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October 10, 2016

Chair Jay Minor called the October 10th Board meeting of the Stafford Hamlet to order at 8:17 pm at the Willamette Fire Station, West Linn, OR.

Approval of the Agenda:

Rick Cook wanted to add a note to the Board member training that the County and the Committee for Citizen Involvement (CCI) were talking about online training.

The agenda was approved unanimously.

Approval of the Minutes:

The September 12 Board and Community meeting minutes were presented for review. Dave Adams moved to approve the minutes and Joe Wikoff seconded the motion.
Vote: approved, 6 - yes, 0 - no, 0 - abstain. Not present at vote: Moore.

Financial Report and Budget Update:

Joe Wikoff reported that there was one check for $233.66 to Len Schaber for repair of the Hamlet sign on Borland road. The imprest account balance is $314.70.

There has been no change to the trust account. The balance is $8,352.41.

Joe Wikoff reported the Hamlet has received $500 of the annual $2,000 from the County. Of the $500 received from the County so far, there has been $233.66 spent.

Bill Markt moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and Len Schaber seconded the motion.
Vote: approved, 6 - yes, 0 - no, 0 - abstain. Not present at vote: Moore.

Committee Reports - Other Organizations:

Bill Markt reported the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) Town Hall was poorly attended. He said the BCC talked about the upcoming gas and marijuana taxes. He said the BCC indicated the Stafford Compromise was a starting point. Bill Markt said he actually got to ask a question, and he asked what would likely happen next. He said the BCC indicated nothing would likely happen for close to 30 years. Joe Wikoff said the Hamlet should emphasize compromise and community involvement in the creation of the Stafford Compromise. Walt Gamble said the compromise calls for the whole Hamlet to be planned at once and that he thought Jim Bernard indicated the Hamlet could be picked apart.

Rick Cook reported that C4 discussed the BCC proposal to dissolve the Villages at Mt Hood and the Hamlet of Molalla Prairie. He said that CCI had also discussed them. Rick also reported that there was nothing new with LONAC.

Walt Gamble asked if CCI has been talking about how to get more people involved in the CPOs and in chairing them as well. Rick Cook said that there has been talk about how to support.

Bill Markt said there is a new Hamlet and Village liaison, and asked how could the Hamlet get more support. Rick Cook said the Hamlet should make the request and that Rick could raise the issue with CCI.

Committee Reports - Communications Committee and Website:

Len Schaber and Jay Minor said the website is looking good. Walt Gamble said he even got notifications from Facebook about events.

Mary Moore said she corrected her email address so that she will get the email. She said that she needs direction on emails. She also was looking for feedback on the website.

Committee Reports - PR/Lobby/Advocates:

Dave Adams said he would draft a press release about events, and he wanted to talk about the Harvest/10 year celebration. Jay Minor said he is seeing a lack of inspiration about a 10 year celebration and a lack of volunteers, and Jay proposed delaying the celebration. Walt Gamble said he would be in favor of delaying.

Consensus was the October Town Hall should be the Harvest theme only and no 10 year celebration. Rich Fiala said he would donate products, but did not want any of them back. Dave Adams said it would be a great time to recruit new Board members. Jay Minor said he would bring coffee and ice cream. Dave Adams said he invited the candidates for the BCC. Rich Fiala suggested emphasizing recruitment. Walt Gamble asked if any other endeavors should be invited? Dave Adams said this should focus on building community and then celebrate agricultural enterprises at the ten year celebration. Rich Fiala suggested a market for the ten year with local businesses, mayors and LO parks and recreation.

Committee Reports - Bylaws:

Bill Markt said he had questions about the size of the Hamlet Board and the categories people run in. Jay Minor favored ten Directors over seven. Consensus was to keep the categories the same.

Jay Minor reminded people the bylaws process calls for the bylaws to be presented to the community, then to the Hamlet Board, then to the Board of County Commissioners. Bill Markt asked if there was time to get the revised bylaws on the December ballot. Walt Gamble said that if the Hamlet wants the bylaws on the December ballot then it needs to get sent to County Counsel now to see if Counsel is ok with the revisions.

Committee Reports - Agriculture:

Rich Fiala said agriculture is good and that his neighbor is looking into building a tasting room.

Old Business - Upcoming Board Elections:

Dave Adams, Jay Minor, Walt Gamble and Len Schaber said they would run again. Richard Wiehrdt is not going to run again. All must reapply.

Old Business - Continuation of Remand: No comments were made.

Old Business - Anniversary Celebration: Consensus was the item was covered earlier in the meeting.

Old Business - Update on Neighborhood Church:

Bill Markt said that Jana said a lot of comments were sent in and that the CPO should not have been left out. Walt Gamble said the CPO was not left out, and that the CPO commented on what they could.

Old Business - 2016 Board Member Training: Training will be at 6 pm on November 14 at Stafford School.

New Business - Hamlet Historic and Outdoor Report:

Consensus was it was an excellent report prepared by Ann Culter and Larry Read. There is a powerpoint of the Report that will be online soon.

New Business - Upcoming Meetings:

October 29th will be the Harvest Town Hall at Stafford School from 9 to 11 am.

November 14th at 7 pm is the next Community and Board meeting at Stafford School.

Len Schaber said the Hamlet is scheduled for all meetings through June, and that he sent out an email with details.

Adjournment: Chair Jay Minor adjourned the meeting at 9:25 pm.

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