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Citizen Involvement in Transportation Planning

In Clackamas County, there are three citizen involvement elements of transportation planning.

The first element is the Transportation System Plan (TSP). The TSP is the comprehensive plan for transportation and is Chapter 5 of the County's Comprehensive plan. The Plan discusses all the transportation modes, sets the policies and determines the transportation projects needed to implement the plan.

This element is a land use action and follows the same procedures required to amend the Comprehensive Plan. Some of the steps include a public involvement program, notification of proposed action(s) to the Community Planning Organizations (CPOs) and public hearings with both the Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners. The TSP is updated every 5 to 7 years.

Some of the typical public outreach elements for the TSP update include sending the proposed TSP to each CPO for their review and comment, creating a citizen advisory committee that oversees the development of the TSP, conducting open houses and staff presentations to CPOs and other citizen groups.

The ranking of the projects within the TSP is done by the 20-year Capital Improvement Plan (20-year CIP). This is the second public involvement element of transportation planning.

This plan determines the ranking criteria and ranks the projects. The final product is the ranking of all the TSP projects into three categories - high (0-5 years), medium (6 - 10 years) and low (11-20 years).

The 20-year CIP is not a land use action. It is considered to be an implementation plan and therefore does not follow the same procedure as a land use action.

Typically, the 20-year CIP will be updated every 5 years. Most 20-year CIP updates include the following public outreach:

  1. Draft criteria and CIP sent out to the CPOs for their review and comment.
  2. Staff gives presentations to CPOs and other citizen groups such as the County's citizen advisory boards.
  3. Board of County Commissioner public hearings

The last major item for citizen participation is the 5-year Capital Improvement Program (5-year CIP). This program determines the projects that will be constructed over the next 5 years. The program uses the project ranking from the 20-year CIP as its base, marries the projects with the available funding and determines when the projects should be constructed (year 1, year 2, etc). The 5-year CIP is updated every 2 years. Like the 20-year plan, the 5-year program is not a land use action, therefore is adopted by the Board of County Commissioners at their public meeting.

In addition, transportation planning typically goes out to several of the CPO meetings and other citizen groups each year to give them an update of the projects schedules.

Finally, when a project is to be constructed, a separate public involvement program is set up tailored for that specific project.

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