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October 10, 2016

Chair Jay Minor called the October 10th Community meeting of the Stafford Hamlet to order at 7:02 pm at the Willamette Fire Station, West Linn, OR.


Introduction & County Commission Candidates:

Chair Jay Minor introduced Jim Bernard (candidate for County Chair) and Ken Humberston (candidate for Commissioner Position 4).

Jim Bernard introduced himself, and said he has been on the County Commission for eight years, and he is running against Chair John Ludlow to repair relationships, focus on public safety, and other issues. He mentioned his history working with the Hamlet.

Joe Wikoff asked what Commissioner Bernard’s position on the Stafford area is. Commissioner Bernard said the area should not be developed, that there should be a study on capacity for development, to make some changes to the boundary, and to compromise. He said the Stafford Compromise is a good start. He said water issues would need to be addressed. He said there is a possibility of density transfers for the Borland area. He also said the Borland area could be part of the employment lands. Joe Wikoff asked what would that look like, and Commissioner Bernard said it would look like Kruse Way or have light manufacturing.

Len Schaber asked what were Commissioner Bernard’s thoughts on traffic? Commissioner Bernard said there must be a traffic study, I-205 must be addressed, and that he had not studied Metro’s analysis.

Dave Adams said at the policy session where the Stafford Landowners presented he heard Commissioner Smith say that the County could help provide infrastructure through the County or a special district, and what did Commissioner Bernard think about that. Commissioner Bernard said the County does not provide water, and that sewer would also be a big issue. Dave asked would a special service district be possible or feasible. Commissioner Bernard said he was surprised when she said it, and guessed he would oppose it. He said the County has other issues to address including Tricities and CCSD#1, as well as how to fund a new Courthouse. Dave Adams said that if Commissioner Bernard did not hear a proposal to fund infrastructure development then what did he hear. Commissioner Bernard said he heard an interest in something for the area.

Ken Humberston introduced himself and his background. He is running for position four against Commissioner Tootie Smith. His reasons for running include land use, a safe place, promoting the Sheriff's department levy, being a team player, and rebuilding relationships.

Joe Wikoff asked Ken’s thoughts on the Stafford Compromise. Ken said he has a copy, and he is familiar with it. He supports the Compromise. Ken said that the County and Metro have to agree on the reserves plan, and that he would fight for the Hamlet. He said he is against urban services to the unincorporated areas of Stafford, and that for service provision there would need to be annexations.

Dave Adams asked about Ken Humberston’s views on French Prairie. Ken said that he thought it should be a rural reserve, and that Metro would not talk about the reserves process until the County takes the area south of the river off of the table.

David Marks asked if the County has gotten its share of the Metro parks levy. Jim Bernard said he thought the County had, and that it had been used for Scouters Mountain. David Marks asked what would the funding be used for. Jim Bernard said repairs and then eventually trails.

Jim Bernard asked if people were aware of the others measures on the ballot. There is a renewal of the Sheriff's levy, a 3% marijuana tax, and a gas tax. The proposed marijuana tax is three percent, which is what the legislature limits a tax to. The gas tax is six cents per gallon with a seven year sunset. The funds would be allocated 60 percent to the County and 40 percent to the cities. The alternative that was considered was a vehicle registration fee. Ken Humberston said a gas tax is variable and a vehicle registration fee would be definite. Joe Wikoff asked what about taxing electric cars, and Jim Bernard said the County cannot tax them but could do a vehicle registration fee.

Update on Oregon’s recreational marijuana law and local concerns:

Jim Bernard said the County has received 150 applications, but the numbers are decreasing. He said the whole process costs a lot of money. He said there is strict regulation but state laws require they be “reasonable.” Under the state law marijuana is a crop. The state says that if the proposed grows are following the law then the permits must be okayed.

Larry Read asked if Homeowners Associations can ban marijuana grows. Jim Bernard said only if no grows already exist.

Carol Yamada asked would a property follow city or County rules if it were to be annexed into a city. Jim Bernard said it would depend on when the grow applied and went in.

Walt Gamble asked if anyone would like to comment on the Sweetbriar Lane proposal. Kathleen Rolls said the proposed grow is next to her property, and she is concerned about property values, narrow roads and water. Kathleen said there are very narrow roads and she is concerned about the big trucks that will be bringing in water on a regular basis.

Randy Yamada asked if there is a map of proposed grows that the public can view. Jim Bernard said to call Mike McAllister, the planning director for the information. Rich Fiala said he had seen the map, and that is was likely at the County or Metro. Randy Yamada asked if there was a place to track status, and Jim said it was likely on the website. Randy asked if there is a conditional use permit required for the grows, and Jim Bernard said no.

Walt Gamble asked about the lights used. Jim Bernard said it should not be too bright and that the lights would be carefully directed.

Dave Adams suggested sharing the issue of the sports facilities that have been proposed. Dave said he thinks the churches exemptions have been overused. Walt Gamble said that the indoor facility is near Wankers Corner, and the outdoor facilities are at the Neighborhood Church. Jim Bernard said this is one more reason why the reserves process needs to be resolved.

Rick Cook said that with the remand the County had asked the Hamlet what it wanted, and he would like to know if Commissioner Bernard would place the Hamlet in undesignated or urban reserve. Commissioner Bernard said he would choose urban reserve, and to preserve streams and trees. Rick Cook asked if the area was in an urban reserve who would rezone the area, and Commissioner Bernard said the cities would.

Larry Read said that north stafford development would not pay for itself. Jim Bernard said a study would need to be done to get an estimate for the cost.

David Marks asked if there can be processing done at marijuana grows. Jim Bernard said there is a difference between harvesting crops and making an edible/consumable product. Randy Yamada said a grow can only grow the crop. Rich Fiala said that changing the crop (example: fruit into jam) is what requires a conditional use permit. Jim Bernard said the exception is a lavender farm. Len Schaber suggested talking to Mike McAllister with questions, and Jim Bernard encouraged people to do that and to invite Mike to speak.

Jay Minor clarified that Ken Humberston and Tootie Smith are running for position four, and Jim Bernard and John Ludlow are running for County Chair. Jay said that if Jim Bernard wins, then there would be a vacancy on the BCC and asked what would happen. The answer was an appointment process would happen to fill the vacancy.

Community Concerns:

No other comments were made.

Adjournment: Chair Jay Minor adjourned the meeting at 8:04 pm.

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