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Stafford Hamlet Meeting Minutes

Sept. 12, 2016

Chair Jay Minor called the September 12 Community meeting of the Stafford Hamlet to order at 7:03 p.m. at the Willamette Fire Station, West Linn, OR.


Introduction & Update from new Staff Liaison:

Katie Wilson, the new Staff Liaison for Hamlets and Villages for Clackamas County, introduced herself and provided an update on the fuel tax and Hamlets and Villages. Katie had two handouts that provided information on the fuel tax that will be the November 2016 ballot. Katie also said the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) has initiated the process to dissolve the Villages at Mt. Hood and the Hamlet of Molalla Prairie. She said that the BCC is still supportive of the Hamlet and Village program. Katie said the BCC is proposing the dissolution of Molalla Prairie due to the Hamlet being inactive. Katie said the BCC is proposing dissolving the Villages due to several reasons including resignation of several Board members, meeting issues, community problems and a lack of functioning. Rick Cook asked what the next steps are, and Katie said the Villages would either be dissolved or a new Board could be elected.

Jay Minor asked when the new member orientation would occur. Katie Wilson said it could occur before a Stafford Hamlet meeting or at another time. Katie said it would need to be scheduled for an hour and a half and would include staff from Public and Government Relations, County Counsel, and Resolution Services. Hamlet Board consensus was to prefer November 14 for training.

Richard Wiehrdt asked what the fuel tax funds would be used for, and Katie Wilson said it is for road improvements only.

Discussion of Neighborhood Church Sports Complex:

Walt Gamble said the Community Planning Organization (CPO) for the area got all the documents on the proposed sports complex. Walt said the applicant had previously presented the proposal to the Hamlet. He said Rick Wolvert, who lives on Trail Road, had contacted him about the proposal. Walt said the CPO can comment on applications.

Bill Markt said that the proposed complex is not in the Hamlet area and so the Hamlet cannot take a formal position. Bill said that the Hamlet and CPO boundaries are not contiguous.

Gerald Block, a neighbor of the project, said the proposal includes two conditional use permits that would allow for field usage from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., with many uses possible, lighting, an amphitheater, and other features. Gerald said that the hearing date was on August 18, and that there was a delay for testimony, then a one week period for evidence, and then one week for a legal review. Jana, another neighbor, said that comments are due on September 15. Jana added the traffic study has recently been posted. She said concerns include noise, traffic, lights, and the precedent of allowing a usage that looks like a commercial enterprise. Gerald Block said that the neighbors were largely unaware of the proposal and were alarmed by it.

Don Young said that the proposal for the indoor soccer facility on Tracie Tolbert’s property was approved.

Dave Adams said the church location and proposal is legal, but his opinion was that it was a gross exploitation of allowances.

Gerald Block said he asked the Chaplain of the Neighborhood Church about what would happen with profits and naming rights, and that Gerald did not get an answer. Gerald said that many of the churches in the area seem to have similar requests, and he asked if there is an end goal or some sort of connectivity.

Walt Gamble said that he was personally opposed to the project. He said that the CPO might have been able to oppose the project if there had been enough time for notice and a meeting to get people there to take an opinion. He said that individuals could write letters of opposition.

A community member suggested a letter writing campaign. Bill Markt asked about a petition. Another community member suggested posting the proposal and information on to get word out and ask for letter.

A community member asked about getting the BCC involved in the proposal. Byron Ek said that the BCC can only intervene if laws are broken in the proposal process.

Jana said she was interested in being notified about future projects and developments, and would like to get involved with the CPO.

Update from Summer Activities:

Dave Adams reported the Stafford Landowners Association presented their proposal to the BCC. The SLOA proposal was general, and it was ok with the plan for Borland. Dave said the BCC response and their questions were similar to when the Hamlet presented the Compromise.

Dave Adams said Commissioner Smith said the cities were denying provision of services, and said Smith suggested the County consider building the infrastructure. Bill Markt said Commissioner Smith suggested the cities could chip in on planning costs.

Dave Adams said that a traffic study would be needed before any action could occur. Rick Cook said the traffic study would likely cost $300,000 to $500,000.

Jay Minor said he would like to see the SLOA proposal posted on the Hamlet website.

Walt Gamble said he received a call from Herb Koss. Herb wanted to compare the compromise to the SLOA proposal in terms of the number of new homes and residents. Walt said the Hamlet proposal calls for 120-150 new homes or lots, and that Commissioner Bernard had thought it was 300.

Bill Markt asked why the SLOA is being asked by the BCC for the comparison on numbers instead of the Hamlet. Dave Adams said the Hamlet should do its own version of the comparison.

Adjournment: Chair Jay Minor adjourned the meeting at 8:14 p.m.

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