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November 14, 2016

Vice-Chair Dave Adams called the October 14th Board meeting of the Stafford Hamlet to order at 7:15 pm at the Stafford Elementary School, West Linn, OR.


Approval of the Agenda:

Joe Wikoff moved to approve the agenda, and Bill Markt seconded the motion. Approval was unanimous.

Approval of the Minutes:

The October 10, 2016 Community and Board meeting minutes were presented for review. Joe Wikoff moved to approve the minutes, and Bill Markt seconded the motion.
Vote: approved, 6 - yes, 0 - no, 0 - abstain.

Treasurer’s Report:

Joe Wikoff reported that two checks were written: one for $20 for LONAC dues and one for $108.25 to Ann Culter for the History and Outdoors Report. The imprest balance is $186.45.

Joe Wikoff reported the Trust Account balance is $8,380.56 after a posting of $28 in interest. Joe said he had to ask about the interest because he is only getting the balance and not a transaction summary.

Len Schaber said he has a bill for $155 from West Linn-Wilsonville Schools for room rental fees. Joe Wikoff said it was for 3.5 hours of room rental and that there was an application fee. Len Schaber said there are no charges for changes, only add ons. He said that when there are changes that there is a number to reference, and Len has that number.

Joe Wikoff said the Hamlet has expended $361.91 of its $2,000 annually from the County.

Rich Fiala said that he will charge the Hamlet for corn maze tickets when they are redeemed. There were family passes, and individual tickets for 12 and under and for adults. He suggested the Hamlet place the item in the budget for next year.

Joe Wikoff asked that invoices be submitted quickly.

Don Young moved to approve Ann Culter’s bill, the bill from the School District and the Treasurer’s report. Len Schaber seconded the motion.
Vote: approved, 6 - yes, 0 - no, 0 - abstain.

Committee Reports - Other Organizations:

Rick Cook reported on the BCC’s revisions to the Hamlet and Village ordinance. Rick said the BCC is considering a change that would allow them to dissolve a Hamlet or Village without a community vote. The BCC is also considering a rule that would mandate training of all Board members before the Board member can vote. Rick Cook said he has written his own letter to the BCC.

Bill Markt said a major problem is the time delay in getting training. Rick Cook said that he is encouraging the County to pursue online training, and that Beavercreek and Mulino are in favor of it.

Dave Adams said he was concerned about the possibility of unilateral dissolution by the County. Bill Markt said there were questions about if the community should be able to dissolve themselves. Joe Wikoff said the Hamlet is an agent of the County.

Rick Cook said the second reading of the ordinance is on November 23rd. Rick said that it has an emergency clause, so it would take effect immediately. Rick said the Hamlet should write a letter to the County about it. He suggested explaining the problems the Hamlet has had with arranging training. Don Young asked what is the magic of training. Rick Cook said that it has to do with legal, provides the requirements of meetings and records law, and is done by Public and Government Affairs (PGA) and County Counsel. Rick Cook said the Hamlet should mention it is a ten member Board and it is difficult to arrange training or a meeting for all to attend.

Dave Adams asked if the letter should focus on online training, allowing the Hamlet to have a provision to dissolve itself, and the problem of requiring training before a Board member can vote.

Rick Cook said there is no process for dissolution, and that if there is no process for dissolution, then you need one.

Dave Adams suggested the Hamlet frame the letter as the Stafford Hamlet Board provides the following recommendations.

Jana Lombardi pointed out that if there are four members who have not had training then there are problems with having a quorum.

Joe Wikoff moved the Hamlet send a letter saying the Stafford Hamlet Board of Directors offers the recommendations of the revisions to the Hamlet and Village program: there needs to be a process for self dissolution, training needs to be available online, that the training requirement not be enforced until the training is online, and to allow current non-trained board members to be able to vote until training is available online. Don Young seconded the motion.
Vote: approved, 6 - yes, 0 - no, 0 - abstain.

Rick Cook reported that at the Clackamas County Coordinating Committee (C 4) meeting that there is peace being made. Milwaukie made peace with several cities with regard to the project list for transportation. C 4 is also reviewing its bylaws. Next year John Meyer from Mulino will be the Hamlet and Village representative to C 4.

Rick Cook reported the Committee for Citizen Involvement (CCI) has been resurrected and is meeting.

Committee Reports - Communications:

Mary Moore was excused and did not have a report.

Dave Adams said he has ideas for the ten year celebration. He suggested working on branding, future projects, community building, and creating a new chapter. He suggested doing lots of outreach, and looking at who is here, and building connections. He said it would be good to get people excited again and to lobby for the compromise and reserves. Dave Adams would like to get the school age families interested and engaged.

Jana Lombardi suggested using to post information about events, issues or sales. Rick Cook suggested putting a link to NextDoor on the website.

Bill Markt said start planning now so you have the time to plan well. He suggested bringing in new blood and doing something positive. Bill Markt suggested creating a ten year celebration committee.

Dave Adams said Rich Fiala volunteered space. Rich Fiala said he could hold 550 to 700 maximum if it is spread out over several hours.

Len Schaber said signs could be posted on his property.

Dave Adams suggested a Stafford Hamlet Country Fair. Rich Fiala said there could be cider pressing, hay baling, and it could be agriculture themed. Dave Adams suggested having outposts such as stables or open studios.

Committee Reports - PR/Lobby/Advocates: The item was covered.

Committee Reports - Bylaws:

Bill Markt reported the editing is going well. He said Joe Wikoff suggested that the fiscal cycle be aligned with the voting cycle. Joe Wikoff said that annual should be defined, and that the fiscal and voting cycles be aligned. Joe Wikoff said currently there is no uniformity of responsibility because a new treasurer takes office partway through the year’s budget. Joe suggested the elections be moved to June to match the fiscal year. Bill Markt did not want to change the current schedule.

Bill Markt said he has sent the bylaws to the County.

Joe Wikoff suggested selecting officers annually in June after the election. Rick Cook said that this sounded like a full Board discussion item.

Dave Adams said he would prefer to table the item since the timeline on the bylaws is unclear. He would like to have the full Board review the changes. He also said since the County has not responded to the bylaws submission it is not clear if the bylaws can be on the ballot in December.

Len Schaber said he preferred to delay the bylaws until a 2017 Town Hall. He said he does not want a speedy conclusion or decision. He said this should continue to the December agenda.

Rich Fiala asked if the December election is required, and can the the election be pushed to January. He said then the bylaws and Board election can happen at the same time. Dave Adams said the December vote is already scheduled.

Dave Adams asked would there be half terms if the fiscal/election cycles are realigned or if it would take effect in the future.

Bill Markt said he would contact Gary Schmidt and the County about the bylaws.

Joe Wikoff said that there were problems with documentation when he took on the Treasurer position and wants future officers to have all the documentation and be prepared.

Dave Adams said the new Board could discuss this at its retreat. Dave said Bill will check on bylaws as sent in for the December Town Hall, and that Joe’s recommendation could be done at a bylaw vote in 2017.

Committee Reports - Agriculture: Rich Fiala reported its fall and there is no other new information.

Old Business - BOD Nominations:

The nominations are:

Don Young moved to approve the nominations and Bill Markt seconded the motion.
Vote: approved, 6 - yes, 0 - no, 0 - abstain.

Old Business - Remand:

Dave Adams said things can be resolved because of the election. He said the Maletis property is now off the table. He said there is interest in resolution. Dave said he thinks it will be resolved in six to eight months.

Joe Wikoff said the Hamlet should be proactive in the resolution. Dave Adams suggested promoting the Stafford Compromise as the solution.

Joe Wikoff said that if Jim Bernard pushes the urban reserve designation, then maybe that it is against the Hamlet’s interest. He suggested reinforcing the compromise, and getting the cities to support both the Hamlet and the Compromise.

Dave Adams said everyone should be aware of purgatory and the possibility the lawsuits could continue.

Old Business - Anniversary Celebration Planning: Consensus was the topic was covered.

Dave Adams said everyone should be aware of purgatory and the possibility the lawsuits could continue.

Old Business - Anniversary Celebration Planning: Consensus was the topic was covered.

Old Business - Update on the Neighborhood Church Sports Complex:

Bill Markt said the application was denied. Len Schaber said the neighbors on Trail Road prevailed because of the impact of the light and noise. Rich Fiala said it was denied by the hearings officer, and that they can appeal. If they lose the appeal then it is a two to four year wait to reapply. Dave Adams said it was good that the neighbors prevailed, but that it was bad that people have had to lawyer up to win.

Old Business - 2016 Board Member Training: The training date is to be announced.

New Business - Hamlet Historic and Outdoor Report: No report was given.

New Business - Upcoming Meetings:

The BCC is holding a second hearing on the Hamlet and Village ordinance on November 23.

The next Hamlet Community and Board meetings are on December 12 from 7 pm to 9 pm at the Stafford Elementary.

Adjournment: Vice Chair Dave Adams adjourned the meeting at 8:40 pm.

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