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November 14, 2016

Vice-Chair Dave Adams called the October 14th Community meeting of the Stafford Hamlet to order at 7:00 pm at the Stafford Elementary School, West Linn, OR.


Recap Town Hall:

Dave Adams said the Town Hall was fun. He said it was good for a quickly put together event. He added it was good to see new blood.

Rich Fiala said the coupons for the corn maze from the Town Hall are valid next year.

Rick Cook said great job with the baking and the cider press.

Recap Clackamas County Board of Commissioners Election:

Dave Adams said that Jim Bernard won the County Chair race so Jim will be the new Chair and an appointed Commissioner will occupy Jim Bernard’s old position. Dave said it will be interesting to see what happens and who the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) appoints. Rick Cook said the process is to ask for applications, interview applicants, and then the BCC votes. The appointed commissioner would have to run for election in 2018. Rich Fiala said he heard that Bill King, Mayor of Sandy, was a strong candidate. Dave Adams said that Ken Humberston was good, but that he had softened some on his stance about Stafford.

Dave Adams said that West Linn will not be changing since David Axelrod won re-election and Terri Cummings was elected.

Rick Cook said that Kent Studebaker was reelected in Lake Oswego. Kate Roth added the City Council has Skip O’Neill returning and John LaMotte and Theresa Kohlhoff are newly elected.

Rick Cook said that Tualatin passed term limits. He said he thinks the Hamlet should still target the Fox Hills neighborhood. Rick thought the Hamlet should approach the new BCC in 2017 after talking to Lake Oswego and Tualatin. He also said that West Linn should be consulted too. Then he said approach the BCC, and see what is happening with Metro and the upcoming legislative session. He said he would ask about the ask for the legislature. Rick said that Jim Bernard had said that he would put the Hamlet in the urban reserve. Dave Adams said that Jim Bernard knows what West Linn will do, and that he thinks the reserves will get resolved soon.

Rick Cook said that the Hamlet still has not met with all of the mayors at once. Dave Adams said he thought that had happened at a summit in Oregon City.

General State of the Hamlet - Question and Answer & Community Comments:

Rich Fiala said that he spoke with some students from Portland State’s Urban Planning program who are working on a project for the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD). Their task is to study agriculture tourism and its effects on farms and the community. He talked to them about his thoughts on urban planning. Rich said through talking to them they changed their scope. They will be further studying the Hamlet. Rich said that one major area of study is agriculture tourism’s impact on neighbors. Rich used the example of Sauvie Island and the pumpkin patches and corn mazes traffic impact. Rich also shared information about the Hamlet and the Community Vision Plan (CVP).

Dave Adams asked if they can share the end product with the Hamlet, and Rich Fiala said he could ask and that he suggested they attend a Hamlet meeting.

Adjournment: Vice Chair Dave Adams adjourned the meeting at 7:15 pm.

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