Advocates: Consensus was the item was covered.

Committee Meeting Reports - Bylaws:

Bill Markt said the review is nearly done. The primary changes are to update the CVP section, detail information on voting requirements, reduce the number of Town Halls, and to say no acreage category for candidates for the Board. Bill said one introduction to the bylaws is a referendum process.

Bill Markt said the double majority requirement on land use was kept.

Walt Gamble asked why was the acreage dropped. Bill Markt said there was no need to keep it, and it would help with recruitment to not have it.

Kent Seida said he would prefer to keep the large landowners represented to a degree. Walt Gamble said he would like to see those with over five kept at the table. Joe Wikoff said removing the category could lead to the SLOA saying the Hamlet is less representative.

Mary Moore suggested keeping the categories but moving to fewer over five/under five and to more at large positions.

Bill Markt said the other question was whether the Board should have ten or seven members. Joe Wikoff and Kent Seida said do not reduce the Board size.

Bill Markt said the committee would revisit the acreage requirement and report back.

Committee Meeting Reports - Agriculture: No report was given.

Old Business - Continuation of Remand and Compromise: Consensus was the item was covered.

Old Business - 2016 Board Member Training: Training was set for November.

Old Business - Rosemont Road Sponsorship:

Walt Gamble moved to take Rosemont Road off the table. Dave Adams seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Walt Gamble said safety is a concern, but it is a good project. Don Young said that the north side is taken care of by bikers and pedestrians, and the south side is unsafe.

Len Schaber moved the Hamlet adopt Rosemont Road and that Walt Gamble and Dave Adams manage the Rosemont Road adopt a Road. The motion was seconded.
Vote: approved, 7 - yes, 2 - no (Wikoff, Young), 0 - abstain. Not present at vote: Moore.

New Business - Hamlet Historic and Outdoor Report:

Larry Read said the Columbia Land Trust has not responded, so he does not have any new information.

Larry Read said that the emu did die after being cornered.

New Business - Discussion of Neighborhood Church Sports Complex:

Len Schaber asked if there could be information on how to comment on the Hamlet website.

Walt Gamble suggested a notice of public concern on the website, with a list of contact information at the County, and an explanation of dates. Don Young said it should said sports and entertainment complex. Mary Moore asked that there be one email with the information.

Walt Gamble asked if the Board was ok with a FYI email and site. Consensus was yes.

New Business - Upcoming Elections:

Mary Moore said the emails said a November election.

Walt Gamble said include that nominations/applications are open and to contact him for information or with questions.

The election will be on December 10.

New Business - Upcoming Public Meetings:

Jay Minor asked who is organizing the October 29th Town Hall? Mary Moore said the Communications Committee will organize it. Len Schaber will check with the school to see if it is available. Joe Wikoff said on Saturdays the School charges by the hour.

The next Hamlet Board and Community meetings are on October 10th at the Willamette Fire Hall. The November Board meeting and Town Hall meeting will be on November 14th at Stafford School.

Adjournment: Chair Jay Minor adjourned the meeting at 9:30 pm.

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